8 Biggest Misconceptions About Online Pokies 

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Online gambling has become quite popular recently. Players invest a huge amount of money to gamble. With so much popularity, it is of no surprise that it has several myths about losing, winning, and other similar facts.

We are going to clear a few misconceptions that players have heard about the gambling industry. People seem to believe one or the other myths, or their different versions. However, most of the misconceptions are nothing more than outraging mythz.

In this article, you will find a few misconceptions that are widely dispersed. Topslots New Zealand ​have busted the myths that have been prevailing around online pokies for long. The realm of gambling online has some significant mistakes, and people are also investigating whether they are true or just a fallacy.

These misconceptions are some common ones that online players had experienced in the past about playing online slots. Find a few of them below to ensure that they are not facts.

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1. In Auto Play, The Player Has A Very Slim Opportunity Of Winning

This is a myth that is very far from being true. With the help of the autoplay feature, players get more flexibility while playing online slots. They can also take small breaks in between the game if required. If you are playing online slots in an unlicensed casino, you will not have to worry about anything. Such casinos available online tend manipulating the outcome, and hence, the players rarely get a fair chance to win.

2. You Might Lose If You Play During Some Specific Hours

Players often believe that they will win more if they play during the odd hours of the day. For instance, they think that if they play early in the morning or late during the night, they will earn more. This is true for land-based casinos since they have peak hours. But online casino slot machines cannot function in the same manner. Results are declared by RNG. Therefore, they cannot be impacted by a few factors present externally. Such things are easily discoverable by regulating bodies of the gambling world when they conduct independent testing.

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3. High Rollers Can Only Obtain Benefits From Progressive Jackpots

You will find that new casinos are emerging very frequently, and therefore, there is a need for imposing strict rules. Regulating bodies are in the process of assessing regulations more stringent on the operators of the casino. As a result, casinos that are reputable will avoid committing any act that makes them lose registration or license. They will also lose their customers. This is an era where almost every player has equal chances of gaining a jackpot. Don’t just plan on yanking on the jackpot. In the process, you may also experience losses.

4. Slots Are Defined As Either Cold Or Hot

While playing online slots, players generally experience that at times the slots don’t pay.

There are some other stints in which payments are involved for an extended period. People generally believe that slot machines have different programs for streaks that are hot and cold. However, some reputable sites that have slots don’t set their machines’ programming to hot or cold streaks. Each spin of the slot machine is unique and completely adheres to the RNG rule.


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5. It Is Tough To Earn Big By Using Bonuses

If you have been lately into playing online slots, you must also be aware that casinos offer frequent bonuses to both new and existing players. The bonuses may arrive in the form of no deposit, free spins, high roller, payment methods, etc. However, different techniques are used by the land-based casinos. Using such approaches, they retain loyal customers and entice new ones. When bonuses are maximized, your chances of winning big are not reduced at all. Hence, it would help if you did not hesitate to utilize the bonus after you get them offered through online games.

6. Slots Machines Are Believed To Rely On Systems That Are Rigged

It is often assumed by several players that rigged slot machines often experience a losing streak. There are several reasons because of which this is responsible. It is only developers who are capable of controlling RNA technology. You can have the best slots played in sites that have licensed slots. Hence, players should stay away from games that are pirated. Do your homework and due diligence before you plan to play online slots. Also, check the online reviews about how authentic a website is.

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7. New Slots Bring A Variety

This myth is partially correct. However, there is a more fact that the players who play online slots are usually fickle. The players have a habit of changing online slots when they believe that they are about to lose a streak. Players often look for options that are alternative, and online casinos keep looking for opportunities. They are always ready to attract consumers. This way, they can also have a backup plan to steam on.

8. It Is Illegal To Gamble Online

This myth has been there for quite some time now, and it is persisting that you should not gamble online. They believe that it is illegal to do so. You can freely play casino slots online that are based in different countries. They will not break any law by doing so. There are several options available that are much higher in quality, and provide excellent gaming experience to the players without making them do anything illegal or break any rules.

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Final Thoughts

Pokie machines have random spins. It means that the chances of winning or losing are not decided. There are equal chances of whether a player wins or loses a match. It all depends on the spins and luck. It has nothing to do with what time you are playing or whether you are playing with an available bonus or not. Take such games as fun, and invest only the amount that you can bear to lose. Please do not make the mistake of gambling to the extent that you cannot afford it.