5 Common Misconceptions About Gemstones And Crystals

Crystals and gemstones are observed in different ways. For some, they are just stones that differ in shape, hardness – and represent only mere matter. For others, they have their own spiritual character. Some people consider them living beings who have their own consciousness – while for some crystals and gemstones are a form that has healing powers. All of these views are correct – but none of them is complete.

Belief In The Healing Properties Of Crystals And Gemstones

In many cultures, there is a belief that treatment with precious stones and minerals – is an alternative way to strengthen the body and help solve certain problems. It is believed that stones vibrate on us with sensory frequencies – and also our body vibrates on certain frequencies. However, when we get sick or under stress, those frequencies are disturbed and change. Bringing crystals into the aura changes the frequency of aura vibrations – that is, it returns to normal.

There are traces that people have been making amulets and talismans in the times before the new era – in which he built precious stones. People believed that some of those stones have certain magical properties. People usually tried to attract good forces – and at the same time to protect or distance themselves from some evil forces.

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Crystal And Gemstone Therapy

It is known that there are several ways to apply crystal therapy and therapy with gemstones. Minerals can be arranged in chakras. You can wear only one pendant, a whole necklace, or some other piece of jewelry. When the stone is in direct contact with the body – you can feel its effect. Also. the mineral can simply stand in the room, in the car – or you can carry it with you in your purse, wallet, pocket. It all depends on what you use it for. Beginners are not recommended to wear more than two minerals with different characteristics at the same time.

Gems are also considered to have some special healing properties. For example, sapphire reduces high fever, fever, and sweating attacks – while emerald helps to suppress fear and cures various eye diseases. Also, in astrology, there is a theory that each planet and sign is attributed to a certain gemstone. Astrologers think that such stones reflect certain properties of the zodiac signs – and strengthens their positive influence. Their beauty, uniqueness, rarity, exceptional strength, and brilliance – make some of these gemstones look a bit like stars. However, there are some misconceptions related to the action or application of crystals and gemstones.

Therefore, take a look at which are the 5 most common misconceptions regarding gemstones and crystals.

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1. Crystals and gemstones should not be cleaned with soap

This is one of the common misconceptions when it comes to crystals and gemstones. Namely, the chemical structure of these stones is very stable. Therefore, if it is a real crystal or a precious stone – nothing will happen. It is primarily because real crystals and precious stones are not reactive. On the other hand, it often happens that we are the victims of fraud when buying crystals – and they lose color or shine in contact with soap. So, you should know you can wash real crystals and gemstones freely with mild soap. However, avoid rough cleaning fabrics – because you don’t want to scratch or damage them.

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2. The processed stones are mostly fake

This is absolutely not true. Any gemstone or crystal can be processed. Moreover, in the famous jewelry stores and crystal shops – you can find them in various forms. According to Soul Charms, crystal skulls and similar shapes that have such a mystical look are especially popular. Many people believe that this form of a treated crystal can enhance healing powers. So, the processed stone is not fake – but in fact, it has just undergone some processing techniques and aesthetic improvement.

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3. Prejudices about heating and irradiation

Heating and irradiation are common methods of treating crystals and gemstones that are mainly used to enhance the features of gemstones and crystals. They are most commonly used to enhance the color and richness of radiance. Many versions of crystals or stones such as sapphires or emeralds that are of lower quality – can be improved by these methods. Thus, such methods will not affect the reduction – but the improvement of the quality of gemstones or crystals.

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4. Processing and polishing reduce the energy of the crystals

This way of thinking is completely incorrect. The processing and shine improvement itself has nothing to do with the energy of the stones. These methods will in no way reduce the energy emitted by certain crystals. If it is your stone, which has a special purpose for you – its shape, smoothness, or shine will not diminish its strength. The same goes for the size of the stone. Although it is believed that larger stones contain a larger amount of energy. However, this may not be true. Sometimes even smaller stones contain quite a sufficient amount of energy that you need.

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5. The crystals should be given to you

Such prejudices are absolutely incorrect. You can definitely buy the crystals yourself. The fact that you got them – means absolutely nothing when it comes to the impact of crystals. Therefore, be carefree and feel free to buy them yourself. You don’t have to wait for someone to give them to you – but you can do it yourself and take advantage of all the benefits that crystals and gemstones give you.


According to experts, crystals, and gemstones that suit your personality release their healing properties through the absorption of beneficial energy through the skin. In that way, the internal condition of the organism improves. For those who are not inclined to believe in the healing power of crystals, pieces made of them or gemstones can be an ideal detail that will make you a person of style – and you will feel better.