8 Online Games to Keep Your Mind Sharp

Online games are known as a source of fun, entertainment, and excitement but did you know that they could also be a great tool for self-reflection, knowledge, and cultural learning habits? If your answer was no, you need to read on! With thousands of platforms and games out there, many of them focus on keeping your mind sharp with stimulating activities and memory trainers.

Whether you enjoy history, mythology, science, mathematics, or video games, the online gaming world has many games that serve not only as a wonderful diversion but also as a brain-training tool. With sites like BetMGM, Brain Games, and more, you can find fun games that also increase your mental capabilities from the comfort of your home or on your way to work.

From building entire worlds with strategic games or rehashing education habits, here are 8 online games to keep your mind sharp in any way you want, from anywhere you like!

The Best Online Games for Your Mind

1. Poker

Online gaming sites like Bet MGM provide dozens of fun and interactive casino games that ultimately keep your mind sharp. As a poker fan, card games are an efficient way to practice focus and memory skills. As Doctor Denise Park stated, many popular video games have major cognitive hurdles, which are great brain exercises. For example, playing bridge maintains memory skills to track which person has played with which cards. It can also be a strategic stimulator for devising your strategy while considering other players’ intentions. Poker also forces you to keep track of complicated point systems, all while taking into account your own cards and winning chances.

2.  Chess

Chess is perhaps one of the oldest and most known board games in the world, and with today’s technology, it is a hugely popular online game as well. From your laptop or phone, hundreds of chess applications worldwide make playing chess a fun and interactive event. Chess is also a mental game that pushes the boundaries of memory, strategy, and time efficiency, all while being enjoyable and interactive. As a problem-solving and memory-based game, chess helps keep your mind sharp.

3.  Blackjack

Blackjack can be found to be played online in many places, notably BetMGM, and will always help you look ahead and strategize, something that you will always need in your everyday life as well. After all, the most common source of mental laziness is boredom, fatigue, lack of challenge, and routine. Blackjack will take away all those negative feelings and states while increasing your mental acuity as you enjoy a new challenging, entertaining recent activity.

4.  Crossword puzzles

Online crossword puzzle games are also an excellent way to keep your mind prepared and sharp on both an intellectual and creative stance. Indeed, research has shown over and over that solving crossword puzzles daily can enhance executive function, working memory, and attention-sustaining capacity. The ability to focus on details for an extended amount of time as you consider other aspects of daily life are helped by all these cognitive functions. Crossword puzzles will teach you new things but also help you maintain a sense of creativity and advanced memory skills that you can carry in every situation.

5.  Brain Fitness

Brain fitness is known as a memory-enhancing way to play games while enjoying what you are doing. From applications like Dakim Brainfitness to Memorado, brain fitness focuses on enhancing and protecting your brain health through thousands of exercises that include graphics, videos, and music to help you gain and maintain an all-around brain training routine. According to medical researchers at the University of California Los Angeles School of Medicine, using a brain fitness program for 20 to 25 minutes every day, except the weekend, results in higher memory and language-based skills. With hundreds of levels to pass, concentration, memory, thinking speed, logic, and mindfulness are sure to be improved. Brain fitness online games are a strong contender when choosing a game to keep your mind sharp. Video online games are also incredibly beneficial to keep your mind sharp since most start off at an easy level and get progressively harder with experience and time, making cognitive training optimal.

6.  Sudoku

This logic-based Japanese game is a strong contender when thinking of an online game to keep your brain and mind sharp and ready to go. As a number placement puzzle, it can seem complicated and very mathematics-based. However, it can be entertaining and gratifying for anyone up for a challenge. A Sudoku puzzle requires people to think ahead and follow chains of logic, subsequently improving their perseverance and initiative skills. For example, if you put a 6 in one box, the next one must be an 8 and the next one a 4, and so on, making your planning capabilities improve. This is an excellent way to keep your brain focused since planning can enhance short-term memory and innovation ability.

Sudoku can be played online. On Sudoku.fm, for example, you can play different difficulty modes, and get rules and illustrated gameplay tips.

7. Treasure Hunt

Available to play on your PC, this game is all about training your memory. The aim of the game is to study the objects placed virtually around an old, abandoned pirate ship. You’ll get a limited time to do so before the room refreshes. Then, you’ll have to remember where the objects were placed in the previous room. Remember to stay sharp! You have the chance to gain more points if you spot the hidden gemstones that are also in the room. Although it is a simple concept, games such as these will help to keep your brain feeling younger. The repetition means that you can create patterns that your 80-year-old self will thank you for later!

Source: istockphoto.com

8. Tri-peak Solitaire

This fast-paced brain game will make you click your mouse just as fast as you work your mind. The aim of the game is to place the cards in numerical order, taking them from the three pyramids on the screen and organizing them into your stack as quickly as possible. You will get more points based on the number of cards you can get in a row and the speed at which you do so. Don’t worry; if you get stuck, you can restart your pile anytime.

9. Pyramid Solitaire

Similar to Tri-Peak, Pyramid is a fast-paced version of Solitaire that has several benefits for your mind. The game differs from the tableau format of Klondike where the cards are placed in the shape of a Pyramid, and you place cards together if they add to 13. Play Pyramid Solitaire here at Solitaired, while also learning the rules and strategic tips on how to beat it.