How the Online Gaming Industry is Catering to a New Generation of Players


Those of us who were born in the 1970s or 1980s may still be able to recall when the first online games entered into the marketplace. Thanks to names such as Electronic Arts and Sunsoft, we were introduced to an entirely new genre of entertainment that would indelibly shape the ways in which we interacted with the world around us. This fun and hobby that was offered to those generations in that period managed to keep their attention, but also to give an announcement about what will happen in the future, and which will be much more interesting, but above all, it will be more accessible to all fans of fun and interesting ways to fill their free time. However, few of us ever realized that this industry would soon take on a life of its own.

Internet gaming now enjoys a ubiquitous presence around the world and its fan base continues to grow on a daily basis. The fan base is growing for one reason, and that is the success of this industry to keep the attention of each of these fans and give them a quality way to have fun, and for that reason, the fans of this industry will continue to grow. This is particularly the case when referring to younger players who are just beginning to learn what this sector has to offer. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which gaming providers are catering to this demographic as well as what the average player can expect when interacting with these highly advanced portals.

The Use of Artificial Intelligence


If ten years ago artificial intelligence was developed to be able to help science, but also to help the development of the world and the opportunities for each of us, today it is inserted in many other areas of our functioning and found its application and in the world of entertainment. Many players will be surprised to learn that artificial intelligence (AI) is now playing a pivotal role in regard to online gaming. Although this technology is not often visible to the naked eye, its impact is still quite profound. Here are some interesting AI applications that have already made their presence known:

  • The ability to recommend specific game based off of previous choices – The perfect opportunity for any of you who are looking for fun but do not know where to find this AI opportunity which gives you suggestions that you will surely like.
  • More realistic levels of competition when playing against a computer – looking for a challenge? From now on, the challenges will be easily accessible to you with the opportunity offered by AI, which will give you bigger challenges and more interesting situations in playing games, especially when you play against a computer.
  • Automated customer support solutions (such as a live chat widget) in the event of a question or a problem – When we face an impossibility or a situation in which we are looking for a solution, we all want quick and accurate help, and AI offers it as an ideal solution that is already available to everyone.

We are nonetheless only beginning to scratch the surface in regard to the true benefits of artificial intelligence.

Live Real-Time Interactions


In the past, many games appeared to be rather stagnant and predictable in nature. For instance, let’s imagine for a moment that you are an avid fan of online casino platforms such as poker or blackjack. One of the issues that many players encountered was that they were somewhat static in terms of the ability to interact with others. This has all begun to change thanks to the presence of real-time dealers.

High-speed Internet connectivity provides the option to interact with humans when playing your favorite games. It gives a far better and higher quality experience that will be enjoyed by every fan of this type of games, so a number of sites and providers make changes that fans like. This is the same reason why well-known sites such as UltraCasino have included live dealers within their existing repertoire of options. The fact of the matter is that players enjoy this decidedly “organic” approach and as a result, they will be more likely to become immersed within what is being offered. While the notion of real-time interactions has existed for more than a decade, it was previously hampered by a host of technological stumbling blocks. The good news is that we are now living in a brave new digital world.

Mobile-Friendly Gaming Options

Generations used to be taught to enjoy the fun of games and the options they were offered to fill their free time, but times and habits change, and with it, the generations change their preferences, so they are more focused on mobility and greater availability of fun and interesting content. The younger generation has adopted a somewhat remote approach to the ways in which they interact with the online community. This makes perfect sense when we consider the sheer number of smart devices that are currently present throughout the world. From mobile phones and tablets to so-called “phablets”, it has become important to be able to access games while out and about. Once again, modern innovations have taken center stage, which means that all these things that have appeared in the past are just an announcement for all those novelties that will follow in the years to come, and which will certainly be different and more interesting..

The vast majority of gaming providers and online casinos have made it a point to design their websites with a mobile-friendly edge in mind, thus giving the opportunity for greater availability of games and entertainment options that they offer to their fans and users. This is another way of observing that all of the elements contained within these portals will display exactly the same as if they were being accessed by a traditional PC or laptop making a big step forward and a big step forward that all users welcome. Players can therefore enjoy a host of entertaining options when away from their home or the office. It means only one thing – all the fun options are available from now on wherever you want to enjoy them.

Leveraging 5G Connection Speeds


Younger Internet users are rather fickle in terms of which sites they choose to interact with. This is partially based around functional issues such as buffering and page loading times. They expect any website to present its information within a matter of seconds. If not, they will simply look elsewhere. This is when the power of 5G connectivity becomes apparent. Technology shows us that it can do even better and that it can give us far better opportunities and opportunities for entertainment, and all this is shown through the 5G connection which is a real miracle of today.

These speeds are capable of handling much more data when compared to 4G technology. Therefore, the games themselves are becoming highly detailed and immersive. From realistic graphics to captivating background music, little is left to the imagination. This is even more relevant when referring to hands-on casino games such as poker and MMORPGs that require the user to perform a host of actions at any given time.

A Personalized Approach

We should also point out that younger players are not attracted to generic platforms. They instead wish to leverage a host of customisable options. From creating their own unique avatars to speaking with a dedicated customer service representative, this personalized approach will help to ensure brand loyalty within such a competitive landscape. Now all the bidders are familiar with these wishes, needs and preferences of the users and they are slowly turning to what the users are asking for, and then they are slowly accepting it as an available option for them.

Most gaming portals will therefore offer the ability to “tweak” one’s experiences so that more discrete accommodations can be met. Otherwise, a potential paying user may simply look elsewhere.

Bonuses and Promotions


Whether referring to virtual casinos or games found within portals such as Google Play and the Apple Store, users want to enjoy rewards on a regular basis. Here are some examples of what the younger generation can now expect:

  • Welcome bonuses
  • Matched deposit bonuses
  • Referral packages
  • VIP treatment
  • Free credits (such as additional spins when playing a game of slots)

Bonuses and promotions are also excellent ways to remain one step ahead of the competition; an understandable concern in this day and age. The good news is that once again, these offers can be personalized in accordance with the desires of the player.

We can now clearly see that the entire online gaming industry is keeping pace with the desires of modern players. This is also why it will be quite interesting to see what the future may have in store. However, times change, and with it all things from the aspect of life where there is fun, so let’s see together what is what will allow us in the future technology and its progress, and among other things to see what will be the wishes of all others according to which the offer will be adjusted.