Online Time Wasters – 2024 Guide


Are you looking for a way to pass the time while you surf online? Many people are currently trapped indoors with no activities to do since the Covid-19 crisis started. You may get bored all the time without any activities to do at home. After finishing the house chores in the morning, people tend to go back to sleep when they have no further plans for the day.
You can have a lot of fun things to do when you are online. The internet has a myriad of content to keep you occupied and entertained. Whenever you are online, you can use these fantastic tips to spend your leisure and hold your attention. Equally important, some of the activities are full of knowledge for our daily life hacks. Here are the top 8 exciting activities you do online to pass the time.

1. Watching Videos


Watching videos is considered the best time-waster of all time. There are millions of videos online you can choose from depending on your interest. Furthermore, the videos play automatically. You only need to start them, then relax and watch until the video ends. You can get quality HD videos online that you will enjoy watching.
The top popular sites that people use to watch videos are YouTube and Netflix. On YouTube, for example, there are a dozen channels that offer quality videos on numerous entertaining and educational topics. You can watch videos to enlighten you on issues or comedies that are purely entertaining. You will also learn to be more perceptive and empathetic by watching the content covering such information. You can also find numerous fun and educational videos on Netflix.

2. Play Games

There are plenty of free and paid games you can play online to squander time. Some games are very addictive, and you may keep playing them for a long time. You can play games for entertainment or educational purposes. Some of the least known games that you can enjoy online are:

  • The wiki game – This game is based on exploring Wikipedia articles. It offers you the starting article and ending article where you are prompted to navigate the Wikipedia internal links to get the same article. You can play it with the different modes provided in the game. It is fascinating and educational.
  • Remove – This game is about removing blocks. You can click on rows of blocks that are the same color, they will then remove. You can play it here. Do this untill all rows are gone. You can make massive combinations and play multiple levels.
  • GeoGuesser – The game incorporates Street View to show you locations in the whole world. Your main aim is to locate the places by placing a pin on a world map provided. You get scores depending on how close your guess is to the actual location.

3. Listen to Podcasts


Podcasts are exciting and strange entertainment. They are a great source of fun and knowledge. You can increase your personal growth by listening to podcasts daily. You can learn different topics like money management, lifestyle, getting out of debt, and any other knowledge you seek to understand.
Podcasts will keep you entertained, busy and teach you any skill you need. Most apps offering podcasts also allows you to download them for offline listening. You will be able to kill your time even when you do not have an internet connection. Start listening to podcasts today, and get free impressive life skills and hacks.

4. Read Comic Books or E-Books

There are several ways to read comic books and E-books for free. You can read incredible comic books from famous sites like DC, Marvel, and Vertigo free of charge. E-books are also a good time waster if you love reading. There are several sites where you can download the E-books to read while offline.
There are millions of titles of books you will find online. There is classical antiquity to modern-day genre fiction. You always carry these thousands of books on your phone. Books will not only increase your knowledgebase but also keep you entertained. Reading books is one of the best ways to learn. There are a million ideas that have been written in books. The only way to get them is by reading and reading and reading.

5. Learn a New Hobby or Skill Online


If you want to be creative online, learn a new skill. There are many skills you can learn online that you can convert into ways to make cash. For example;
• Creating YouTube videos
• Creating podcasts
• Developing mobile apps
• Freelancing
• Stock photos
• Drawing
You can learn these skills for free by carefully choosing content where they are explained on the internet. You can use the skills to make money or just for your entertainment.

6. Start a Journal or Blog

You can write journals for personal benefits, like improving your mental abilities. Currently, people write journals online, contrary to the use of notebooks in the past. You can keep your entries in the form of blog posts and invite people to read and comment on them.
In online journals, you can write anything relevant to your thoughts. Writing journals can also be very addictive. However, it is an exciting venture that tests your writing skills and creativity. Start making your blogs today and reap the benefits that come with it.

7. Build a Wish List


A wish list helps you to save money when shopping online. There is a need to shop online due to restrictions and lockdowns to curb the spread of covid-19. It would be best to have good discipline while shopping online to avoid wasting money on unnecessary things.
A wish list can be compared to window shopping. Create a wish list of the things you are interested in buying and prioritizing them. You can spend more time checking their reviews and researching more on the products. Several online shops such as Amazon let you save products to a wish list.

8. Explore Reddit

Reddit is regarded as the most time-wasting site on the internet, and it holds thousands of different user-made communities. The communities focus on any topic or idea of their choice in their subreddits. You can find numerous pieces of information by joining a subreddit and contributing to your community’s issue.
These are the top ways you can use to kill time and be productive when you are bored online. Do not get bored alone in the house. Change your free time to be worthy by learning something new, which can help you earn money. These online activities will also keep you entertained and in good moods to help you enjoy your day fully.