4 Benefits of Using Mobile Top-up Services

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Just 20 years ago mobile phones were a luxury and only several people could afford them. It was pretty useful in those times two, but it was very expensive, so you wouldn’t see everyone on the street using one. But, considering just far we have come with smartphone technology, almost everyone has one today. Their price ranges vary from $50-$2000 or even more. In other words, there is an option for everyone.

Choosing which phone you need will heavily depend on your budget and your needs. Do you need something that’s rich with features or do you just want something simple? Some people need a powerful processor and a big battery to less than the entire day while others just need it to make a few calls throughout the day.

However, phones aren’t the only thing that saw a huge technological leap during these 20 years. Mobile services have become faster, more reliable, and overall better than what we were used to 20 or 25 years ago. In the past, just a few messages cost several dollars, today most text messages are completely free or they cost just one or two cents. It is crazy just how far this industry has come.

Most providers today offer all kinds of packages for the Internet, free call minutes, and free text messages. This kind of packages can be acquired for just $15 or maybe $20. Basically, owning a phone these days is very cheap.

But, if you want to make your life a little bit simpler, you should try using mobile top-up services which is the cheaper route. To help you determine whether mobile top-up services are the right choice for you, here are some of their benefits.

How does it work?

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In the cellular network industry, there are hundreds or maybe even thousands of different companies that offer different services. Some will offer better Internet, some will offer more minutes and others more free text messages. But, there is actually one more option that many people do not consider taking and that’s mobile top-up services.

In the past, every cellular network provider used top-up services and there weren’t any other options for people. It was expensive and it was a hassle which is probably the reason why many people avoid going down this route in 2024.

Since then, things have changed. Top up services are actually much cheaper and simpler to recharge. You can just go to your provider’s website with a few clicks you will be able to recharge your credit.

1. It is cheaper

One of the most obvious arguments why people should start using mobile top-up services is because it is simply cheaper, especially if you’re doing it online. Most stores that offer top-up recharging take a small fee because you are using their store, but even that is cheaper than going with the premade package from a cellular network provider.

So, if you do not feel like giving $10 or $20 for 10 GB internet that you will never use, you should definitely switch to top-up services. You will probably save $10 a month which means you will save up to $100 a year. It may not seem like a lot, but it is better than nothing. Assuming that you want to save a bit of cash in 2024, you should check out pinoyloads.com.

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2. It is convenient

Another very obvious benefit of using top-up services is the fact that it is much more convenient. You don’t have a bill that you have to worry about not losing it or whether the mailman will deliver it on time, etc.

All you have to do is get some cash, go to the nearest store that supports mobile recharges, tell them your phone number, pay them and that’s about it.

It becomes even simpler and more convenient when you consider the fact that you can do all of this online. You open up any website that supports mobile recharges, right on your phone, at your credit card information, and then just press pay. This whole process won’t take you any more than two or three minutes.

Sure, you can pay bills online too, but that is still more complicated than just inputting your mobile number.

3. Paying only for the things that you need

Like we already mentioned, most cellular network providers offer all kinds of packages and plans that are filled with offers for more Internet, more text messages, and more free minutes. All of this seems like a great offer at first, but do you really need 20 GB internet or a thousand text messages a month? It feels like paying for stuff that you will never use. What is the point of wasting $20 for those text messages that you probably never sent?

With top-up services, you’re paying only for the things that you need. Do you need more gigabytes for browsing the Internet? You can pay for that. You need more minutes to talk with your friends and family? You can pay for that too. Are you going to be away from home this month? Then you don’t have to pay for anything. It is as simple as that. You’re only paying for the things that you will surely use during the month.

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4. You can recharge other people’s credit

Have you ever tried paying your friend’s or a family member’s bill? It is quite a hassle, isn’t it? You will need to have all of their personal information, their bill, their ID, and a bunch of other things. Only then, you can finally pay their bill.

With top-up services, this is made several times easier. If you’re doing this online, all you have to do is just input your friend’s phone number and then use your credit card to pay for the recharge. This process will take you about one or two minutes and once you’re done they will get their recharge in a matter of seconds.

There are many other benefits of using mobile top-up services, but I believe that these are the most important ones.