Buying a House in Sea Pines: Tips for Families Making a Move to Hilton Head Island


Are you hunting for a property? If that’s the case, could it have been that you’ve settled for a house in Sea Pines? If that’s the case, we have a conversation to lead. In this article, we will touch on that subject. The sole goal of this text is to aid you in getting the property of your dreams. Moving to new surroundings is never easy, and having someone to help you is always welcome. So, do you know where to start?

We are sure you’re feeling confused, but there is no reason to feel like that. Yes, relocating can be complicated, and it carries a lot of stress with it, but it is an obstacle you can overcome with our help. In this article, we are going to give you and everyone else reading this piece a few tips for families making a move to Hilton Head Island. Make your transfer as easy as it can be with these few useful tips. Let’s start with the basics. Get yourself a good real estate agent.


Hire a Local Real Estate Agent

House hunting is not an easy task. Once you set your mind on relocating you’ll find this out. It can be a hard discovery or you can accept it at its base value. The best way to get the first few obstacles from your way is to think straight. The first decision you need to make is tied to hiring a real estate agent. When you know this is what you need to do, going local is the next step. You need someone who knows the area, who is living and working in Sea Pines, and who can give you a hands-on approach. Settling this will make the rest of the road easier to walk. If you’re not sure where to start, and how to seek help, worry not. That’s why you have us. The best route to take is to talk to professionals. Help awaits if you visit

Get Ready For The Winters

Once you have a property in mind, and the buying process is done, you’re almost set to go. But, you can’t go to Hilton Head Island unprepared. Do you know the words of House Stark? Winter is Coming. Game of Thrones and this island have a few things in common. Winter is one of them. If you’re planning on becoming a resident in this area you need to be prepared for local winters. But, this is where all similarities with GOT stop. The winters on this island are mild, warm, and quite enjoyable. We’re talking about subtropical climates. If you were expecting snow, turn around and never come back. If you were looking forward to outdoor dinners during December, please welcome them.


Be Prepared to Eat Out

We can’t tell what type of life you plan to live once you’re on this island, but if you’re a fan of eating out you’re in for a treat. Hilton Head is home to more than 250 restaurants. That’s quite a number for a small territory like this one. What this means is that you can eat at a different place almost every day of the year. We can’t tell if this is on your bucket list. Either way, it is something to know before you move. Your new home might not require a kitchen.

Traffic Issues

Don’t be afraid. It is not always all that bad on this island when it comes to traffic. But, it can be quite hard to move around during the rush hour. Living on the island and working there is great. But, if your work is tied to the mainland you could face a few traffic-related issues. The main issue in this department is the famed Hilton Head Bridge. When everyone is on the move, you’ll encounter traffic jams. On the positive side, if you only need to leave the island for longer trips, knowing that there are two airports will ease your mind.


A Taxpayer’s Paradise

While it can’t be compared to some of the Caribbean islands in the Department of taxes, this island still has some perks in the tax domain. When you move to Hilton Head Island, buy a property, and become a resident a few things will change for you in this domain. Real estate taxes are lower for residents. Moving to South Carolina means that you will immediately fall under their local tax laws. When your documents are changed to the local address you will become eligible for the 4% tax rate.

Nature Awaits

As it’s usually the case with this area of the United States, this island can almost be seen as a reservoir of nature. South Carolina is a beautiful state. Once you’re there the opportunities to enjoy nature will become numerous. If you’re a fan of camping and hiking you will enjoy it. Nature and wildlife in this are like you’ve never experienced it before.  Birdwatchers will fall in love with the area as it is home to some less known types of trees that are inhabited by rare species of birds. Even if you’re not a fan of nature but of a more urban lifestyle you shouldn’t be worried. Savannah is not too far away, and you can pop in there whenever you like.


Beaches and Golf

If you’re wondering what you’ll be doing in your free time, the answer is easy: beaches and golf. Most of your free time will be tied to the seashore and sand. This is how the locals do it. There is sand in abundance and you can enjoy it all year long. As far as the relaxing activities go there are plenty but golf dominates. After all, this island is home to some of the state’s best golfing courses. Enjoy yourself.

Final Thoughts

Moving to Hilton Head Island is a good decision. There is no need to doubt it. With just a few things we mentioned in the article above you can see why we have that opinion. When you move there, and spend some time, you will have it all clear as we do now. At a later date, let us know if that’s the case. Until then, enjoy your stay at Hilton Head Island.