Meet Roman Grigoriev, a Man Who Loves Exploding Surprises


Being a busy businessman and investor, never has Roman Grigoriev missed any occasion to send cards to his family and friends. The exploding surprises that Boomf went viral around the world, have given Roman the enjoyment of gifting and sharing the joy by sending out 50 cards every year to people he cares about. From the love for exploding surprises to the decision of investing in Boomf, Roman is on the right track in his pursuit of happiness.

Everything begins with an idea and Roman Grigoriev is a man of ideas. Roman sees huge potential in Boomf and is embarking on a business transformation, one of his first moves was to connect Boomf with one of his other businesses, Splento, which specialises in photography and videography.

Splento is one of his favorite ventures and in the past he was more than eager to talk about it, letting people know who he is and what are his business projects all about. Above all else Roman values inspiration, motivation, and seeks his co-workers to fulfill their potential. Grigoriev is well esteemed by his peers and close associates as he always puts others ahead of himself and is in the best possible position to succeed.


This is why the primary focus for Splento is on providing a friendly working environment and high-quality service. Photography is a massive industry with estimated earnings widely excelling the $50 billion mark. It is because of high chances of earning through releasing a service that will go far above what’s currently on the market. The solutions of the past have become redundant as the market was oversaturated with freelance photographers who not only lowered the price of the business but the quality of the product itself.

So, it’s not a surprise that clients in need of photography and videography seek Splento more and more. When you have satisfied employees you’ll also have satisfied clients. When you see the list of clients that employ Roman’s company you get the idea that he’s on the right track with this project, and he truly is. Just some of the satisfied customers whose names are easy to recognize include  St James’s Palace and Bannatyne Hotels. For all of you, sports lovers the name Bournemouth Football Club will ring a bell. In the past decade, this team was a part of the Premier League and it truly put Splento on the map. Today they’re bidding war in the second tier of English football seeking promotion. Once they’re again a part of the first division of English football, Grigoriev will have at least an ounce of merit for their success.


While these are just some of the names associated with this man and his company, he’s showing no stopping in conquering the market. Splento is here to stay, and they have great chances of becoming even more successful as they’re looking to up their competitors by offering the easiest way of getting your hands on a photographer who’ll be more reliable and above all else cheaper than the competition. Now, don’t think that cheap means bad service. That’s not how Roman Grigoriev works. No, he’s just looking to bring a balance to the inflated market.

At the moment the company is based in the capital of the United Kingdom, London. While the city is a metropolis in its own right, the world is the goal for Splento in the coming years. At the moment, their operations are tied to the UK only, but with the expansion plan in place, it’s only a matter of time when they’ll reach the far east and the US shores. While looking for a way to expand their market the company is seeking new partners some of which could be located abroad. In addition to this project, Roman also has his eyes set on many others, some of which you can read about in the paragraphs below.

Connecting the dots – one business at a time


“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future” – Steve Jobs.

Taking inspiration from the legendary Steve Jobs, Roman Grigoriev has never stopped looking for business connections in life – from the first dot when pitching the investment opportunity to BBC Dragons Tej Lalvani and Nick Jenkins, and winning the backing of Tej, to the dot when going back and buying Boomf, a company backed by Nick three years later. Those backward dots have connected Roman to his future as the new CEO of Boomf.

2024 proved to be a challenging time for Boomf when Covid-19 took its toll on the company. When the opportunity presented itself to buy Boomf, a group of investors led by two Estonian entrepreneurs – Stepan Galaev and Roman Grigoriev – acquired Boomf with a view to growing the company into the world’s leading player in the card-attached gifting business.

Investment in Boomf

In only a three month timespan, Boomf returned to making profits, winning the hearts and orders not only from the customers in the UK but also the US which Roman sees as “the land of opportunity” for expansion. Despite the challenges in 2024, the story of gifts and gift cards in the United States remains strong. The United States gift card market is predicted to increase exponentially from $155,616 million in 2020 to $238 billion by 2025.

Commenting on his investment, Roman said:


“I jumped on this opportunity because it’s such an amazing brand. I’ve honestly never known a brand that’s more loved by its customers in this industry. Now, we are integrating the business and its processes and making it more stable. Already within three months, we’ve seen substantial growth, which will continue as we begin to scale beyond the UK, refreshing our US market and entering other territories.”

Roman’s entrepreneurial vision has always been focused on bringing joy to his customers. The joy of surprising people, making people happy, connecting friends and families and encouraging people to live the moment is right at the heart of his business. Amongst many others, one of Roman’s earlier ventures was a mobile games studio. Splento is the company where he wants to capture the joy in life and Boomf gives him a reason to celebrate and share it with millions of people around the world.

Roman’s expansion plans for Boomf will take the company beyond 4 million happy customers on the journey to becoming the leading brand in the gift card industry. The synergy between Splento and Boomf will unquestionably bring more happiness to the world.

This is just the beginning of Boomf’s story. Boomf is turning the page, writing a brand new chapter creating moments of joy and fun, making life more interesting with surprises and putting the ‘Boom’ back into Boomf.

Recently, the scaling business launched a unique Boris Johnson Wild Card sent to all UK’s MPs from both sides of the House, allowing all to either ‘Love Him or Hate Him’; The Trump Wild Card will follow shortly.