7 Reasons Why You Should Never Attempt To Detox Yourself At Home

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If you are looking to recover from addiction, detox is something you will need to go through. However, you need to do this in a medically supervised setting. An in-home detox will be the most risky thing to do.

This guide will go over the seven reasons why this is the case. Inpatient rehab in NJ will have a trained, experienced staff that will treat any medical needs you may have. Before you take the next step to get the help you get, it’s important to know why doing a detox at home isn’t the best idea.

Let’s take a look now at the following.

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1. You will be far away from medical services

To begin, this is one of the major reasons why detox should not be done at home. You will not have the medical personnel needed to tend to your severe withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can get to the point where it can lead to fatal consequences.

When you’re in an inpatient setting, you’ll have medical personnel on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you are suffering from an episode stemming from withdrawal symptoms, the medical staff will know exactly what to do.

This will give you peace of mind. It will give you confidence in the medical team trained to save your life. Never underestimate the power of what a highly-trained staff can do for you to keep you on the path towards beating addiction.

2. It can lead to relapse

When you are detoxing at home, it will almost guarantee a chance of relapse. You might still have a supply of drugs left. You will also have the ability to step outside of your home and find a place where you can acquire the drugs if needed.

An inpatient facility may not allow you to come and go as you, please. It will be a good reason as to why they do this. In an inpatient facility, you are less likely to relapse.

It’s also proof that it is one of the most effective types of treatment out there. If you are battling with addiction, inpatient treatment will be your best option. It’s the best preventative measure to detoxing at home.

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3. It can exacerbate mental health issues

Detoxing is perhaps one of the most stressful things someone can do. It can get to the point where it can exacerbate the mental health issues you may have. Even if you haven’t been properly diagnosed, you may be exhibiting symptoms of one.

Before your detox begins, you will need to undergo an assessment. If you believe that you have experienced symptoms of a mental health disorder, you will need to be diagnosed to ensure if one exists. From there, you will be able to get the treatment you need for both your addiction and mental health disorder.

There are several inpatient facilities that will have counselors on staff. One will be for treating your addiction and will help with strategies and coping mechanisms to reduce cravings.

The other will specialize in mental health disorders. Even better – if they have a specialty in a disorder that you suffer, they will be worth spending time with. Your treatment plan will need to be as organized and structured as possible.

During your detox, it would be important to meet with therapists as a way to get you on track. Your addiction and mental disorder will be tackled at the same time. No one condition will be heavily favored over the other.

4. You might think you don’t need treatment

An in-home detox may put you in the mindset that you might not need treatment. The issue is that you will need it in order to beat addiction. If you are serious about it, you will need to get in the mindset that you have a problem and it needs to be dealt with accordingly.

Long-term treatment and recovery will be the best possible option. So make sure that you put together any arrangements that ensure you get the best care that you need. You cannot avoid treatment when trying to beat addiction.

It’s not as easy to quit as some people will tell you. It will be a challenge like nothing you’ve experienced in your life. Remember, your life’s on the line here.

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5. You may be in an unstable environment

You want to be in a stable environment in order to detox and receive the best treatment. Your home environment might not be as stable. You may be dealing with stressful situations at home most of the time.

When that happens, this leads you to use drugs for the purpose of self-medication. This is a dangerous approach. Especially when you are endangering what might be the welfare of your family.

6. You won’t be able to complete a proper treatment

As mentioned, proper treatment is not possible when done alone. You will need medication assistance. Not to mention, you need treatment that is only administered by medical professionals.

It doesn’t matter if you are medical trained yourself. You still need to be supervised during the detox part of your recovery. Do not risk your life by saying that you can tackle this alone.

Once again, treatment for addiction is a challenging process. It will require time, patience, and the proper treatment plan for you to overcome it. There’s no other way around it.

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7. It can have fatal consequences

The sad truth is that in-home detox can lead to fatal consequences. That’s because some of the withdrawal symptoms you may experience will be serious. They can even lead to death.

It is important that you need life-saving care during a detox period of treatment. Medical personnel are highly trained to take care of the situation as it happens. Don’t take your life for granted.

Inpatient detox will be your best option for a lot of reasons. If you want to beat your addiction, increase your odds of survival by detoxing under the supervision of professionals.