What Level Should You Be for Mythic+ Dungeons in WoW

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As millions of people love to spend their time playing games, it doesn’t come as a surprise that games such as World of Warcraft have a fanbase that never stops growing. As a matter of fact, it’s the most popular game of all time in its category which is MMORPG, or in other words – Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. If you wondered how many subscribers there were 5 or 10 years ago,  you should know that this number goes from 10 million subscribers (that this game had at its peak point) to around 5 million, it has today. It is a lot, isn’t it?

There is a good reason behind this. First of all, this game is rich in content, and it lets you explore worlds, galaxies and environments that are beautiful, exciting and interesting. Role playing is one of the reasons people enjoy this game so much. Being able to be someone else, a fantasy creature that has unique skills, abilities, weapons and looks is amazing, especially when acquiring new skill sets and upgrading your player persona.

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But when it comes to WoW players, it seems like they are divided in 2 categories. Those are the people that love exploring every segment of the game, gaining experience, as well as unlocking new levels and features step by step. For these people, the very process of learning and acquiring new skills is one of the most fun aspects of the game. Spending hours and hours having fun and unlocking special features, collecting rewards and leveling up is what some people love.

On the other hand, there is a different category in which people find the process of making progress in this game, both boring and exhausting. Why is this? Every WoW extension requires a certain number of hours to get through, and to finish. If you are a beginner, this estimated number of hours will almost mean nothing to you, since you will need some time to learn how to do what. That means that you will need to spend some time watching tutorials and learning along the way, while you’re playing. What might be fun at first (when you first start getting familiar with a new level), can easily turn into a frustrating experience, if you need to redo something for a couple of times, just to get to a new level.

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This is why one of the most Googled questions is the question about how to level up in this game. It seems like the number one concern for players is how to move from one to the next level. Another thing that pops up as soon as you start typing The World of Warcraft, are myths and dungeons. What’s the reason for this? This feature is one of the most exciting ones in this game. That being said, newbie players are usually curious about one thing, and that is: What level should you be for mythic+ Dungeons?

These special challenges (Mythic) can be done if you get to some higher levels, such as Level 10 or higher. When it comes to Dungeons, on the other hand, you have to reach at least Level 60. But there are different categories of Mythic dungeons. For the first Mythic, you have to be at least level 185, while if you pass a couple of levels more, you can start looking for +2 dungeons.

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This means that if you wanna enjoy dungeons such as Plaguefall, Theater of Pain, The Necrotic Wake or others, you need to either get to the above mentioned levels or take a different approach in order to get there.

What do we mean by different approaches? If you don’t wanna do things step by step, you can opt for boosting your character, which some players find more convenient. You will most certainly save some time and effort if you decide to simply level up this way, using tools such as https://buy-boost.com/wow/wow-pvp.

The only thing you should be careful about is to choose only the reputable sources that will give you what you need, and that is – strong boosting tools that can make your game more enjoyable. Since the gaming market is such an enormous market, there are a lot of websites that are spammy, so you might wanna avoid them and choose only the reputable and trustworthy ones.

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The reason why people usually can’t start doing dungeons is the fact that you haven’t collected enough items, or in other words – you don’t have enough gear to qualify for dungeons. There is a big difference between heroic and normal dungeons. The first ones come only after the 197 level, while the normal ones will reward the before mentioned level 185 and higher. Finally, when it comes to Mythic dungeons, they are the highest ones. You have to be level 200 and higher for them.

As a general advice, you should keep your dungeon finder on at all times. Also, make sure to collect as many items as possible. Mythic+ in general, is a form of this game that seems to be the most difficult (and most interesting) one. Your hero therefore has to be on a certain level, for you to start doing these challenges. As a result, you will be able to get higher rewards. If you wondered why people wanna unlock this fast, this is your answer.

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If you want to gear up your game character, make playing with your friends possible or challenge yourself a bit, then you know why boosting your hero might be the right thing to do. There is something exciting and tempting in making your hero progress faster than anyone else does. Although some people claim that using any special tools such as boosters is considered cheating, you don’t have to bother about that. Many gamers boost their profiles, characters and they level up faster in different ways. You might level up organically and then you might wanna skip a couple of levels in a different way. It’s all possible so it’s on you to pick the right option for yourself!

If you have difficulty passing a particular dungeon, you can always turn to professional players to get a mythic 15 boost, it will cost some money, but in the end it is worth it. After all, in this case you are also guaranteed to get 1-2 291 ilvl items.