12 Tips on What to Know When Moving Down Under: Useful and Fun Facts About Australia – 2024 Guide

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Moving to Australia is a special experience, but it can also be quite overwhelming. The country is big and the cities are bustling. First-time ex-pats often ask themselves: How do I meet people? Does life in Australia have the same conveniences as back home? Can I find a job here?

The answer to all of these questions is yes, but here are some tips for getting your Australian adventure off to a great start.

1. The Australian Landscape

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Australia is a country that has a very diverse landscape and is home to some of the most iconic landscapes in the world. Imagine Australia as a country which is nearly the size of Europe. Then you can imagine the variation in landscapes and environments that exist here. Whether it be a desert, tropical rainforest or the Great Barrier Reef there is something for everyone.

2. The Climate in Australia

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Australia’s climate varies enormously around the country, depending on which part you are in. One of the main things to consider is the continent’s location: Australia is separated from Asia by the Arafura Sea and Indonesia by the Timor Sea. Both oceans have a major influence on weather patterns across Australia. The mountains create a tropical region, as do the eastern seaboard.

3. Outdoors Lifestyle

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Australia is known for its outdoor culture. With picturesque beaches perfect for surfing, crystal-clear water and rich wildlife, mountain ranges for adventure seekers to explore, and the Victorian Alps a short distance away, it is truly a dream vacation destination!

The majority of the population in Australia lives in coastal towns. Although there are many interesting cities, it is more likely you will settle in one of the coastal towns. The fact that you are never too far away from the beach is yet another reason for the popularity of the outdoor lifestyle.

Moving to Australia provides a unique opportunity to explore this stunning location and enjoy its beauty. Australia has a lot to offer, so you should definitely make the most of your move.

4. Australians Love Their Sport

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Whether it be cricket, rugby, Aussie Rules, swimming or any other sport, the Aussies take it very seriously. If you are moving down under you will want a visit to the Gaba, or MCC or any other of the epic grounds that house the theatre of Australian sport. It’s a great way to socialize and spend a great day with new friends.

5. Quality of Life

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In terms of quality of life, Australia comes in second place globally. According to a UN report, Australia is only second to Norway in economic, education, and life expectancy metrics!

It is no secret that many Australian cities have a high quality of life. Two of the five best cities with the highest quality of life are in Australia, according to a study. The capital city of Canberra topped the list followed by Adelaide.

Five cities made the top 50, including Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney. A wonderful quality of life awaits you in Australia!

6. Food & Drink

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You will find plenty of dining options in Australia if you enjoy eating out. In fact, you’ll probably notice that food in Australia is better than at home, although a roast dinner still remains a special treat.

Australian cuisine is influenced by a wide range of cultures worldwide. Regardless of where you move to in Australia, you are sure to enjoy eating out.

7. Economy

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The Australian economy is one of the strongest in the world. In 2019, it ranked 10th in the world!

Australia has an established history of economic stability that attracts people from all over the world who seek a better standard of living. For more info check movingtoaustralia.co.nz/open-an-australian-bank-account/.

Although recent events have caused a slowdown in the economy, including the coronavirus panic and bushfires, this is a global problem.

A 2.2% growth rate in GDP over the last year has surprised many economists. Economic security is a certainty in Australia if you’re considering relocating there.

8. Education in Australia

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It can be very frightening for a child to move to a new school in a foreign country. Fortunately, Australian schools offer first-class education and a host of exciting school trips, activities, and sports.

Australia has a very strict education system. Children are expected to attend school from the age of 5 to the age of 18.

9. Healthcare in Australia

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Australians have access to a well-established public healthcare system that offers both free and financed treatments.

In addition to excellent public healthcare, private healthcare is available as well. Many employers offer their employees private healthcare services as a benefit in their contracts.

10. Working in Australia

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Australia’s economic immigration has been driven by three factors in particular. Pay increases, reduced hours, and skill shortages are some of these.

Australia offers a wide variety of career opportunities. The government website allows you to access information regarding the demand for your skills, which can help you make your move easier.

11. Owning Properties

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As of 2018, the Australian property market experienced a decline. Even though these prices are rising, they have not surged exponentially. The price of housing has risen by 8.1% in 2024.

It’s a good time to move to Australia as prices are expected to rise further. A typical Australian home is currently priced at $809,349 on average.

12. Moving With a Family

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Families have found Australia to be somewhat of a haven. There are so many fun things to do for children in this diverse and multicultural society, both inside and outside the beautiful outdoors as well as in the numerous entertainment centres found across the nation.

In addition to the Great Barrier Reef, an Australian family getaway can include some Canberra fun or a treasure hunt in Western Australia.

Are you ready to start your Australian adventure?

To make sure you’re fully prepared for your life Down Under, we’ve gathered together this list of some of the most interesting and fun facts about Australia. Hope you find this catalogue useful as you prepare for your move to the country!