9 Benefits of Using Neon Signs for Your Business Marketing – 2024 Guide

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Advertising represents a link between products and consumers. It is very important to present the product or service in the right way, as well as to choose the right way of advertising because today there are many. Sometimes one word or image is enough for an effective advertisement, and sometimes a video accompanied by text. In any case, they are the ones who place and sell a certain service or product. Today, companies are advertised in several ways – through billboards, advertising materials such as pens, T-shirts, mugs, diaries, through TV and radio stations, social networks, and in many other ways. However, there is one very effective and inexpensive way of advertising that can be placed both outsides and inside the building, and even contribute to the interior design – neon signs.

There are many reasons why these commercials are the best, and these are just some of them.

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1. Infinite shapes and designs

Another thing that goes in favor of this type of advertising is that these ads are versatile, that is, they can be made into just about anything you want. Of course, the design of the sign itself is accompanied by 100 different colors that you can combine to achieve the desired effect. Just think how much you will save because you will not need the services of a graphic designer to make the sign, but you will be able to explain what you want! On Ginde Star you will find more about it.

2. 24/7 visibility

These advertisements are usually placed in conspicuous places and are shown in the full glow at night when the city falls asleep. It is this fact that is especially interesting because people are busy with many obligations during the day and do not pay much attention to the relay. Still, the night brings peace, rest, and relaxation, so that people have increased concentration and focus on the things that surround them.

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3. Low energy consumption

You will need to set aside a certain amount of money for any form of advertising. What is important is that you understand this as a useful investment, because as we said, advertising is half the battle. Of course, this does not mean that you need to spend all your wealth, but that you think of an effective and good way to place what you want. Neon signs stand out here because they are personalized and economical. Probably for many people the first association with neon signs is a big bill for electricity since the advertisement is glowing. However, the truth is different. Neon signs are nowadays made of many LED bulbs that are known for their durability and low power consumption. According to some estimates, LED advertising saves as much as 50%-70% of electricity.

4. Easy installation

There is no need to worry about installing a neon sign because it is so simple that you can even install it yourself. All you need to do is choose the perfect place to set up and prepare the following tools: plastic coated wire, smaller securing screw, crimps for locking wires, and vertical mount. You will often see these advertisements in bars and cafes, lately, they have also been often used as a cherry on top in arranging living space.

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5. Longer lifespan

We all know that LED non-neon lights are far more durable than ordinary ones and have a lifespan of around 50,000 hours. Simply put, you have invested in advertising for the next 34 years! Not bad, is it?

6. Low maintenance

In neon signs, maintenance costs are almost non-existent, because they are characterized by high durability and resistance to many climatic conditions, ie precipitation, as well as extremely high and low temperatures. If they are indoors, do not worry about getting burned when cleaning, because LED bulbs do not heat up. What can happen, though very rarely, is that one light bulb burns out, but it is easy to change. Even if you don’t, the visual appearance of the ad will not be compromised, as each ad consists of hundreds of small light bulbs.

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7. Environmentally friendly

Nature lovers do not need to worry because LED lights are considered to be green. This means that even after their lifespan they will not pollute the environment precisely because they are environmentally friendly, unlike traditional neon signs which are toxic because they use mercury.

8. Neon signs look beautiful

Neon signs can make any space more luxurious and beautiful. Many companies opt for motivational messages in the form of these signs, which hang on the walls of their companies to motivate workers to do their best, and at the same time to feel comfortable in the environment in which they work. These signs can look like real small works of art that will adorn the interior of the building or emphasize the exterior architecture.

9. How expensive is it?

The figure of 100-1000 dollars may not seem small to you, but for billboard advertising, you would have to spend much more, for a limited period of advertising. With neon advertising, you have solved the issue of advertising for the next three decades, and even longer! The price itself depends on the size of the sign, as well as the complexity of its production. In any case, it is much more financially viable than other ways of advertising.

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When creating an advertisement, including this one, the quality of the content is important, not the quantity. By this, we mean that you do not need to print an essay and a detailed description to attract the attention of passers-by. On the contrary, you are more likely to have a counter-effect. What you need to do is create a simple but effective inscription or image that will interest a casual passer-by to enter your shop and see what you are actually offering.

Very often you can hear people say that bad advertising is also good advertising, without thinking about the counter-effects they can cause to potential customers or users of their services. Yet stick to the fact that every product and every company deserves the best publicity, and by no means solid or bad!