Men’s Sterling Silver Diamond Rings 2024

Silver can be the best option if you are searching for exquisite diamond jewellery but don’t want to spend all your savings on some overpriced metal like platinum or gold. It resembles the touch and essence of platinum or white gold and looks equally charming when encrusted with white or tinted crystals. The wide variety of sterling silver rings for men portray distinctiveness, style, and uniqueness.

However, the paradox of choice can take a toll on anyone. helps us provide a perfect guide for choosing the right sterling silver diamond rings for men.

How is Sterling Silver different from only Silver?

Sterling silver is silver mixed with 7.5% alloying material such as copper. Why is it good? Because sterling silver is hypoallergenic meaning it is unlikely to cause allergies. It is also anti-bacterial according to research. The addition of other metals makes the silver stronger but malleable enough to be shaped and sized accordingly.

Source: Warren James

When and why did males start wearing finger rings?

Throughout history, rings have been men’s prized possession as much as it has been for women. At the time of the World War, soldiers used to wear wedding rings in remembrance of their wives at home. They wore rings which were plain bands of metal which occasionally had names of their wives or short love poems inscribed in them. According to British law, the rings could not weigh more than 6 grams. Not only this, but the soldiers also could not even wear the usual 22 carats wedding or engagement ring. They could only wear 9 carats gold. With time, men started wearing more sophisticated rings which sometimes had small diamonds engraved in them.

What are the factors that affect the band of a sterling silver ring?

The factors that count are the type of metal, the width of the wedding ring, the fit, the finish and other details.

Source: 925 Silver

Metal– if budget is not a restriction for you, try platinum or white gold. Rose gold is also very trendy these days. But as I mentioned before, if you have a restricted budget, sterling silver is the answer! Silver rings are cheaper than all these options. It does not mean they look tawdry though. Good quality sterling silver can look as polished as platinum and white gold. They are also lighter, so gives comfort for regular wear.

Width– Width is a personal preference. It is better to try rings of different width before buying to find which width suits you best. The width of silver rings usually ranges up to 33mm.

Fit– Fit is a vital determinant. Make sure the fit of your ring is not too tight or not too loose. Know your measurements well before buying a ring. While shops can give you a value of the diameter of your finger, try different sized rings before buying to get the most satisfactory fit. It means the man must visit the shop physically.

Finish– The surface of metals varies in terms of finish. The most traditional taste of men has been shiny polished finish. However, there’s no hard and fast rule. You can choose a matte finish too.

Stones- Sterling silver is a beautiful standalone. However, different stones look better on it.

While the diamond is the most preferred stone by men in general, other mineral gemstones like sapphire, coral, opal, emerald and ruby are also sometimes desired.

Diamond complements sterling silver beautifully. One or more layers of diamond accent sit harmoniously on rings for men. Colour of diamonds can be chosen from a range too: white, black, yellow, etc.

Source: Novica

Different types of sterling silver rings:

  • Simple style

These are usually plain bands of metal. They have a sleek monolithic look. They go with every outfit and look.

  • Classic style

Classic describes traditional styles. These have been worn for ages. They are the types that first come to your head when you hear about sterling silver rings.

  • Fashionable Rings

They include geometric designs and motifs. Can have different patterns and motifs. Fashionable rings are the trendiest ones and their style change every now and then.

  • Dual-tone rings

Such rings have two metals combined together. Gold and silver two-tone rings have beautiful contrast in them. Platinum and silver can be coupled too to have the best of both ones.

  • Solitaire rings

They consist of a single diamond. It is a host in itself. It has a statement to it.

Source: Cooksongold

Domed vs Flat profile of sterling rings

A profile describes the outer edge of the ring surface. It can be domes or flat.

A domed shape is like a curved, D shape. It rises above the level of our finger. It is bulky and suits men with thick fingers the most. The width od the dome can be adjusted according to taste.

The flat shape is more minimal and light. Looks best on long and thin fingers.

Engraved rings

Engravings are an add on. They can be inscriptions names, dates, messages and quotes. This is usually common in wedding or engagement rings. The other type is decorative pattern engravings which are formed on the outer edge of the band. The designs are open to customization. Most common designs include floral designs, pictures and sweeping designs.

Source: Nadin Art Design

How to take care of the sterling rings so that they last longer?

The most effective way to store sterling silver to prevent it from tarnishing is by storing it in an airtight box. It should also be kept away from moisture. For this reason, we would suggest you keep silicon gel sachets beside the jewellery in the box. Avoid wearing the sterling silver in swimming pools and beaches as the sun, chlorine and humidity speed up its tarnishing process. A general rule of thumb is to wear sterling silver the last when getting ready. This way you can avoid it from getting in contact with alcohol and other chemicals from lotion, perfume, etc. Also, it should be the first thing to take off when you return home.