7 Best Ways to Track Performance in Offline Flyer Marketing Campaigns

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Offline marketing employs various strategies to promote a company’s products. These may include billboards, posters, magazines, banners, trade show tents, flyers, and many more. However, many business owners have challenges tracking performance when using traditional marketing techniques. This shouldn’t be the case, though! You can employ different offline marketing techniques and analyze the outcomes, thanks to technology. For instance, visiting www.oppizi.com will furnish you with information on ways to track your flyers making campaigns and develop trackable flyers and leaflets.

And no, you don’t have to be an expert in marketing to execute it. This article will explain how to track your offline marketing initiatives using tech-based approaches.

What is Flyer marketing?

Flyer marketing is a strategy where you advertise your products using One-sheet advertisements known as flyers. You distribute the sheets in various places to educate others about your brand. Flyers are quite helpful in attracting others to your business. They offer many benefits and are highly portable. Moreover, they facilitate trade, promote your business, and share information about goods and services.

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What are the benefits of flyers and leaflets in marketing a business?

One of the most powerful yet overlooked marketing tools is flyers and leaflets. Businesses have been utilizing this type of marketing for years. And you are mistaken if you believe flyers are outdated.

Despite the rise of digital marketing, flyer marketing is still relevant.

You can still use flyers to boost sales. If done correctly, flyers can work wonders in boosting your foot traffic.

  • Easy to produce

Flyers and leaflets marketing sheets can be prepared and launched in a day, unlike other forms of advertising that require months of strategy and preparation. However, It is advisable to enlist the assistance of professional designers to generate effective flyers.

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  • Cost-effective

This is just another fantastic benefit of flyer and leaflet marketing. The cost of printing flyers is not that expensive. Just one pilot needs to be designed on a computer before several copies can be made using a photocopier. You might even think about printing high-quality sheets that require offset or digital printing, which are reasonably priced when printing in bulk.

  • Including incentives

You can also incorporate incentives like coupon codes and vouchers in a flyer. This is a fantastic method to generate early interest in your event among clients. You may utilize your flyer as a motivating tool by giving a discount to the first ten people who use a specific coupon code.

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  • Many people are reached

You can reach more people through flyer marketing than any other advertising. You can spread the word about your company to people who may not have previously heard of it by printing many copies.

How to track performance in flyer marketing

There is still much room for traditional marketing, even though digital techniques have dominated the market. Advertisements in print media, billboards, and radio still work and can benefit your business immensely.

However, establishing methods to gauge the effectiveness of conventional marketing campaigns is the only way to realize this benefit. You won’t be able to evaluate your efforts and determine what is and isn’t working if you don’t have a solution to track the outcomes of your offline advertising.

So, if you’re employing traditional marketing techniques but struggling to analyze your ROI, check out the ideas on how to do it;

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1. Unique email addresses

Similar to how unique phone numbers function, so do email addresses. Develop an individual email address for each campaign to track how many responses are brought in from that project to gauge the ROI of your flyer marketing.

2. Coupon codes

Entice customers to share how they discovered your company. Monitor which marketing messages have drawn the most clients by utilizing specific coupon codes on your marketing sheets.

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3. Redirect domain

Construct a redirect domain instead of a convoluted or lengthy URL to make it simpler for customers. Use a brand-new, specific domain to drive users to a particular home page on your webpage. Also, keep tabs on how many times the page is seen to determine how many people came across you to thank you for your marketing efforts.

4. QR Codes

Another way to track which marketing materials bring in more clients is through QR codes. Each of your marketing flyers can have a special QR code. Encourage your audiences to scan your QR code to receive a deal or offer from your business on your materials so you can connect with them and collect their data.

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5. Brand surveys

You can return to the question by releasing a brand survey if you don’t feel secure asking customers how they learned about you or if you missed the chance to do so earlier. Send a short, straightforward survey asking for comments and details on how they learned of your company. Connect your study to a contest or reward to increase response rates.

6. Phone calls

A campaign-specific phone number on your leaflet is a terrific way to encourage potential clients to contact you and learn more about your company. You may track responses to your flyer by making calls to a certain phone number.

For versions of your flyers traveling to various locations, create different numbers. Then, keep track of the phone calls you get to discover how people found your number and gauge the success of your fliers.

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7. Ask your customers

The greatest approach to learning why a client chose to shop with you when you eventually get to meet them, whether over the phone, through online transactions, or in person, is sometimes to ask. Asking your clients how they learned about you is harmless. After in-person or online marketing, you can orally ask your consumers these questions or request that they finish a voluntary survey.


Tracking your marketing performance means monitoring your outcomes. As an entrepreneur, you want to know if your flyer marketing strategies are effective. Sometimes it might be challenging to monitor your performance when using traditional marketing strategies, hence the need to acquire the right tech software solutions to track your offline marketing campaigns.