Online Roulette Types: Explanation Of Differences


In the past, playing roulette meant going to a brick-and-mortar casino, putting in a wager, collecting your winnings, and leaving. The kinds and selection of games you could play, together with the sums you could wager, were limited.

Thanks to the development of online gambling, you are no longer required to be bothered about any of it. You can play online roulette in the convenience of your home, place bets, and earn money while enjoying first-rate customer support and top software.

The game has a well-deserved reputation as an absolute classic among casino games. This exciting and quick-chance game has established itself as a standard in traditional and virtual casinos. The dynamic nature of the game, its simple rules, and the vast array of betting options offered all contribute to its appeal.

Because of this, you can play various online games on your PC or Mac. These days, there is a lot more diversity in online roulette than just 36 numbers. The selection of games available to players has expanded along with the sophistication and development of online casinos.

Many Variations of Online Roulette Explained


Many options are available for those who wish to play the game from the convenience of their homes. All reputable gambling software suppliers have created their distinctive roulette variations that offer a modern aesthetic, an easy-to-use interface, and a variety of valuable features. Some of the provided variations can also be played on mobile devices, enabling roulette players to put their bets on the go. The only challenge for Canadian players is choosing which online roulette in Canada to test first.

Two main groups can be used to describe the game types that trusted online casino companies offer. Nearly all well-known online casinos provide classic American, French, and European game variations. There is also the possibility to play more advanced game variations with unique capabilities, guidelines, and often even payouts. By reading on, read on some of the best well-liked roulette varieties provided by online casino providers.

European Roulette


Most trustworthy online casinos provide European roulette, unquestionably the most popular version of the traditional game. A wheel with many 37 pockets, one of which holds zero, is used to play the game. Due to its more minor house edge of 2.70%, the European variant is favored by many players.

Players who prefer playing European game online will undoubtedly be able to choose a variation that fits their bankroll size because there are tables with varying minimum and maximum limits. These variations enable players to wager on events inside, outside, or even on a racetrack.

American Roulette


After its European variation, American online casino roulette is the most popular type. The game is played on a wheel with 38 pockets since there is an extra pocket marked with the number 00. Many players prefer European-style roulette games because they have a double-zero bag, which raises the natural house advantage to 5.26%.

The principles are roughly the same, with the addition that players can place a “Five-Number” wager, which covers the numbers 00, 0, 1, and 2, has a higher house edge of 7.90%, and only pays out at a 6 to 1 ratio. Players can place Call bets that cover particular areas of the wheel on various roulette variants, such as American Roulette from NetEnt.

Advanced Roulette

There is a solid reason why this is one of the most alluring game types available online. Renowned software provider Microgaming provides the 37-pocket standard European wheel used for the game. However, the game has a sizable progressive jackpot, so players must place a tiny, required side bet contributing to the pot’s growing total.

Players must select the same number five times in a row to win the prize that can change their lives. Although this is a difficult task, it is well worth your time because the award frequently amounts to millions of pounds. Winning wagers pay out 3,000 to 1, 200 to 1, and 15 to 1, respectively, if the exact number is spun four, three, or twice in a row.

Live Dealer Roulette


Live dealer roulette is a popular type of online game that is played with a real dealer in a studio. This type of game is streamed live to the player’s computer or mobile device, and players can interact with the dealer and other players in real-time. Live dealer roulette is offered in European, American, and French versions.

Multi-Wheel Roulette


Multi-wheel roulette is a type of online roulette that allows players to place bets on multiple wheels at the same time. This means that players can potentially win multiple times with a single bet. However, this also means that the odds of winning are lower, and the house edge is higher.

Mini Roulette

Mini roulette is a simplified version of the game that is played with a smaller wheel. The wheel has 13 numbers, including a single zero, and players can place bets on a smaller range of numbers. The house edge in mini roulette is higher than in standard roulette games.

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We hope this article has helped you understand the differences between the different types of online roulette games. Whether you are looking to try out a game with new rules, or want to take a spin on a classic wheel, there is an online roulette type for everyone. Knowing what each type offers can help you decide which one is right for your playing style and budget. So go ahead, pick your favorite and start spinning!