Why Should Men Start Wearing Meggings?

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Are you wearing spandex? Wait, are those leggings? Yes, they are, and they are here to highlight the sexy in you. Matador Meggings are the comfortable, bold, sexy leggings that you’ve always desired to wear.

Wait! Are men supposed to wear leggings? If you’re still asking this question, you need to hop on a time machine and get yourself to 2024. The world has moved beyond gendered roles and outdated stereotypes, and it’s about time more men started wearing tights (and not just in the movies).

Also, why would men say no to high-performance athleisure wear that is comfortable and cool at the same time? Before moving into the details of why your wardrobe is incomplete let’s start with the basics.

What Are Meggings?

They’re exactly what you think they are. MatadorMeggings are leggings for men. So why not call them men’s leggings? Because who doesn’t like puns, and they are different from any other kind of leggings you’ll find available.

How Are They Different?

Meggings are cooler, more comfortable, more functional, and more charismatic than any other pair of leggings out there. They have been specifically designed as high-performance apparel that allow men to be comfortable while being more productive and efficient. It’s simply an added benefit that meggings make things sexier by showcasing all the right cuts and curves. Before meggings came along there was no such thing as sexy high-performance athleisure wear for men. Men were confined to wearing boring pants with very limited scope to showcase their colorful side. Meggings came in and proved to be a game changer for those who wanted the right blend of performance, comfort, and panache from their pants and It all started with the founder of the brand..

There once lived a young man who was tired of wearing baggy shorts and boring yoga pants. So, he went shopping and found nothing. Relentlessly pursuing the dream of creating sexier and more effective leggings for men, entrepreneur, yoga instructor, and visionary Valentine Aseyo founded the brand.

Not only are meggings the perfect pants to work out, chill, party, hike or simply show off dat ass in, but they have also been specifically designed to solve the Superman problem and make everyday leggings cooler, and more functional.

Let me explain.

The Superman Problem

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Whenever we think of men in tights, we invariably think of superheroes, and Superman is probably on everyone’s list of favorite superheroes. However, over the years, Superman has always lost one battle. Ever wondered why he wears his underwear on top of his skin-tight suit? It’s because no one wants to see his super crotch bulge in broad daylight. Some things are just meant for Louis Lane. Right?

Realizing the embarrassment of sporting a hefty bulge in the gym, or anywhere else for that matter. The brand worked out the ultimate solution to this problem. Every single meggings comes with an inbuilt soft molded crotch cup that hides your visible penis line or (VPL). The no VPL technology allows you to hide what you need to while flaunting what you need to.

Functional and F*ckable

Being an entrepreneur himself, Valentine realized that meggings had to be functional bottom wear for the hard-working male.

Every pair is equipped with a zipper pocket for your valuables.

Open-pocket for your phone so you can check those work emails, lock in those tinder dates, and gram that hot bod at will.

The T-shirt/ Towel loop at the back is perfect when you want to hit the gym, or when you wanna take your shirt off.

Their sweat-wicking performance fabric keeps things chill and comfortable on the inside while keeping things hot and happening on the outside.

Designed to drive you to do more, meggings flaunt the right kind of sexy while allowing you to be super comfortable and highly productive at the same time. No matter the challenge, task, or chore at hand, meggings let you be at the top of your game.

Why the Obsession with Matadors?

Romantic, masculine, brave, and passionate are only a few adjectives that begin to describe matadors. These OG bullfighters are emblematic of hyper-masculinity, and yet there is something about what they do that makes them nimble at the same time. Drawing inspiration from these Spanish figures, meggings redefine the matadors of today.

Amalgamating these paradoxical traits associated with matadors in meggings, the impossible task of creating high-performance clothing for men that is dashing yet dazzling at the same time has been achieved. Rock that beard while flaunting a pair of their Arrow meggings. Who says rugged and ravishing can’t gel.

So, Are Meggings Essentially Gym Wear?

Are suits only for corporate meetings? Is denim only for cowboys? Then why would you think meggings are only for the gym? Designed for the modern matador, meggings constitute the category of high-performance apparel, that allows you to function at maximum efficiency while keeping you super comfy and making you look the best you possibly can. So, where should you wear your meggings? It’s totally up to you. Wear your meggings to your next date, it’s a guarantee that your date will love what they see. Wear’em to parties, hikes, drives, dances, or simply take a walk in them or attend a meeting in them. Their meggings are designed to make you look and feel hot, sexy, liberated, and full of color.

Wait up! There’s no denying the fact that meggings are the best things to wear to the gym but make sure you also get to bask in their radiance at parties, festivals, and wherever the hell you want to.

Meggings For All Men 

For years, there have not existed high-performance leggings for men that are comfortable and sexy at the same time. At last, Matador Meggings has given every man the opportunity to express themselves uniquely while staying at the top of their game. Gear up for men’s leggings that help you step up your game in every way possible while keeping you comfortable and sexy. Visit their website today and check out their one-of-a-kind collection of meggings.