Planning Events: Why Use a Mood Board?


Are you struggling to plan your event? Do you have a lot of ideas floating around in your head, but you cannot make sense of them? Perhaps it is time to use a mood board. This is a visual tool that is really going to help break it down for you and help you plan your event successfully. Do not worry if you have not heard of one before. We are going to start by explaining what a mood board is and look at why you should use one for planning events.

What is a Mood Board?

First of all, let’s take a look at what a mood board actually is. Often, this is something that you will hear about. But you might not be familiar with what it is. Essentially, a mood board is a helpful visual tool that you can use when you are planning fun events. It allows you to show your ideas and thoughts in images and short text rather than writing them down as a note or speaking about them. You can create an online mood board or enjoy a physical one. Now you know what a mood board is, it is time to take a look at the benefits of using them for planning events.


Bring Your Vision to Life

A lot of people have an idea but do not know how to get started. Well, this is what you can use a mood board for. It is a way to slowly bring your vision to life. You can start by creating a few of your ideas on paper. It creates a process gradually and allows you to figure things out slowly and not miss anything out. This could be the theme you want to have at the event, colors you like or another décor you want to explore. Once they are in front of you, it can be easier to add new ideas and develop your thoughts. This can lead to a successful event with no stones left unturned.

A lot of people work better when they have ideas in front of them. Indeed, this is something that a mood board allows. You can have images in front of you rather than writing them down or having them in your head.


Collaboration is simple

The chances are you are not planning an event on your own. You might be working with friends, colleagues or a supplier from Either way, you need to ensure that your ideas and overall vision are communicated to them. Again, you can use your mood board in order to do this. Having this visual tool allows others to see exactly what you see. This makes collaboration a lot simpler, and nothing is lost in communication over the phone, by email or in person.


Explore Different Options

It takes a lot of time to plan events. While an idea might come to you straight away, in a lot of cases, it can take some exploration to get things right. That is the great thing about a mood board. This gives you a blank canvas where you can explore different ideas. You can use your creativity and really dive into different themes. There is plenty of space to explore the margins of an idea, make associations and experiment. It’s very easy to trim back ideas too, but don’t delete too early. You do not have to limit yourself to having one event concept. Instead, make sure you find the right one by going down different avenues first.


How to Get Started on a Mood Board

If you have never made a mood board before, you might be thinking; how on earth do I begin making one? Well, there is not one rigid and set way to create a mood board. But, a good place to start is knowing whether you want to create a physical mood board or a digital mood board. There are great reasons to use either of these options. It is going to come down to what you prefer.

With a physical mood board, you can create something tangible that you can see and touch. You can add photographs and cutouts from magazines and newspapers. You can even attach materials and different textures to explore. If you like arts and crafts then you are going to enjoy creating a physical mood board.

If you are better at working on computers, then you might want to start with a digital mood board. This is going to be done all online and you can collate your ideas using a platform on the internet. Certain platforms have them built-in, but you may feel restricted to what they have native to that site. It can be easier to gather sources online and a lot of people find it quicker to create a digital mood board.

It does not matter whether you choose a physical or digital mood board, the first thing you will have to do is start with an image or text that inspires you. Hopefully, this is going to allow you to gain inspiration when you see it in front of you. Then, you can start to gather other images and photos and keep adding to the mood board. Eventually, this is going to allow you to plan out an event that you love. The great thing about a mood board is that you can build a foundation and you can build on this.

A mood board is a popular visual tool that is perfect for planning events. You can use it as a place to bring the ideas in your head and your visions to life. When you are planning an event, you are likely to be in contact with a variety of people. Well, your mood board is going to allow everyone to share the same vision and know what everyone is talking about. Sometimes people respond well to that visual communication aid, and it’ll help get to grips with the minutiae too.  This is all going to lead to a successful event.