Is Metaverse A Revolutionary Technology Or Just A Hype


Those of you who remember the 80s know for a fact, that back then, even in our wildest dreams we couldn’t imagine using today’s smartphones. But as we can see, everything is possible – because science and technology push the boundaries every day. A similar story follows the metaverse – which is hype, but we still don’t know enough about it. Therefore, we will try to find out in the text before you whether the metaverse is a revolutionary technology or just a current hype.


What Is Metaverse Anyway?

This question is very tricky because the precise connotation is difficult to determine. Namely, although this term is used uniquely all over the world – many people think of it differently. However, if we would like to describe this term as precisely as possible, we would say that the metaverse is a digital virtual place where users can interact in a computer-generated space, that is, a VR environment. Therefore, we can say the metaverse is a VR space that connects all kinds of digital environments. Unlike the current virtual reality, (that we already know from the games), the metaverse should serve for everything – work, play, concerts, travel, or socializing. So, what do we get out of it, and in what ways?

Why Do We Consider Metaverse The “Future” Technology?

As we said, it is a network of virtual environments where users can interact between themselves and with digital objects. You do this by managing your avatars – the cute digital versions of yourself. Although today, we most associate this technology with the VR gaming industry, that is not the only application. Namely, this technology also benefits us in other spheres such as business, communication, travel, etc. We can say the metaverse environment has some advantages that raised the hype about it – so we should point out.

  • Virtual Presence

One of the advantages and reasons why this technology is hype is your virtual presence. So, you have the avatar, a digital version of you, which is present in some virtual surroundings and you can interact with other avatars – meaning, other people.

  • Interoperability

It is very important to point out the aspect of interoperability because you can transfer your avatar freely between various virtual spaces – but also transfer virtual things or objects from one virtual place to some other. This aspect can also be connected to blockchain technology, since, with its help – virtual money or assets can be transferred, withdrawn, and are always under your control as a user.

  • Standardization

This aspect of introducing technological standards in Metaverse assignments will facilitate interoperability and sharing of services within diverse virtual spaces.

Therefore, it is not surprising we have so much hype around the metaverse – and that many big companies such as Facebook or Nike have already started using the benefits such technology provides. Namely, the point is it provides you with an environment that simulates reality. Simply put, the metaverse is like the Internet that which someone breathed life into it and gave it shape. Unlike the Internet we know today, where we are looking at the screen – you can enter and exit such a virtual environment whenever you want.

Application Of This Technology

Once it develops, even more, new companies will appear with their concepts of how to exploit this technology. Just like today, everything is connected through the Internet – so all metaverse spaces will be interconnected. According to, even today, many big companies hire experts to create a metaverse for their needs. Currently, the use of this technology is mostly mentioned in the context of several categories:

  • Communicatiing, Social Media

The essence of such a VR concept should be the interaction between people. Numerous global players are already designing an application for VR gatherings. Unlike presently popular video calls, users will be able to join their colleagues in a virtual space where they can hold a work meeting. Another interesting example is the VRChat application which is concentrated on associating and encountering new people in some new virtual places. This way of communication might also have a good effect on people who are working from home – which has become relevant in the current pandemic. Instead of commuting to the place of work, with the assistance of such technology – you will get to intercommunication with your co-workers in a virtual office.

  • Industry Of Video Games

This industry is fertile ground for the implementation of metaverse solutions. What is significant to the development of such a technology is that many games today already pronounce the social aspect. By using multiplayer options, you can efficiently convey with other game-pals or simultaneously pass levels of the game. As technology progresses, conditions for interoperability will be completed – due to which players will be allowed to transmit their characters or virtual items from one game to another or exchange them for others.

  • Shopping

Visualize a future where you can try on a certain piece of clothing by going to a virtual shopping center. Going to the mall would seem real – while you are doing everything from the comfort of your house. And yes, you don’t need to be worried if the clothes will fit you perfectly – because you will have the chance to see how it looks on you.

  • Education

The technology of metaverse might truly revolutionize the sphere of education. Virtual universities or schools might evolve to be the standard for students in the future. Just like virtual offices might become regular working places – classes might be held in digital educational spaces such as cabinets, laboratories, classrooms, or other places. Imagine history classes where students can experience how people use to live in a certain period or walk through a VR museum – or that they perform scientific experiments in a modern virtual laboratory. That would be a fantastic experience – and learning would no longer be hard, but fun for everyone.


The Bottom Line

After everything we have said – it is pretty clear that this technology will take over many things in our lives. Just as today we cannot function without smartphones, we believe that in the future, we will use some other, newer technologies in the same way. In the end, Metaverse showed that it is both – hype and revolutionary technology which will prove to us in the future the true possibilities it has.