Mobile LED Screen Rental: 2024 Comprehensive Guide!

Imagine here is a large screen working for you to show all your contents and advertisements in attractive ways and also, can reach as much as potential customers than traditional billboards as can be towed to anywhere easily.

That sounds amazing, isn’t it? And this can be achieved by mobile LED screen rental projects!

Just read through this article to get some useful information about this rental LED display within several minutes.

Table of Content

  1. What is a Mobile LED Rental Screen?
  2. Why Will You Need Trailer LED Screen?
  3. 5 Exciting Mobile LED Screen Rental Events!
  4. Mobile LED Screen Rental Cost
  5. Conclusions

What is a Mobile LED Rental Screen?

Mobile LED screen, also referred to trailer LED display ranging in size from 8 feet wide to over 30 feet wide, means the outdoor display will be mounted on a truck or a trailer. It belongs to a kind of rental screen.

It is easy to set up and user-friendly and can present to as many audiences as possible. Compared with traditional screen, mobile LED display rental projects can help you reach more potential and targeted customers. It can accommodate screens up to 28 square meters, and covered by a tent for better transportation.

The supported contents can vary, including video, webcams, web streaming, commercials, musical scores and live TV.

Why Will You Need Trailer LED Screen?

As a ready-made solution for screen rental professionals, here are many advantages that will explain to you why you will need it when you want to enhance business potentials.

  • Easy to operate:

Only takes one person to operate the screen including moving the trailer, setting up the screen and operating it! No additional technical supports needed.

  • Easy set up:

No platforms is required to set up the display, which will save your budgets.

  • High stability

Accurate static calculations and structural analysis make sure the screen can withstand winds up to 15 meters per second.

  • Attracting people immediately

Imagine here is a movable billboard working for you to be used as a small stage, which will no doubt attract people immediately, that sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Moreover, there are various sizes for you to choose depending on needs, and many kinds of content sources can be used such as videos and images with sound system.

  • Affordability

These displays are more affordable than custom-built modular walls with still high image quality. Multiple pixel pitches are available, and high resolutions can deliver clear visual experiences.

  • Drive-anywhere available

The trailers can be towed to anywhere just with a simply hook up to any vehicles with a hitch. Therefore, they can go to multiple locations and play their role as advertisers as best as possible.

Otherwise, you will need to tow the screens to and from different locations – which is time-consuming, and also a waste of budget.

  • High brightness level with IP65 protection ability

IP65 waterproof ability and high brightness allow it can work normally in outdoor environments. Everyone can see a clear and vibrant images with these moving, giant and clear display even the ambient light is strong.

Various events are allowed such as concerts, festivals, product launches, sport matches and so on more engaging and attractive!

5 Exciting Mobile LED Screen Rental Events!

  • Drive-in events

This kinds of events include graduations, chapel services, celebrations of life and so on.

  • Roadside commercial advertisements

It can shorten the distance between people compared with traditional billboards.

It can effectively attract attention of passers-by, and of course, you can drive the truck or trailer go wherever you want.

High mobility allows people more freedom to reach places and people they want to reach.

  • Commercial advertising and publicity

This type of screens are popular for its mobility and strong visual performance thus often hired by people to advertise products and brands or hold some activities to gather traffic.

  • Parks & Recreation

Movable Screens to parks and recreational venues can be used for many activities like movie nights, TV watch parties, fundraisers, concerts, fun runs, and festivals.

No matter the use, they can provide your community with entertaining and interesting material.

  • For social media at events

Give people a reason to post – the screen can show audiences great visual experiences and innovative feelings.

Always use the best event videography possible; otherwise, the crowd’s experience may be harmed by poor angles and low-quality feeds.

  • More event possibilities

Here are more events ideas for you to consider – movie nights, concerts, festivals, graduation ceremonies, charity galas, weddings, etc.

Mobile LED Screen Rental Cost

You can expect to pay between $4,000 and $15,000 per day for it, and the exact price determined by screen size, resolution and so on.

If you want to rent mobile LED trailer, as explained by experts from Unit LED you should check the protection ability, resolution, viewing angle, brightness and visual performance of the displays. Also, ask the supplier offer photos when the displays are working.

A traditional LED screen (fixed one) typically expenses no less than $5,000 per day and short-term rentals seem to be usually more costly.

What Decide Mobile LED Screen Rental Cost?

When you discussing the price with suppliers, you can have less guesswork by knowing several factors that related to rental costs as below:

  • Screen structure

The lower price is because of the simpler structure than their modular counterparts. You can just drive it and show your contents on it as they can work without pre-installation as traditional LED displays.

But trailer LED display sometimes will be limited by the venue. Check the place before you start the project!

  • Screen size

The size of screen have positive relationships with the costs, which is obvious. You can decide the size based on the number of your viewers. Just ask your supplier you can get answer quickly as they are all professional.

  • Contract

Discounts can be offered if you work with a provider for long-term. However, check their quality and reputation before deciding. You can search them online to find past customer cases and comments, or ask for certifications and picture of factory and products.

  • Technical support

Although you can operate the trailer by yourselves, it still requires some knowledge and skills – the operation can be easy to get started, but technical support can help you learn more quickly!

  • Configuration of screens

It is obvious that configurations of screens is the vital factor for final price. For instance, pixel pitch, screen size, protection ability, brightness level, contrast ratio and so on.



Mobile LED screen rental projects can bring you more business possibilities such as increasing revenues by sponsorship and enhancing brand images, propagandizing your events and attracting more audiences!

That sounds interesting, isn’t it? Just read through this post again to get more ideas!