How to Safely Move During This COVID Pandemic

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has set the world into a state of stagnation. While most activity begins to resume slowly, our everyday lives are in constant uncertainty due to the unforeseen future we face. However, in today’s article, we share some insight on how to reliably move out during this pandemic without jeopardizing the health and safety of your loved ones.

Few Things to Consider Before Moving

Is Moving Out Necessary?

For some, moving out can cause uncertainty, especially when coming up with a solid moving date. Ask yourself the following questions. They can help you better ascertain your situation and establish a sense of clarity.

  • How safe do you feel moving your family out?
  • How well is the area you want to move to, coping with coronavirus?
  • How soon do you want to move out?
  • How far are you moving out, and what supplies will you require?
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Aside from understanding the impact of COVID-19 in the city or state of your new home, you need to factor in the availability of essential amenities and services vital to your families survival during this pandemic, such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Sanitation measures
  • Water
  • Ease of access to emergency services
  • Electrical discrepancies
  • Nearest amenities, such as malls, postal office (to change postal address), gyms, food stores, etc.
  • Schools and universities for your children’s education

Setting Up a Moving Date

Not everyone has the luxury of setting up a moving date and following it through to the end. For some, their lease is soon coming to an end, and the dates may not be as favorable as they wished. For others, they just finished up a sweet deal and sold their homes; however, the closing date is keeping them bound for yet another few days or so.

In essence, coming up with a moving out date should not be rushed. By taking your time and planning a schedule well in advance you:

  • Are informed with any related corona-related activities such as lockdown measures and updates
  • Can better access the situation of the ground
  • Have ample time to prepare adequately and assort your items, relocate jobs, or set up a home office if need be.
  • Have time to research the different neighborhoods and movers within your area you plan on moving to.

It’s important to note that many states and cities have instilled a temporary lockdown countermeasure, and this can disrupt your plans. This is why it’s crucial to have flexible dates. It will allow you to change your plans with ease and protect your family from violating curfews and lockdown measures.

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Are Moving Companies Still Open?

Even though most coronavirus measures have shut down most activities, some essential services are still operating per WHO and state guidelines. So, there’s a fair chance that your moving company is still up and running.

  • Peruse through company websites and check up on their activity
  • Contact these companies directly through calls or emails
  • For your family safety, find out about their COVID-19 measures
  • Factor in the costs of hiring these companies.

Hiring outside companies in the region you’re moving too can be costly, but their additional experience in the area can be beneficial. This will help prevent getting lost as you locate your new home. After settling for one company, it’s time to get all prerequisites, such as payments, schedules, and information in order. It is one thing to hear that they are operational and another to be disappointed on your day of departure.

When you finally manage to secure a moving service of your choice ask for a receipt. This, along with frequent communication, will further remove room for disappointment or last-minute inconveniences.

Where Will You Store Your Items?

Similar to the previous step, an operational storage service will be vital to storing all your extra luggage and items during the move. Some companies are already while observing restrictions in the workforce or office hours. However, improper hygienic practices can prove to be hazardous to your safety. That’s why you should ensure that they’ll handle all your stuff in proper equipment, and the storage units should be sanitized.

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What is the Moving Services Policy and Safety Measures Against COVID-19?

Determining your moving company’s COVID-19 policies and measures will help safeguard your family. With the rise of cases, anyone can be a potential carrier, and the last thing you’d want is to get sick just when you’ve settled down.

Almost all essential companies in operation should abide by protocols set by the government to curb the spread of COVID-19.

  • Expect your moving company staff to come equipped with face masks, sanitizers, gloves, and recyclable boxes.
  • Possess a stash of sanitizer
  • Regularly sanitize items, hands, and equipment in intervals
  • Obey social distancing and state guidelines
  • Work within lockdown permitted hours and curfew

If you have any questions about the measures in place, or you are unsatisfied with them, you can always inquire more. If not, you can find a suitable company that prioritizes your health and safety.

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Before Moving Out

Pack Before Hand

Pack well before your movers arrive. This gives you time to rearrange and declutter any unwanted items because once they come, it may be chaotic if you’re not organized. A good rule of thumb to ensure maximum safety and prevent the spread of coronavirus when moving out is:

  • Use your own boxes as much as you can: COVID-19 can last up to 24hours on object surfaces such as cardboard. You’d want to stick to packing all your everyday use stuff in your box. You can make a couple of trips to the store to stock up on boxes if you don’t.
  • Keep more massive load in the truck: Not all items can fit into your car, therefore assort the things that need to go with the movers and mark them. It will allow you to know which items need to be sanitized as soon as you arrive at your new dwelling without compromising other clean items that you carried in your car.
  • Sort all items in a neat array: Now that you’ve assorted the things you’ll take and those you’ll let the mover handle, you need to sort them out neatly. Begin by loading all the stuff you’ll carry into your car. Place all items the movers will take outside or in one room. It will prevent your family from crossing paths with the movers and potentially risking their health.

Stock Up on Necessary Equipment

As you prepare to move out, you need to ensure to stock up on vital supplies such as:

  • Foods (loaves of bread, meat, etc.)
  • Drinks (water, milk, etc.)
  • Toilet supplies
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Medical gloves
  • Surgical or P-90 Masks

While the state of affairs is returning to normalcy, you may encounter unprecedented shortages. Therefore, you need to secure some necessary equipment and supplies to keep you and your family well catered for and protected. Explore Medical Equipment Online on SurgicalSupplies website. They carry full range of medical that are needed to start, maintain and operate health care facilities on a cost effective basis.

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On The Day of Moving Out

Stick to One Room and Let the Movers Do Their Job

By sticking to one room, you help prevent breaching social distancing protocols. It will also allow both you and the movers to operate swiftly as the process of moving out can be lengthy.

Sanitize and Disinfect as You Move Out

All items loaded into the truck should be thoroughly disinfected to kill any germs and prevent COVID-19 from staying on the surfaces. You can ask the movers to handle this for you. Before driving off, wipe your steering wheel, door handles, and dashboard with a cloth damped in sanitizer.

Carpool with the Family in One Car

With everything in order and all the vehicles are ready to drive off, stick your family into one car. If space can’t accommodate all your items and extra persons, then consider asking a friendly neighbor to help drive alongside you with your items or those that couldn’t fit into the car. More so, small parcels can be left behind and mailed once you manage to change your address with

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In Summary

Moving out during this pandemic doesn’t have to be stressful. By sticking to our list of safety measures and practicing COVID-19 guidelines, you can move out with ease.