Helpful Tips When You Need 24 Hour Plumber Service

Plumbing accidents are inevitable; sooner or later, they will when you least expect them to occur. The emergency may come in a leaking toilet, a blocked drain, or a burst toilet. You need to have some basic skills on how to mitigate the situation as you await professional help. It would help if you had contacts of a standby all-day-round plumbing services provider for quick bailouts when disaster strikes. Continue reading the article to get some tips on how to combat plumbing mishaps.


Shut Off Water

When under any plumbing emergency, it is vital to cut off the main water supply. Look for the water meter on the outside of your home and turn it off. Shutting the water meter will not solve the problem, but it will help to shield your home from water flooding.

If the leak is one fixture, turn off the water supply of the specific feature, this will enable you to use other water points in the homestead as you wait for plumbing services. It’s also pertinent to the location of the water shut-off valve. The valve is near the water meter, but you can check to be sure. Ascertaining will save you from time wastage in case of a plumbing emergency.

Close The Hot Water System

If you face a massive plumbing emergency, it is advisable to turn off the hot water system. This move will prevent the system from bursting or overheating that may cause more problems. If the system is gas-operated, close down the gas before shutting off the water heater. Turning off the water system will save you from the additional cost of repairing the hot water system.

Know Your Plungers

A plunger is a must-have tool for your homestead as it can save you thousands of dollars in the form of repairs. Plungers are relatively cheap and are available in many shops. When using the plunger, first place it over the drain to create a seal, push the plunger and draw it rapidly in an up and down motion over the waste. Through this, most of the soft blockages will dislodge and clear the pipe. If the blockage persists, seek professional help to prevent further damage.

Manage Small Leaks

Try to contain small leaks as you wait for help to arrive. You can use a bucket to collect the little drainage. If the water leaks from a dripping or leaking tap, you can wrap the tape using duct tape or a plumber’s tape.

If the tape is not enough, you can opt for heavier equipment like a sleeve clamp or a C- clamp. The heavy-weight equipment may not be available in your home, leaving you with the option of collecting the drainage as you await professional help.


Avoid Use of Chemicals

Pouring chemicals into your drainage pipe to unclog it may seem to be an ideal solution, but it is not as you risk aggravating the damage further. Incorrect use of chemicals can damage pipes. You need to know the cause of the blockage before using any substances; a professional will help you diagnose the problem.

Identifying the root of the pipe clogging will help you develop a solution that will ensure that the problem will not reoccur. The use of chemicals is a quick stop-gap solution that you should avoid as it may damage your pipes further.

Assess the Damage

Do a quick assessment of the level of damage to ease your work when explaining to the plumber if the pipes have burst, turn off the lines, and take stock of what may have transpired. It is easier to describe a problem when you have a grasp of damage. The plumbing service provider will use your assessment to send the appropriate equipment and technicians to take care of the problem.


Open Outside Taps and Drains

Even if you turn off your water meter and valve, some water already in the system will still be available. Open the drains outside your home, turn on the water taps, and direct the water away from your homestead. If you block your drainage while directing the water away, you can use a plunger to open the blockage. If the process fails, do not force anything; leave it that way until a professional comes to your aid.

Call a Standby Plumber

When you have stopped potential damage and flooding to your home, seek professional help. You can place a call to an emergency plumbing service to get a technician. Plumbing disasters are unpredictable, and they can even hit in the dead of the night, making it necessary to have providers like on your speed dial.


Protect Your Belongings and Clean Up the House

After you have put the leaks under control, contacted a professional plumber, and ensured that you have eliminated the risk of flooding, it is time to wipe the house dry. You can also shield your personal property and belongings from the path of water.

You can use old t-shirts, towels, or a mop to dry up the water from the floor. Move electronics and furniture to dry areas to protect them from water damage. If water has reached electronics, unplug the devices and place them somewhere to dry. Drying the water reduces the risk of water damage on your floor.

Wait for the Standby Plumber

Now that you have done everything within your power to stop the bleed, it’s time to wait for your plumber to make his way to your homestead. Restrain yourself from doing more than what is needed, as you could aggravate the problem at hand. Once the plumber arrives, give him your account of the proceedings to ease his work.

It is nearly impossible to evade a plumbing emergency at your home. You can use the above tips to deescalate the situation once a leak occurs. Cutting off the water supply will save your home from flooding and property damage. Always seek the help of a qualified plumber to make repairs.