Are Online Pokies a Game of Luck or Strategy & Tactics

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At the very beginning of this article, we need to explain the term “pokie” and what does that means, where it’s used, and how it’s played. It’s a common name for slots in Australia and New Zealand, and they can also be found as fruits or fruit machines. So, if you are into online gambling you’ve probably heard this word, which is similar to poker but it doesn’t mean that. Many people find it surprising when they find out it is just slang for slot machines. Also, in Australia, pokie machines can be found in stores, bars, and clubs, and they are based on video screens instead of spinning reels.

And we can say that just confirms what we told previously, since they are a service that covers Australia, and they are using the same name for the slots. So, there are no specific rules you have to know, and as in most casino games, you can hold onto your luck, but you need to know what’s happening behind the screen.

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The independence of the spins

Spins aren’t connected or related, and you can’t predict if you are close to a jackpot just by the previous combination. It may seem like you are getting there, and at the next spin, to lose everything. That’s gambling. The software generates a combination of numbers that are represented with fruits or other charms. Many people follow the progress of the jackpot, so they can estimate the time to pay. And they will try very hard to play pokies until it’s announced it’s over. After that, the fund is lower and it starts growing progressively as more players are depositing their money.

Another thing that is pretty common in every casino game ever, is those people, or one particular person, that tries to earn money by telling the players a cheat. There is no cheat. Don’t fall for that claims. Pokies are surrounded by a lot of myths too, for example, that you can lurk a machine and wait for the player to go away, and then grab the same one. The cheats are something that you need to avoid because maybe in the 80s there were predictable patterns, but today, the system is pretty advanced and you can’t predict anything. You can only lie to yourself that you can see the jackpot coming, but never get it. Impatient players are more likely to lose their minds and play on high bets, expecting a miracle. Everyone has beliefs that if they bet on large pots, they are more likely to win.

There is nothing wrong with strategies, but they don’t really work as we expect. So, we can say that most of the games are based on luck, and the small portion of knowledge is understanding the rules and other important things about them.

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Can you increase your chances by using skills and knowledge?

Some games require skills, like poker or blackjack. But when it comes to pokies (slots), there is nothing much that you can learn, you can’t really practice, and of course, you only have to sit in front of the machine and take your turn. According to many sources, slots are based strictly on luck, and no one can do anything about that. You can’t control your spins, you can’t make the winning combination appear, and you can’t really predict the outcome. It’s all on the odds.

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The art of responsible gambling

Gambling by itself is not an art, but the ability to stop when needed is. A lot of people are addicted to the spins and can’t wait to see if the next one will bring their money. And when that never happens, they are frustrated, and spend more money on pokies, playing it more violently, until they have no dollar left in the wallet. That’s the moment when the problems begin. And while we are aware that we need to dose these activities smartly, the chances for gambling addiction are really small.

Also, being aware it’s just a question of luck is also a skill. As we already said, pokies are based on random combinations of numbers, and you can’t do anything to rig them. On the other hand, every gambler should know that these machines hold the odds on the house’s side, and there is some planned percentage of the money that goes into the jackpot funds. The more players are there, the bigger are chances for the jackpot to occur more often.

No person in the world should lead themselves to be too attached to the casinos, because it’s not healthy, no matter how entertaining it seems.

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But, there is some science, right?

There is, but it’s not relevant to the players. It’s more about the developers who need to write the software and implement it in the pokie machine. Also, computer science is needed when developing apps, implementing safety certificates, verifying the payment methods, and many other things that are important for one casino to work properly.

Nowadays, most people prefer online pokies instead of visiting a casino house. The developers are dedicating their efforts to create a good experience for everyone, and optimize the game for almost every device that is actively used and produced.

The most important skill you have to adopt is managing your money properly. Determine how much you can afford for pokies every week or month, and stick to that. That’s one of the easiest ways to prevent big expenses related to your unhealthy gambling habits. Also, decide if it’s more important for you to use more spins, or to place higher pots.

And at the end, the goal is to earn some profit, so as you reach some amount you find nice and fair, you can withdraw it and leave with some more money in your pocket, or play with what’s above your deposit, and go home on a positive zero. Everything else leads to losing large amounts, especially if you don’t manage the money smartly.