7 Common Online Slots Myths and Urban Legends Debunked – 2024 Guide

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Slots machines, but also the whole gambling industry is often followed by a lot of myths and urban legends, and most of them are shared from one player to another through the years. No one knows who invented them, who started the story, or if they are true or not, but they are like something the family shares, and keeps a secret all the time, without telling them anyone outside.

We must mention that slots are still one of the most popular casino games, even today when we have a lot of online gambling places like dunder.com and many others like that. We can say that some of the things we meet every day will always be surrounded by myths, and no matter how many times they are debunked, people will repeat them all the time. And there still be those who will believe in them.

So, let’s see what are the most common myths and urban legends related to the slots, that we must stop trusting and repeating as soon as possible.

1. There are cycles for payouts

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Many people believe that they can predict the jackpot by simply counting how many spins passed between one prize to the next one. But, that’s not true. Furthermore, it’s pretty bizarre to believe in this, because the same provider may hold machines in hundreds of different locations, so if this time someone in Arizona won the prize, the next time it can be in Boston. Slots are based on random number generators, and we can say that the idea that someone pre-programmed them to fill the display with fruits or other winning symbols is an urban legend that most people don’t even trust. But, we are mentioning it because a lot of beginners fall on this story, and they are trying too hard to predict the outcome, but without a success.

2. You can’t win using bonuses

It seems very logical, but there are some rare examples of people who indeed won something really good using their welcome bonus or some of the freebies they get while creating their account. The trick is not to hope for a jackpot or huge prize. The bonuses are limited, and you need to control the wages and bets, so you can increase your chances to win something. Surely, you can’t expect some huge prizes, but you can collect some amount, so you can play with casino’s money, and get back your initial investment to you.

3. Slots are made to collect some amount of money before they pay

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Most of the slot machines around the world work after you put money inside them. Some people believe that the machine is programmed to collect some amount of money, for example, $5,000 before they payout. But, the truth is that no slot machine ever can be rigged this way, because it’s against the gambling laws and policies. Every spin is unique, and no one can predict who will take the money. Also, rigging the online versions of the game this way is practically impossible, because there are millions of active players, and that’s a lot of work to do.

4. The myth about hot and cold streaks

As we said, every spin is so random, that is ridiculous to mention hot and cold streaks, no matter if you play slots online, or you sit in front of a physical machine. Even when you think you figured the things out, you will see that the next spin will turn into something you couldn’t even predict.

5. There is no chance for two jackpots in a short period

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Some people still believe that even the jackpots are adjusted to come out with an equal period between them. But even though it seems like that, it’s not true. Literally, a person in Europe, and a person in the USA, who play under the same brand or license, can win the jackpot at the same time, if they are lucky enough to do that. Many slot players feel secure and easier when they trust some of these myths and urban legends, but believing that jackpots can be rigged is funny. Sometimes even the same player can win a jackpot twice the same year – because it’s so random that it doesn’t choose the location of the person.

6. All the games are the same

This is so funny, that we needed to laugh a little before we explain why it’s like that. It’s true, they look the same – you have rows and columns of symbols that you need to put in some way, so you can get money. But, these symbols have different values, also sometimes different combinations of lines can bring some prize too. It takes time until you understand some game, and the same goes for the slots too. Don’t judge the whole concept without getting to know some of the most important rules. There are so many slot games and probably you will be able to find the right one that fits your preferences.

7. Loyal players have bigger chances

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This is practically a truth, but not because of the reasons that come to your mind first. They have more chances because they spend a lot of time and money on slots. You can’t compare the person who spends thousands every month with the one who will spend $50 for the whole year. That’s why the loyal players win bigger, and you can’t even double the deposit.


No matter what we do, gambling will always be an industry that is surrounded by myths, urban legends, and misbeliefs. And that’s normal since the people want to explain to themselves why they didn’t get anything, even though they played passionately. The best way to enjoy what you are doing is to avoid these mind tricks and traps, and have fun while playing slots or any other gambling activity available. Avoid the myths, because they can only cause a lot of headaches. Focus on the entertainment and don’t expect a lot – just have fun.