6 Reasons to Try Paddleboarding as a Hobby

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Are you familiar with paddleboarding? You may have heard it somewhere or even from your friends as it is one of the leading water sports. So what is paddleboarding? Paddleboarding is a watersport commonly practiced on a large mass of water like oceans and rivers.

If you are that person who spends a lot of your time onshore of the sea and lakes, then you should try this sport as your hobby. It is a sport that doesn’t have an age restriction, and it is pretty easy to learn. Visit CotswoldOutdoor for the best apparel and the best attires.

You must be thinking about why this sport is such a popular hobby that is also becoming beneficial in providing health benefits. Let’s see why this water sport should be your hobby.

1. It is easy to learn

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The first time in everything is always challenging; paddleboarding is an exception, as it is pretty simple compared to other water sports. The only requirement you need to have at your tips is how you can stand up on the board. After that, you are good to start your new hobby.

Unlike other hobbies, this sport has few instructions making it simple to get started. Learning is a process you will encounter a few obstacles, falling while trying to stand on your own. Learning paddleboarding can turn out to be a very good decision if you will do it with dedication and lots of practice.

Now many people do not have a lot of spare time to discover any hobby and then start taking doing it properly.

This is the reason everyone wants to go for an easy outdoor activity that can bring them peace, and for that, paddleboarding is perfect. It is easy to learn; even if you don’t know anything about paddleboarding, gradually, you can easily do it with some practice.

2. It’s fun

You will start to have fun immediately, and you can stand on your own. At this moment, you can beach sport on a calm lake that has no waves; as time goes by, your confidence will have grown, and you will be ready to face crashing waves. It is not a must you be around an ocean; you can do this in rivers and allow the current to occupy you. You may have many fun ideas, and a stand-up paddleboard will embrace you.

When you think of a hobby, the first thing that comes to your mind is that you should do that particular hobby because that is what makes you happy and fun. It is really fun, and with lots of practice, you will learn how fun it will be for you. You should always try to do those things you fear a little bit as sometimes it turns out to be life-changing for you.

When you crash the waves, play with water, and experience a whole new level of adventure, the feeling you will get is beyond amazing.

3. Form of exercise

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Paddleboarding has few activity engagements, but you exercise some of the muscle groups in each stroke in the real sense. Research proves that their cardiovascular health improves when individuals engage in this sport, thereby having solid body endurance. Being on running water, you will have to take control of your core to obtain balance so that you don’t fall due to lack of balance. With time you will find yourself with abs that you never imagined having.

Another thing is that frequent paddlers tend to lose a few pounds; with this sport, you don’t have to make regular gym visits. It is a fun way of reducing body calories without sweating. This beach sport also needs a high level of coordination, meaning your brain has to be actively involved. As a result, you will be able to think clearly and do your activities on the dry land more effectively.

Along with the fun, it also gives strength to your body. Every time you do physical work, you tend to lose calories and burn a lot of fat. This is the same scenario with paddleboarding; when you allow your muscles to continuously work and make your body work, you tend to lose a lot of calories, so it works both as a fun activity and has some health benefits.

4. Suitable for yoga activities

If you are that kind of person who is after peace and serenity on your board, yoga is the best thing to do. Of course, it is not easy to do yoga on a paddleboard, but once you are used to your board, day by day, you will improve on balance, making it your best yoga place. Imagine being in the sunshine, nature, and birds chirping around you.

You will accept that yoga has the same importance as the other physical activities that make your skin fit. You might not know this, but paddleboarding is really good for balancing your body and helping it out in being fit.

Yoga helps your body cells to be young and well balanced so that you can be fit, and paddleboarding is suitable for yoga activities, which makes it pretty good for every kind of woke that lives to be fit and healthy.

5. Reduces stress levels

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If you have a lot happening in your mind, then paddle boarding is the best therapy. It is one of the sports that relieves you from stress, as the beautiful water nature surrounds you. A fall from the board will lead you to have a severe adrenaline rush reliving the stressful moods. To add to it, being in a salty environment and breathing it on your board is enough to do away with any negative mentalities. It is challenging for someone on the paddleboard to think of the past with a paddle in their hands.

From health benefits to mental health solutions, paddleboarding plays a huge role in reducing stress level. Many people who go through anxiety and stress usually do not get the right way through which they can channel their sadness and get themselves back, but paddleboarding is one of the perfect ways through which you can relieve your stress.

If you are someone who is facing some mental health issues and you are finding a hobby that can help you out in these harsh times, then you must try paddleboarding; it will definitely help you out.

6. Uncomplicated gear

If you want to join this sport, there are no requirements for you to be enrolled; you don’t need some particular types of watersport apparel. All you require is the full enjoyment of the sport; by having a reliable board and a paddle, avoid all those unnecessary beachwear.


Some sports require intensive coaching, meaning you will have to incur a fee for the lessons; this is not the case for paddleboarding, as it is cheap and easy to learn. It is a sport that you will have to try as your hobby.