10 Multiplayer Tips and Tricks for Playing Call of Duty: Vanguard

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If you’ve been enjoying CoD since it was initially revealed back in 2003, you probably know that the developers behind it release new extensions to the franchise every year. In 2024, we have Vanguard, a complete mixture of things and features that happens to be completely altered from its predecessors.

Since it may be a little bit more difficult than some previous parts, you might be searching for some multiplayer tips & tricks that might assist you with passing the levels. Fortunately for all CoD fans, this is exactly what we’ll discuss in this article today, hence, here is a list of 10 tips & tricks that can help you:

1. Talking to Your Team Members is Essential

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One of the first and primary tips that you definitely need to keep in mind is that talking with all your team is one of the most important things that you could ensure. This is especially true if you opt for game modes like Champion Hill, mostly because there will be a lot of daunting foes that you’ll have to beat.

Now, it may not be a great idea if you opt for going through a match with random people out there, but, nonetheless, whatever you prefer doing, you must guarantee that you utilize the voice chat features that’ll empower you to talk about incoming opponents or some important moves that you may want to execute.

2. You Can Filter The Matches

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, CoD: Vanguard is a bit more daunting and complicated than its predecessors, which is why you can opt for filtering the matches if you feel that it’s getting too difficult or turbulent for your skills and gaming style.

Hence, by choose to filter the matches with Combat Pacing, you’ll be capable of adjusting the difficulty of the event. This unique feature will permit you to choose from 3 diverse pacing alternatives that go from the classic 6vs6 to the 10vs10 matches, but, if you feel like you improved your skills, you can opt for 14vs14 matches that’ll enhance the pace of the match.

3. Your Positioning Must Be Right

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If you already played some parts of CoD, you know that, in order for you and your team members to survive, you must keep moving at all times. What does this mean? Well, although standing in the center of a circle will make you an ideal target for your enemies, being completely stationary will also make you an easy target to eliminate. This is especially true if you’re playing Patrol, hence, ensure that you keep on moving!

4. The Field Mic Upgrade Needs to Be Executed Properly

If you’re, for example, running the Field Mic upgrade, you must try and place them in a strategic way in the circle. Why is this important? Well, if you choose to do this, you won’t have any difficulties spotting your opponents, so, even if they’re hiding around different corners or if they are trying to be strategic and try to flank you, you’ll be capable of noticing them since you’ve set everything up properly.

5. Headshots Are Crucial

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Although this might seem completely obvious, it’s still worth mentioning, especially since there might be beginners reading this article – executing headshots is extremely important in CoD: Vanguard, mostly because it’ll help you reduce the Time to Kill you have. Keep in mind, if you need help leveling up or if you need to guarantee that you get useful advice that will help you later on in the game, you can opt for playing with a professional gamer such as the ones from Lfcarry.com.

6. Be Careful About Rushing Into Combat

You might not realize this, but the game will award you if you make sure that you work smart. This means that before you decide and speed into the middle of hectic combat. Why is this important? Well, if you manage to gather high killstreaks, you may end up getting beneficial things such as Mortar Barrage, Spy Planes, as well as Flamenaut, however, you might even end up getting Attack Dogs – something that’ll be quite beneficial for you.

7. The Radar Feature is Extremely Important!

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When you’re just starting out with the game, one of the most important things that you can opt for is the Radar feature. Why is it so important? Well, this beneficial perk will permit you to see your opponents on the map when they shoot a weapon – or multiple of them – that isn’t silenced.

Now, you have to remember, this feature may not be as beneficial as it is later on in the gameplay, especially if you’re just beginning your journey and developing your skills, but it’ll permit you to understand the distinct maps, which are full of weird angles, holes that your enemies can hide in, and extra laneways that are perfect for concealing your opponents.

8. You Won’t Be Invisible if You Have a Silencer

As mentioned, the Radar perk is incredibly important, and although most gamers will opt for running the beneficial perks, you should know that carrying a silencer won’t stop you from appearing on the map of your opponents. So, how can you be undetectable to them? Well, it’s quite simple, you must select the Subsonic Ammo, and by doing so, you’ll be completely invisible to your opponents.

9. Destructible Areas Are Back!

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Destructible areas are back, which is why it’s incredibly important to watch out for all the walls made from wood. A wide range of professionals recommends that you should learn the places of such walls for every map available, mostly because it’ll help you with catching your rivals off guard. These walls are quite beneficial, mostly because they’ll let you shoot one part of the wall, thus, you can defeat your rival relatively fast.

10. Be Careful About The Minimap Visuals

As you know, the minimap that you could see on the left corner may show you the direction in which your company members are firing, however, to make sure that it’s actually precise, it’s essential that you also look at the compass at the top. Why? Well, it’ll display a red dot in the direction in which your rivals are shooting, thus, you can guarantee that you aren’t caught in the crossfire while playing.


The latest extension to the CoD franchise, Vanguard, may seem a bit more daunting and difficult than its predecessors. However, if you opt for following most of the advice we mentioned above, you could ensure that you’re a team player, but more importantly, you could make sure that you go through matches with ease.

Hence, now that you learned a little bit more about Vanguard, you might not want to lose your free time. Instead, you should head online, and start searching for some more tips & tricks that’ll help you improve your gaming skills, but more importantly, that can help you with the gameplay.