8 Most Famous Young Crypto Millionaires

Just like any other type of business, the cryptocurrency world has seen its fair share of success stories over the last decade or so. Those who invested early and were patient enough with their digital currency amounts are now set for life while pursuing other career paths, investing further, or enjoying early retirements.

As of 2024, there are approximately 13,173 Bitcoin millionaires in the world. Since Bitcoin is the most popular and most valuable cryptocurrency, most of the data in this article will revolve around millionaires who made their fortunes thanks to the most famous virtual currency.

More accurately here, we are going to be dealing with the youngest crypto millionaires of today and explore how they generated their wealth, as well as where they are now. If you wish to find out more about the general cryptocurrency situation and perhaps get involved with the business, make sure to visit bitcoin-supersplit.com.

Most Famous Young Cryptocurrency Millionaires

1. Erik Finmann

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The story of Erik Finmann is arguably the most famous in the world of digital currency and its successful representatives. Like many teenagers, Erik simply despised school. Born in 1998, he was only 13 when he made a deal with his parents about skipping college, but only if he could turn an investment of exactly $1,000 into $1 million. His grandma was his sponsor, and after she gave him the money, he invested everything in Bitcoin. Back then, a single BTC coin was a mere $12. By the time he turned 18, he has far reached his goal. At 21 years old, Erik is now worth close to $5 million thanks to his Bitcoin business and other investments that ensued. He has appeared on numerous youngest self-made millionaires and is a frequent guest at many tech, investment, and startup conventions all around the globe.

2. Eddy Zillan

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Eddy is another self-made millionaire who decided to invest his savings in Bitcoin. He is now only 21 years old, but his net worth is said to be over $1 million, a result of smart investing of his Bar Mitzvah and tennis lesson savings. Eddy initially bought BTC for $100, before buying $1,000 more and finally $12,000 more. Soon, his investments gave him a fortune of some $500,000. As he is now a millionaire, he decided to share his investment talents and inspire others to follow in his success.

3. Vitalik Buterin

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Bitalik Buterin is a famous name in the cryptocurrency game, mostly because he is the founder of the second-largest and second-most valuable cryptocurrency, Ethereum. His current net worth is about $100 million. The highest point in the career of the 26-year-old came in 2018 when Ethereum was worth $1,400. Since Buterin has 405,000 Ether, his wealth was estimated at $567 million in digital currency alone. However, Ethereum dropped heavily and it is currently worth around $400. Apart from his own digital currency, Vitalik owns two startups, Clearmatics and StarkWare, and has an annual salary of $144,000 from the Ethereum Foundation.

4. Kingsley Advani

Source: theceomagazine

Advani, 26, did not start his Bitcoin journey as early as Finmann or Zillan may have. He only invested in it in 2017, slightly before the famous boom of BTC when it almost reached $20,000 per coin. Therefore, he made a small fortune for himself seemingly overnight. His entire investment was $34,000, which he now claims to be worth “in the low eight-figures” as he put it. This was more than enough for him to quit his old job and start traveling the world. He is both an advisor and an angel investor now. He is also the founder and CEO of Allocations.

5. Jeremy Gardner

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If there was ever a person who turned into a full-fledged playboy after being considered a geek most of his life, it is the 27-year-old Jeremy Gardner. Similar to many of his colleagues, he dropped out of college in favor of a cryptocurrency career. His friend offered to sell him some Bitcoin for cash and he was smart enough to accept. Today, in 2024, Gardner is among the richest Bitcoin millionaires with an estimated net worth of over $300 million. He spends most of his days partying and having a good time in one of his mansions, while also further investing his great fortune.

6. Yifu Guo

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Breaking the trend of 20-something-year-old cryptocurrency millionaires, we present to you Yigy Guo, a 30-year-old millionaire who, like Buterin, changed the field by inventing the first mining rig. You may remember how big cryptocurrency mining used to be back in the early days of the whole craze. Following his first success, Guo founded a company in 2012 that sold mining PCs. They started selling for a few hundred dollars per rig, but soon doubled and even tripled. Like most of his peers, Guo does not like sharing his net worth details. It is known that he used to be worth at least $5 million following his company’s success, which is probably roughly how much he is still worth today.

7. Charlie Shrem

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Remember how we said that early investors patient and smart enough had the easiest way to glory? Well, Charlie here invested in Bitcoin when it was only worth between $3 and $4 per coin. Back when he first experienced success, he was among the youngest crypto millionaires. Sadly in 2013, the service he founded, BitInstant, closed down and the lost the majority of his wealth following penalties and legal trouble. It turned out that things were even worse under the surface, as he was also involved in abetting and aiding unlicensed money transmissions for Silk Road, an outlawed black market. Despite these felonies, his current net worth is somewhere around $35 million as he continues to invest and expand his business, legally this time around.

8. Olaf Carlson-Wee

Source: forbes

During his college years, Olaf decided to write his thesis on Bitcoin. In addition, it was at this time in life that he invested all of his savings, approximately $14,502, in different cryptocurrencies. It was clear from the start that a successful career was in the stars for the now 31-year-old, as he was among the first employees of currently the biggest and most popular cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase. In the following years, Wee founded a blockchain hedge fund called Polychain Capital, a company that manages blockchain crypto technologies and projects. His fund surpassed $800 million and despite some losses, his net worth is over $300 million.

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