What More Do You Need To Know About Wigs?

Most people with long hair at some point fantasize about having short hair but are too afraid to cut it short because let’s be realistic, hair does grow slowly.

The same can be said for people that have had short hair all their lives, and then there is that awkward ‘in-between’ stage, no style works, so you end up cutting it short again.

In today’s world of fashion, there are so many options. You can try on a natural wig of the color, style, or length you want, see what suits you, and then make the right decision.

No more sleepless nights about cutting your long strands and then waking up to someone you don’t know when you look in the mirror the next morning.

Buying a UNice wig today is even more than that! You can buy two products one for your daytime professional office look and another for a night out with your friends.

In fact, since 2020, wigs have set the trend in Hollywood. There is not a star that isn’t wearing a wig or at least an extension. Even guys are trending hairpieces in Hollywood, and not only on movie sets but in real life too.

Tyler Perry has tweeted about celebrities and extensions and famously Will Smith has punched Chris Rock at the academy awards for saying Jada Pinkett Smith can play the role of GI Jane now that she is bald.

The bottom line is whether you are wearing a wig for fun or for health reasons there is a perfect hairpiece for you, you just need to be fully informed.

Does it prevent your natural hair growth?

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The professionals say NO! If you know how to carefully plait, weave, or braid your natural strands underneath your wig, your hair will grow at its usual pace. That said, it is important to air your extensions and your strands regularly. Wash your natural hair and condition it as you normally would, and a wig won’t affect the growth.

Additionally buying it with a cap that allows good air ventilation across your scalp is important. If your scalp is sticky and perspiring it will affect the way on your looks.

Professionals and hairstylists agree that using a good-quality hairpiece significantly prevents natural balding. Don’t opt for a low-end cheap one as these synthetic caps will tend to damage your health.

What happens if I wear a low-quality piece?

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These cheap items damage your scalp, so let’s look at the reasons why:

  • When we wear a rug that is not of the best possible quality our scalp perspires, this is a natural secretion from our sweat glands in our skin. When you are not wearing it this perspiration naturally evaporates into the air. If the hairpiece you are wearing is not good quality then this perspiration gets trapped in between the scalp and the wig. Perspiration is the way in which your body naturally controls heat and eliminates toxins through the skin. A hairpiece made from low grade products will not allow the perspiration to escape from your scalp and evaporate into the air. This will cause heat damage to your scalp and to itself after a period of time. This trapped perspiration will eventually contribute to loss of your natural hair, whether in patches or gradually.
  • Perspiration that becomes trapped underneath the extensions will, unfortunately, get mixed with bacteria and may result in infection of the sweat glands on your scalp. The bacteria might become infected and additionally will cause an odor to you. This is something you want to avoid at all costs. After all, you are wearing a luscious-looking piece to look and smell good, right? So do your self-confidence the justice it deserves and buy a high-quality breathable product.
  • Usually extensions that are of low quality require extensive adhesives to make it sit comfortably on your head and not slip off. These adhesives are damaging to the follicles on your scalp. Long-term use of adhesives will damage your scalp as well as the extensions.
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What is the answer?

No, this does not mean you have to stop wearing it. It is the best way to change your style with fashion and the best way to give your scalp a rest from the chemicals and products that you use daily to style. Furthermore, a high-quality luscious accessory, a fashionable style gives you everyday confidence to walk into a meeting or social gathering knowing they are the epitome of Hollywood glam!

These are our tips and tricks to keep your natural looking fab! Follow these easy pointers and you can’t go wrong!

  • Buy a quality product that fits your head perfectly and doesn’t slide off. Here is our insider professional tip, look at buying a product that has the ideal fit, not too tight, but you know when you try it on. A snugly fitting one will give you the confidence that your cap won’t slide to the back or sides.
  • A breathable structure piece is your best choice. This type allows natural air ventilation underneath the cap and onto your scalp. This is extremely important on hot humid days to prevent your scalp from perspiration and itching. They are available in all colors, sizes, lengths, and styles and you can rest assured you will find the perfect breathable one just for you.
  • When you buy a wig be sure to buy a well-fitted cap, Silk is again the choice of the professionals, it reduces friction on you and will prevent hair loss.
  • Don’t neglect your natural strands. Though your natural strand is Gidden underneath the accessory don’t forget to give it the same love and care as your extensions.  not forget your strands: Shampoo and condition to ensure that it is completely dry before putting on.
  • If you are wearing it just for the fun of it or just for the simple and easy way it is perfectly styled, don’t sleep in your extensions. When you get home, brush out gently and store it in a safe place on your foam head ready for the next day.
  • Drying your natural strands. Once you have shampooed, conditioned, and towel-dried it. Give it a good blow dry, making sure the roots are especially dry. Wet roots can lead to damage to your natural hair as well as damage to the cap, making you uncomfortable in hot and humid or even cold weather.
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Final Thoughts…

Taking great care of yourself means taking great care of your hair and setting yourself apart from the regulars with style, luscious style that accentuates your face shape, your eyes, or your perfect jawline!