5 Mistakes All Beginners Make When Taking Portrait Photography

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Whether you are a connoisseur and a lover of photography or not, portrait photography always attracts special attention. The word portrait itself refers to an image or a statue, in this case, a statue of a human face, or better said humane face in the front role. This type of photography is especially appreciated compared to all the others and always attracts a lot of attention. No matter if you are a professional or an amateur photographer, portrait photography is always a challenge.

According to Sam Yari, a professional photographer, it is important that the person being photographed is calm and motionless, and that he fixes his gaze on the lens. Portrait photography is special not only because of the person who is in the main role but also because it always represents something deeper. A person’s personality can be seen or felt in a portrait, and his facial expression says a lot about the emotions person has at that exact moment. This is one of the many reasons that make portrait photography so special.

Although the amateurs think that this type of photography is nothing more than a setup and a single click on the camera, they are very mistaken. Still, there’s lighting, background, pose, facial expression, frame, color and more. If you are a beginner and want to try this type of photography, here are 5 mistakes to beware of.

Mistake 1: The photographer is not in charge of making the model smile or relaxing the one who poses!

This is a serious mistake and the first thing you should work on if you are a beginner. If you do not overcome this mistake, then you need good lighting or background. Remember that you are responsible for the quality of the photo itself. It is your responsibility. So it is also your responsibility to laugh, relax the one who poses. Any discomfort the person feels at that moment will be transferred to the photo. That is why it is very important that the person has relaxed before the photoshoot, that he is full of energy, but also that the temperature is pleasant. Talk to your model, even some bad jokes will help your models’ face to relax. Be cheerful and keep in touch with every little detail. Take as many photos as possible so you can choose and find exactly what you were looking for. If you need some help with your photos, you can always click here and find the solution.

If you photograph children, it will be more challenging. They are more honest and relaxed but their attention span is very short. Focus on them by giving them something in their hands. A toy or some interesting object. Also, instead of the classic saying “cheese”, you can invent an interesting trick that will really make them laugh.

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Mistake 2: Wardrobe does not matter at all!

Another mistake because the wardrobe is very important, especially if it is a full-height portrait, a political portrait or a family one. Color harmony is something that can never be a nuisance in photography, on the contrary. Therefore, match the wardrobe of the person posing with the background colors. Everyone already knows that bigger people should wear darker tones without effort or some accessories, while thinner people should wear as light colors as possible. If you are creating a family portrait, then make sure that everyone’s wardrobe is synchronized and in the same tones.

In addition to the color of the wardrobe, be sure to take care of small things such as neat hair, folds in the wardrobe, or maybe is the cow standing straight. Remember that your device “sees” details much better than we do.

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Mistake 3: I will reduce the lighting later during processing!

Always keep this mistake in mind! The lighting is adjusted at the moment you take the photo and it is one of the essential elements of what the photo will be like. So avoid as much harsh lighting as possible directly into the camera. You will get a huge contrast of colors and a large number of unnecessary shades. If you take photos outdoors, keep in mind that it is always better to take photos when it is cloudy. If the days are very sunny then wait until late afternoon because the color of the light is much warmer. The famous “Golden hour” is perfect for any type of photo. If possible, position the models so that the sun is on one side of their face, never directly illuminating it. This will avoid blinking. If it is still impossible to avoid sunlight in front of the lens, try to position the model so that it completely obscures the sun. Use a flash or reflector to avoid the shade on the model’s face.

Indoor photography is something different. Move the model so that the natural light source illuminates the face. If the light is too strong, a thin curtain can help to get the lighting you like.

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Mistake 4: It’s the same to make portraits of people with or without glasses!

Taking a portrait photo of a model wearing eyeglasses is a challenge. You may not have counted on glare, but ion can create big problems. Check this item while taking photos. If there is a glare, then it is necessary for the model to slowly turn its head until it disappears. A good trick in this regard is to make the model slightly bend his head. This trick is good until a chin is created, and nobody wants that on the photo.

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Mistake 5: The background is not as important as the facial expression!

It is true that in this type of photography the face and its expression are the most important. But to come to the fore, the background plays a very important role. Although everyone will look in the face, they will still see the background. Look for a background that can only enhance your photo. The emotion conveyed by the portrait itself can be very subtly complemented by the background. To avoid electrical cables, too ornate backgrounds, cluttered with many kinds of stuff. Wallpapers that can be good are wood, rose bush, wooden fences, etc.

If you take photos indoors, avoid too dark walls. Houseplants can always enhance your photo. The model can stand or sit. If a person is photographed doing their job or favorite activity, it is important to include tools or similar elements in the background. These elements suggest even more about the person being photographed.

If you are a beginner, do not be afraid of mistakes, and there will be some for the start for sure! Understand your mistakes as lessons that will help you progress. Plan your photography carefully and take care of the details. Even with the simplest camera, you can take a portrait that is worth paying attention to. Be creative and good luck!