5 Best Military Tactical Boots in 2024 – a Buying Guide

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Whether you’re about to start a new job as a security or as a police officer, or if you’re merely searching for a good pair of boots that’ll ensure that you’re comfortable during your hunting trips, you may be thinking about purchasing a pair of high-quality, durable military tactical boots.

But, if you did some digging online before opening this article, you may be confused and overwhelmed by the number of alternatives you could choose from. Now, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Here is our list of the best five military tactical boots that you could purchase in 2024, and a few tips that you should keep in mind:

1. Best Design – “Tactical Research By Nortiv8”

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Price: From $63

Pros: Breathable, Durable, Well Designed, Supportive, Waterproof

Cons: A Bit Bulky

If you’re searching for something a bit more appealing, you may want to opt for these specific boots from Nortiv8. They’re available in two colors – sand and black – and they’re manufactured from high-quality, sturdy materials that’ll keep your feet safe, while at the same time, they’ll provide you with the comfort that you may require. By choosing this model, you won’t have an issue with walking on a wide range of terrains.

They have a side zipper that has a hook-loop closure, which suggests that you’ll be able of taking them off with ease. Additionally, the insole is cushioned and they feature an EVA midsole, hence, you won’t feel as fatigued as you may if you opted for a different option. The only downside is that they might seem a bit bulky to you, and if so, there are other options that they offer including the ones featured on https://nortiv8shoes.com/collections/mens-military-tactical-boots.

2. Best Value – “Breach 2.0 By Smith & Wesson”

Price: From $130

Pros: Added Support, Slip-Resistant, Waterproof, Breathable

Cons: Not as Appealing as Some Options

Smith & Wesson has long been connected to shooting equipment, however, a lot of individuals don’t realize that they also manufacture clothing. Now, you should know that they don’t provide a lot of options like some other companies do, but, you should also know that whatever you opt for, it’ll be high in quality and sturdy. The model comes in, of course, sand and black, and they also have a zipper that can be locked on the side.

As mentioned, they’re waterproof and they also have a good exterior sole, thus, they’re also resistant to slippery areas and shock. The steel shank located in them will provide you with additional support, thus, you’ll be comfy while sporting them. The only thing that you may not like about these boots is how they’re designed, and if this is something that is essential to you, you may want to opt for the next option on our list.

3. Best Budget-Friendly Option – “Tac-Force By Malestrom”

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Price: From $55

Pros: Water-Resistant, Made From Leather, Durable Zipper, Absorbs Shock

Cons: Not as Long-lasting as Other Options

You probably know that the company behind these boots has a reputation for producing high-quality footwear for an affordable price. Despite how affordable their footwear is, the functionality of the models is quite good. This model comes in two colors – black and sand – and since they’re manufactured from leather, they’re water-resistant, thus, you won’t have to worry about your feet being wet.

The zipper and strap are quite sturdy, hence, if you’ll be putting them on in a hurry, you won’t have to worry about the features tearing or breaking. Although they aren’t as long-lasting as the different options that we’ll mention on this list, they’re still a suitable, budget-friendly model that you can think about purchasing. It’s also worth mentioning that the company donates one dollar to a non-profit organization that helps injured vets.

4. Best Quality For Cost – “Acadia by Danner”

Price: From $350

Pros: A Shank Made From Fiberglass For Comfort, Water-Resistant, Incredibly Durable

Cons: Quite Expensive When Compared to Other Models

Although this model might seem quite simple, it’s actually extremely complex to manufacture, mostly because the boots are manufactured from leather and nylon, and they’re also stitched with a double method, which means that they’re the most long-lasting boots in this guide. By choosing this particular option, you’ll be able to wear them for a really long time, which is something that may be essential to you.

The shank which is made from fiberglass will allow you to walk freely, without any discomfort, which is quite important, particularly if you’re planning on sporting them on rigid terrains. One downside that could easily change your purchasing decision is, of course, the really high price tag, however, when you consider the fabrics the boots are made from and since they’re water-resistant, comfortable, and supportive, the quality you’ll get for the cost cannot be compared with anything else.

5. Best Lightweight Option – “Tactical Boots By Free Soldier”

Source: savvyaboutshoes.com

Price: From $61

Pros: Resistant to Water And Slips, Absorbs Shock, Lightweight

Cons: Neutral And Simple Style

Last on our list is a model from Free Soldier, one that’ll provide you with comfort and durability. Like all the other options we’ve mentioned, they come in 2 colors, sand and black, and they also have a pretty simple and neutral look, which is something that a lot of people didn’t like about them. Nonetheless, since they’re quite lightweight, you won’t feel fatigued after a long day of patrolling, thus, you must seriously think about purchasing them.

Several Things to Remember

Since you’re searching for the best military boots in 2024, there are several things that you must remember before opting for a model from our list. For starters, you must consider the class of military boots you’ll purchase. Why? Well, for instance, air force models are most commonly manufactured from leather, while jungle tactical boots may be manufactured from durable fabrics. Hence, you must choose what suits your needs.

Also, the toe each type has is distinct – for instance, soft or hard toe – and relying on why you require this type of footwear, you must think about the toe structure. The mid- and out-sole dictate how comfortable the models are, so, don’t overlook checking this too. Additionally, if you’re job requires patrolling and hiking long distances, you’ll need something lightweight. To ensure that you opt for the right option, keep all of these tips in mind, and don’t fail to try them on before buying them.


No matter what you require tactical military boots for, you must ensure that you opt for them carefully. The ones we’ve mentioned are some of the finest ones you can purchase this year, and if you keep the tips from above in mind, you’ll be competent in choosing something that’ll make everything more comfortable, easier, as well as safer for you.