Why is It So Taboo for Men to Wear Thongs?

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We live in a developed society. Yes, there are backward countries out there, but for the most part, we’re pretty progressive. And yet, there are still many taboos surrounding both me and women. Of course, one could argue that women have it worse, with more social restrictions. When it comes to taboo subjects there are so many that we wouldn’t know where to start. One of those that are widely unrecognized taboos is tied to men’s clothing. Now, this is hard to believe, right? But, is it?

When it comes to clothes and accessories both men and women can wear we all know there are more taboos and restrictions tied to females. It is just how the world was set from the beginning but with time things changed. As we said there are places where many things are not allowed for women while men have all the freedom. But when it comes to this one piece of underwear men have it worse than women. When we speak about thongs everyone would agree they’re great. But, only on women. Everyone loves to see women wearing thongs and looking amazing.

It adds that needed freedom to their bottoms. It doesn’t matter if they’re wearing them under jeans or a skirt, a thong is what makes all the difference. These days we even have thin bikinis so summers are something to look forward to for most men, and of course, for ladies that love tanning, it makes all the difference. But, if you’re a man and you love this piece of accessory, things are a little bit different. When it comes to men and thongs it is still taboo. Are you wearing a thong? Me neither. That’s the harsh reality. So, why is it so taboo for men to wear thongs?

Men’s thongs are not a novelty. We have had them available for a while now. One could argue you’ve had men’s thongs since the day ladies had them. But, it was never socially accepted for men to wear them. It is not even today. Maybe at a party in the LGBT community, you’ll see them all over the place and that’s fine. But, for straight men, the issue of wearing them daily persists, and it’s only fair to answer why matters like that. The answers are many, so let’s focus on what we know.

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It’s Deemed Inappropriate

When it comes to beauty it’s seen differently by men and women. You can call this a prejudice but it is a shared opinion between both men and women. Everyone loves to see a pretty lady’s bottom accentuated by a thong. When it comes to men there’s no need to pronounce their rear end. When it comes to rear ends, men find females pretty attractive, but, when you look at it the other way around ladies see other things first. This is what makes all the difference. So, when a lady sees a man in a thong, she won’t be thinking ‘nice ass’ but she’ll probably be disgusted. Yes, some females do not have issues with this but they’re in the majority.

Men’s Code

When you are a male you know there are numerous rules, unwritten rules, that you need to obey. You learn this as you grow up. No one is going to tell you that you shouldn’t wear a thong. You’ll simply know it. It is something that belongs to the ladies. It’s how it has always been. Nothing has changed for the majority of men. When you see another dude wearing a thing you’d probably think this guy is either crazy or gay.

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It’s Tied to The LGBT Community

We shouldn’t live in prejudices, but here we are. When you see a man wearing a thing you’d think he’s either crazy or gay. There’s no other way of putting it. We do not want to insult anyone, but that’s how things stand in today’s society. It would be nice if it was allowed to wear thongs without being seen as a member of the LGBT community. Now, being gay is one thing. If you are one, that’s fine by all means. But if you’re not, you probably do not want to be perceived that way.

It’s Plain Ugly

Yes, there are double standards in our society. When you see a lady wearing a thing it’s great. We already said it. But, is that always so? We all love to see handsome ladies wearing thong bikinis. When someone who’s not exactly Irina Shayk wears one it can be perceived as ugly. But that’s just how men are. We are often judged even when we shouldn’t be. But, when we speak about other men we are even more judgmental. Wearing a thong is quite a task for any man. You simply can’t pull it off. It’s ugly and that’s how things stand for the majority of men. No one ever said ‘look at that guy the thing fits him perfectly.’

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It Belongs to The Ladies

That’s just how things are. Thongs are female accessories or underwear and that is how things stand. It was always like that and for the majority of men, it can’t be seen any other way. Dogs hate cats, Jordan is better than James, and Tom Brady will never quit playing football. Some things are written in stone for men and you can’t change them no matter how we advance a society.

The Word is Not Spread Around Enough

There aren’t too many designated shops selling men’s thongs around. That’s just how things are. Yes, as we suggested above, you can buy them online now at many places. But, you won’t ever see a man buying one for himself. For his lady, perhaps, but directly for himself, rarely. The thing is there are not many male role models wearing them and promoting them publicly. It’s taboo after all.

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You won’t see Cristiano Ronaldo selling men’s thongs. They’re deemed feminine. Will this change anytime soon? We doubt it. It could, but we wouldn’t hold water if we were you. That’s just how things are in this world. And unfortunately, some of them never change.