5 Typical Mistakes All Beginner Bong Users Make – 2024 Guide

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There are dozens of different ways you can smoke cannabis, tobacco, or any other herb. Vaporizers, joints, blunts, tinfoil, bubbler, bowl, and most importantly, one of the most efficient methods, a bong. Many cannabis users claim that they always get the best experience from a bong. This is mostly because the smoke that you inhale goes directly into your lungs instead of having to manually pull the smoke into your lungs. However, not everyone is ready to use this method for smoking. That is why many beginners make several typical mistakes.

However, with a little bit of information, I believe that anyone can learn how to use a bong properly, how to clean it, and how to smoke from it. I think that it is time for people to start sharing this kind of important information so that most users can be knowledgeable on the subject.

To help all those beginners, I decided to write this article and share all those typical and common mistakes everyone makes when they buy their first bar. After reading this article, I am sure that you will easily avoid making those mistakes again.

1. Inhaling too fast

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The best thing about using a bong for cannabis is the fact that it can deliver you a very strong high for a very short amount of time. This is why most people like using this method of smoking. But, if inexperienced and the only way you have gotten high is with a joint, you might need to be careful when using this tool.

Previously, I did mention that the smoke from inside of the bong can go directly into your lungs. This is why I believe it is one of the most efficient methods of smoking cannabis tobacco or any other herb. You lose nothing from burning the cannabis and you get to smoke every single bit of smoke.

However, decide everything at one go, or too fast, you will have a bad time. You will either start coughing or it may make you dizzy. This is mostly because you are not used to smoking such a large amount of the herb in a short period of time.

So, if you want a good high, I suggest that you go slow and take small puffs from time to time. Once you have built up some “immunity”, you might get used to the bong. Treat it as a regular joint while you are still a beginner. Once you are more experienced, you can start experimenting with just exactly how fast or how much you can take.

2. Using a dirty bong

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Many times I have seen beginners using their smoking tools again and again without cleaning them. Although, I do understand this happens. Most of the time, these people have been using rolling paper which means they never had to clean smoking tools. It is simply a habit that they do not have.

However, I think that all of these beginners need to understand that it is essential to clean your bong after every few uses. Otherwise, gunk and all kinds of other nasty stuff can start gripping the glass or plastic walls of the tool. Leaving it dirty will result in an awful smell and an even worse taste when using it.

This ruins the experience for you and for everyone else that wants to use it.

Pour out the water, pour in some alcohol, close all the holes with your hands or with plastic wrap. Once the holes are closed, start shaking the bong to ensure that the alcohol rinses of all of the gunk stuck inside. If you do this regularly, your smoking apparatus will always look brand-new.

If you are having trouble cleaning it because it is too small or too large, try herbtools, and maybe you could find something that fulfills your needs and requirements.

3. Not knowing when it is enough

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This is directly related to my first point. Many beginners simply do not know how much the human body can take, especially one that is inexperienced. Whether it is marijuana or tobacco, it does not matter. If you overload your body with too much of a certain ingredient, will not feel good.

Unfortunately, all the beginners make the same mistake. After hitting the bong, they expect an immediate effect on their mental state. That is simply not how all of this works. Because they see no results, they hit it again. After a few minutes, they will start feeling the effects of both hits, making their high an awful experience.

What I am trying to say is that you need to be careful and you need to figure out your limits. You still do not have a lot of experience in all of this, so be aware of just exactly how much you can take or cannot take.

4. Spending too much money on an expensive bong

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First things first, I have to clear up that there is nothing wrong with making a nice investment in a tool that you might be using for months or even years. The more money you invest, the more durability and longevity you can get out of it.

However, if you are a beginner and if this is the first time you are getting yourself a bong, there probably is no reason to go with the expensive options. Right now, with your first one, you will be experimenting a lot which means you might damage it or break it in just a short amount of time.

This is why it is best to go with a cheaper option and once you have mastered the skill of using this smoking tool, you could get yourself a more expensive one.

5. Touching the nail after a hit

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The nail airs the place where you put the cannabis or tobacco and burn it. Whenever you want to create smoke to inhale it, you have to burn the herb inside of the nail. The nail remains scorching hot even after a few seconds of taking your hit. Unfortunately, many beginners try to grab the nail immediately after taking a hit, resulting in a burn. I advise you to wait for the nail to cool down after every use.

These are probably the most typical and common mistakes all beginners make when trying to use a bong. After reading this article, I hope that people will avoid making them in the future.