How to Mix and Match Jewelry With Your Wedding Dress


Do you know a woman who has never dreamed of her wedding as a little girl? Of course not, because she doesn’t exist. Wedding is a very important day in the life of both partners, but you will admit that women still give it a little more importance and that they are the ones who like to take care of the organization down to the smallest detail. Still, what comes to the fore is the look of that big day. Of course, we are talking about a wedding dress here. The search for a wedding dress starts months before, as well as planning hairstyles, makeup, shoes, and everything else. What definitely comes as a cherry on the top is jewelry, but not just any jewelry, but one that is carefully chosen and fits perfectly with the wedding dress you have chosen. Read below how to choose the perfect jewelry and what to pay special attention to.

Wedding dress color

Many will think that this is meaningless because it is assumed that the wedding dress is white, but today there are many variations of shades. For example, the color champagne has become very popular in recent years. Yellow gold goes perfectly with dresses of this color, as well as those with lace. Of course, the indispensable parts of a wedding outfit are zircons and pearls. If your wedding dress is impregnated with zircons, so must the jewelry, but in a moderate version. Pearls ideally blend with softer wedding dresses and emphasize their sophistication. If the dress has too many details and zircons, then it is better to choose simpler jewelry so as not to overdo it.

Learn to combine


Jewelry often comes in a set – necklace, bracelet, earrings, and ring. If you opt for a jewelry set, be sure to minimize everything else you wear (which can be difficult because wedding dresses usually have a lot of details). So, it may be better to stick to the golden rule and combine a necklace and fingers or a bracelet and earrings.

Pay attention to the cleavage

The neckline is very important when choosing jewelry. If the chest is smaller, make the necklace thin and long, and the detail on the middle part of the torso. For those who do not like ‘bare neck’, there are necklaces that should always emphasize the natural shape of the neck with a detail/pendant that should be an inch above the edge of the neckline.

Jewelry color

When choosing wedding jewelry, it is important not to forget about colors. In organizing your own wedding, you have certainly chosen a certain color palette. To show that you adhere perfectly to the details, keep in mind your color palette and match the colors with it when choosing jewelry. So even the smallest details will play an important role in creating your perfect day.

Modern or classic dress


Remember that the good old rule “less is more” applies in fashion. A simple, elegant dress will shine with discreet and small diamond or pearl jewelry, while more modern cuts can be easily combined with a larger piece of jewelry. In that case, choose only one piece, more and more of it will cross the line of good taste and remind you of kitsch.

Choose jewelry that matches the wedding ring

A wedding ring is definitely the most important decoration you will have at a wedding so it is not a bad idea to customize it with other jewelry you intend to wear. If the wedding ring is made of white gold, make sure that the rest of the jewelry is made of the same. We are aware of the fact that choosing jewelry is sometimes a mission impossible. If it’s time to renew your jewelry collection, we suggest investing in timeless design fashion accessories that will always be in trend. You will always be able to combine them with everyday jewelry. You will learn more about jewelry if you visit

Hairstyle is important

Hairstyle plays a very important role in the overall look. Be sure to take the jewelry you have chosen to a hairdresser’s rehearsal. If you plan to decorate your hair with ornaments such as beads, flowers or pearls, the jewelry you will wear around your neck or on your arm must be more discreet, and vice versa: if your choice is a simple hairstyle without additional decorations, you can afford more eye-catching jewelry.

Wedding location


The choice of the place of the wedding dictates the choice of the wedding dress, and accordingly the choice of the hairstyle, and finally the jewelry itself. If you choose a church wedding followed by a celebration in a luxury restaurant, it goes without saying that you can give yourself a break and choose richer jewelry. If you decide on a simple ritual in nature, for example somewhere by the sea, it dictates the choice of a simpler wedding dress and jewelry that will actually blend in with the simple natural environment in which you are.

Final thoughts

What kind of jewelry you will wear at a wedding is most determined by the model of the dress/wedding dress, as well as the hairstyle you have chosen for this important day. The most important rule is – less is more. Don’t be afraid to mix old and new. Whether you have family jewelry or jewelry that is of great sentimental value, a wedding is the right opportunity to show it off and complete your wedding style.

If you plan to change into another dress during the evening, bring the appropriate jewelry for her as well. And most important of all – always stay true to yourself when choosing jewelry. If you do not feel comfortable in richly decorated jewelry, choose the more decent one. As we have already said – less is more.