6 Mistakes to Avoid When Dubbing Videos

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Post-production is sometimes even more time-consuming and challenging than making any video, not to mention a movie, as that’s where all those little things that give the essence to the video come to life. One of those things is about dubbing the video, which many people don’t even know what it is, but just the fact that there are dubbing artists says a lot about its importance. Now, it’s not like just anyone can dub a video, as having a certain skillset is a must, and another important piece of the puzzle is working with the right gear.

Of course, making mistakes is part of the learning process, but a much better way to learn is from other people’s mistakes, so in order to help you make the same one, we will go through the most common ones.

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Not having the right equipment

Regardless of what you do, having the right gear is essential. Just imagine surgeons operating without a scalpel, and even though an experienced and quick-thinking surgeon will find another way, the end result will not be the same as it would if they had the proper equipment. That is why, if one wants to become a professional in this field, or even if they want to make a really outstanding video, before starting dubbing videos, they should check if they have all the tools necessary to do so.

Everything starts from here, as every other little trick or tip one might get would simply not be efficient as when not having the right equipment, they cannot use them, at least not in the right way.

How costly is the equipment?

Yes, certain pieces can be a bit costly but focus on the essentials and then slowly expand, and after some time, you will have top-notch gear and even an entire studio that you can use for various different things, along with making high-quality dubbing videos. Furthermore, in order to establish yourself as a brand, providing high-quality videos is a must, especially today when everything we do online can be easily found.

So, before you join this industry, make sure to have great pieces of gear, as it is the only way to showcase your dubbing skills.

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Relying on editing

Thanks to the invention of modern technology and various programs we have for photo, video, and sound editing, many people are convinced that everything can be fixed. Well, it is not far away from the truth, but editing literally everything is time-consuming and can decrease the quality of the original audio.

Instead of spending hours trying to fix something, it is a much better option to think in time and make everything perfect during the recording process. The best solution is to record in a soundproof room since it will block the background noise, so you will not need to deal with echoes when editing.

Low volume

The volume of the sound is something that most beginners have trouble with as they are never sure if it is too low or too loud. Okay, we agree that keeping it too loud is never a good idea, but neither is keeping it too low because it does more harm than good.

Low volume can be seen as a huge disadvantage if you are applying for a new project and want to send a demo to convince them you are the right choice. Everything needs to be heard loud and clear, so make sure not to keep it too low.

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Using old demo

As we have already mentioned, sending a demo is one of the best ways to stand out from the competition when applying for some new voice-over project, but many people make one huge mistake. They record one video when they start their career and use it whenever necessary without editing and improving it.

Our skills improve over time, and because of that, it is important to record a new demo from time to time to increase the chances of being hired.

Not drinking enough water

It is a common fact that our mouth gets dry when we speak a lot, and although it is not that noticeable in regular conversation, it can easily be heard when recording audio. It results in unpleasant pops, smacks, and click noises and is considered low-quality audio as it is too unpleasant to listen to.

Luckily, the solution to this problem is simple, and there is no complicated procedure to solve it. All we need to do is drink enough water to prevent mouth dryness. Keep the water near you even when recording, and use every break to hydrate yourself.

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Poor timing

As people interested in dubbing probably already know, the most important thing if they want to do it properly is the perfect timing. It can be pretty challenging in the beginning to do it accurately, but the video and the dubbed sound need to be synced perfectly so the viewers can enjoy the video without the silent visual content. Silent visual content will make viewers try to read from the lips and only confuse them, and they will feel frustrated instead of relaxed. Besides trying to read from the lips, the audience can be confused about who is speaking what and lose nerves while trying to figure it out.

Find solution online

Okay, this is the easiest and fastest solution to all your problems, and it’s also something most people do, find a solution online. Luckily, we live in a digital world where we can find every info, service, item, etc., pretty fast, and all we need is a bit of time to do that much-needed research. Yes, even with simple browsing the net, you can find software for dubbing videos that work flawlessly, and even if that doesn’t satisfy your appetite, then you can opt and go with professionals in this field.

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There are many established companies out there with vast experience in dubbing videos, and trusting them to finish the job might be the best possible solution, especially if you need a video to be dubbed quickly, and more info on that you can find here.