Online Marketing Misconceptions That Can Hurt Your Business

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With the development of digital technology and the wide use of smartphones, digital marketing became the most useful way of targeting potential customers through various methods of online advertising such as ads, pop-ups, e-mail marketing, and more. Moreover, most businesses today are using Instagram and Facebook as the main method of advertising because almost every user of the smartphone has at least one of these two social networks in use.

There are many benefits that companies could get from digital marketing, especially from social media. For example, there are near 2 billion Facebook users today, which represents a great opportunity for you to promote your business by creating an account with the name of your company. Besides Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest are also widely known and used by millions of people.

Furthermore, if you are not familiar or you don’t have enough time to deal with sharing various content through social media, or you don’t know the proper way of optimizing your website to increase its chances of being seen in search engines, you can hire professionals, like A1SEOGlasgow, who are experienced in increasing the traffic of any website by using various white hat seo strategies.

On the other hand, there are many misconceptions related to digital marketing, and its abilities to improve your outreach and bring more people to your website. This branch is constantly developing, but some parts of it might seem perfect in the beginning, but they only last for a short period. You should always seek from the most recent trends in online marketing and avoid any sort that could hurt your business. Here are some of the most common online marketing misconceptions that can hurt your business.

Keywords Mean Better Rankings

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When it comes to optimization ow websites to increase its chances to be seen on the top of the organic search in search engines, keywords were essential for that for a long time. However, while targeting people and increasing the positioning of any webpage by only using important keywords, today, it is much harder, because you will also need high-quality content to improve the positioning. The main reason for that is that Google is using all kinds of algorithms that will prevent poor-quality pages with proper targeting keywords to be on the first page in an organic search. Keywords are still important, but you should rather focus on the content that you share.

Traffic is Most Important

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While it is important to have a lot of visitors on your website or online store, being only attractive is not enough, especially for sellers. For example, there are not many benefits if the visitors are only looking around your webpage without buying anything. However, it is useful to use metrics to use how your website is positioning and to check the trends about how many people are visiting your website and is there any space for progress.

It is Not All About Links

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Links are useful and important for optimization. However, you should know that there are complex algorithms that Google introduced and that there are many other factors important for proper optimization, like meta tags, keywords, quality content, and more. Also, today it is more important to have quality and reliable links, rather than placing too much of them. There is a better chance for your website to be in the top of searches with one quality link, then with a great number of irrelevant ones.

You Don’t Have to Use All Social Networks

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Knowing the fact that there are billions of people who have accounts on various social networks, many business owners choose to advertise themselves through them. However, you should be aware that sharing quality content through each one of them can be complicated and time-consuming. It might be more beneficial for you to use several social media accounts to target only a particular group of people. For example, most of the younger generations are using Instagram and TikTok today, and if you are selling some gaming equipment, toys, beauty products, or anything else that would be interested in them, then you should use only those networks that are popular among that particular group of people.

Content Marketing Replaces Website Optimization

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It is crucial for your blog, online store and any other type of website to have high-quality content, especially because of Google’s algorithms. However, you should never underestimate the power of optimization and its importance in increasing the visibility of your website. When it comes to proper optimization, you should know that every part of your website and each sort of content can be optimized. For example, you should include at least 2 keywords per 500 words in the articles that you are sharing, the main keyword in the headline, and use tags as well. On the other side, older generations mostly use Facebook, which should be your main tool to target them. Moreover, YouTube represents a great marketing tool as well.


Having proper optimization can be crucial for your online marketing and promotion of your business in the right way. We can see a constant development and introduction of new and advanced tools, like algorithms that prevent poor quality websites to be in the first few pages of any organic search. Also, it is very important to know that it is not enough to optimize your web page only one time because it represents a constant process, and there are great benefits when you keep track of the most recent trends in that branch. Moreover, many factors can affect the visibility of your website, which means that you should not only pay attention to how many visitors you have.

The best way to successfully create a marketing strategy that will surely bring more potential clients is to combine different methods. While it is important to use social media and optimization, you should know that crucial part should be high-quality content that you share, because Google will still give your website a bad rate even if you are using all of the necessary methods for advertising.