Recommending 4 Online English Platform


I would like to introduce you to some websites where you can study online! In addition to online lectures, online tutoring is a very popular way to study. We will introduce you to some online English tutoring brands along with study websites.

1. English Live


The first website is Live. As a subsidiary of EF (Education First), the world’s largest education company that served as a trusted provider of language and education services to the Olympics, it supports organizations that promote the public good and research into ways of improving learning. The website also works hard to positively impact the global community through key partnerships.

  • Price – $55 per month for the Classic Course package and $70 per month for the Premium Course package.
  • Teachers – All of its online instructors are native or bilingual speakers, college-educated and hold TEFL or TKT English teaching qualifications.
  • Course types – Business English, TOEIC English Preparation, TOEFL English Preparation, Travel English, and General English.
  • Class Methodology – In the case of the Classic Course, two 1:1 lessons (40 minutes) and 2,000 hours of interactive lessons are conducted by a professionally trained native speaker. The Premium Course offers group lessons based on the language school format with students from around the world. 4 additional lessons are provided.
  • Class review from the website – “I used it for 3 months, and I was able to see how much my skills improved with the help of instructors from all over the world. I was looking for people with different accents and cultures from different countries to improve my English listening skills, and it was very helpful.”

2. British Council


The next website is the British Council. The British Council was founded in 1934 and opened its first overseas offices in 1938, making it the world’s oldest cultural exchange organization. The British Council has helped contribute to the UK’s reputation as a leader in high-quality educational solutions and services as well as to the UK’s education sector by teaching more than 80 million students in more than 80 countries around the world.

  • Price – 8 lessons per month cost $245, 3 months 36 lessons cost $606 and 6 months 72 lessons cost $910.
  • Teachers – Its instructors are qualified and experienced professionals from the British Council. Instructors are accustomed to teaching students from various countries and are trained in modern teaching methods.
  • Course Types – There are global online courses, online private English lessons, and online private lessons for teenagers.
  • Class Method – It provides group lessons and one-to-one lessons.
  • Lesson review from the website – “In Korea, everything is taught based on American English, so the British pronunciation system and accent were unfamiliar to me at first, but as I continued to take the lessons, I could find myself understanding more and more! Listening on a daily basis has definitely helped improve my British English listening skills.

3. AmazingTalker


Finally, we introduce you to Amazing Talker. It allows you to experience cultures from all over the world through 1:1 online learning with native English teachers. In addition, you can select the tuition, goals, and teacher’s expertise based on your needs, allowing you to find a suitable teacher quickly. The number of lessons can also be determined from the outset, allowing you to conveniently adjust the course to your learning objectives.

  • Price – On average, the hourly course fee for a foreign teacher is from $8 to $30, and the hourly fee of a native teacher is around $12 to $47.
  • Teachers – There are native English teachers and Korean teachers from various nationalities. The instructor’s introduction video and one-time tuition are directly displayed on the website, making it much easier to choose.
  • Course Types – English Conversation, Business, Test Preparation, Travel, English Grammar, etc.
  • How the class is conducted – 1:1 video class.
  • Class review from the website – “I do not regret the teacher I chose. In my case, I live in the United States, but my conversation level is not very high, so I sometimes find myself having to explain in Korean, so I chose this one teacher’s class. I don’t have a lot of free time because I’m studying and working at the same time, but the teacher generously gave me studying tips during my spare time or while I’m driving. My teacher immigrated to America much earlier than I did, so he had a good idea of the kind of situations I could get involved in and taught me how to respond in those situations. If you are or are about to become an immigrant and want to improve your conversational skills, I think it would be a good idea to learn on AmazingTalker. I trust my teacher and will continue to study with him! Thank you!”

4. Skyeng


There is a website called, Skyeng. Skyeng is one of the projects from EdTech, which puts the purpose of the company in online education. This project has been started from Eastern Europe to Russia, and now is all over the globe. All of the education classes in Skyeng are held in English and online. When you first join the Skyeng service, you will get the first step of examining your level of English, and based on your personal skills , Skyeng will suggest to you the perfect curriculum. When you buy a course in Skyeng, they will suggest you the suitable teachers and tutors based on your interest.

  • Price – $73 USD for 4-time class, $140 USD for 8-time class, $260 USD for 16-time class.
  • Teachers – There are over 11,000 teachers in the service who are native or bilingual in English
  • Course Type – General English, Business English, English for Travel, English Communication, etc.
  • How the class is conducted – 1:1 video class.
  • Class review from the website – “The class materials are edited based on my needs and interests, which is effective for me to learn English. The teacher’s explanation was easy to understand, and she was always on time. The company is taking good care of teachers and the service overall.”