Is Paladin Hard to Level in WoW TBC


The variety of characters and versions is something that makes WoW a special game. However, it is also something that makes this game a bit more challenging. In this article, we will focus on Paladin leveling in WoW TBC. It is recommendable that you read the article carefully and apply all the pieces of information and tips that you collect. Let’s go!

Short Overview of Paladin


If you are not familiar enough with leveling classes within WoW, then you certainly deserve a short explanation. Paladins are not the fastest leveling class at all. The reason why you will have to be patient is their mob kill speed. However, that feature is not something that makes them bad. They are actually durable as they have the option to heal quicker than some other characters.

However, healing is not the only feature you should have in mind. Paladins are also capable of wearing gear that has a lot of Armor. Despite that, the passive abilities they have are going to be good for all the players that plan to sustain their health as well as Mana.

Speaking of skills, retribution is, without any doubt, the fastest leveling spec. That can speed up the leveling process in case you are playing this way solo. However, there are separate tips and requirements in case you are playing with Paladins in a group. Because of that, we would like to provide you with some useful tips for both options!

Rules You Should Follow

Writing some difficult tips to understand will not be in the best interest of the readers. Because of that, we will try to make things as simple as possible and ensure that all readers (beginners and experienced ones) understand everything properly. There are four crucial rules you should follow while leveling Paladin as a solo player.

Seal Buff Should Be Up All the Time


The first rule that you follow is related to Seal. The Seal buff should be up all the time while you are playing. Of course, things also depend on the specialization that you have, so this may change over time and in some moments. However, for most time of your journey, you will use the Seal of Righteousness. Because of that, we suggest you pay attention more to this element before you even start playing and learn more about it.

Same Rule Counts for Blessing

Just like Seal, the blessing should be active all the time during the game. The reason why say this is a couple of benefits that you can get as a solo player. However, which benefits you will get and what type of blessing you will choose directly depends on your personal skills, way of playing, and preferences. There are two of them that we, as experts for this game, can recommend, and they are Blessing of Might and Blessing of Wisdom.

Blessing of Might will boost the kill rate. However, it will also reduce the number of abilities that players use for mob kill. On the other hand, Blessing of Wisdom is a good option for those players that want to minimize the amount of drinking you need to have between each fight during the game. Both options are good, and they will certainly boost the time you need to spend on leveling procedure

Aura Buff Is a Good Choice


Something special about Paladins is the fact they can use different Auras. That is a feature that makes them special, and there is no need not to use Aura buff during the leveling process. One Aura that you choose should be up all the time. It would be good to change them during the game as you will regularly have different damage types during the game. The perfect Aura buff will be the one that can protect you and reduce the physical damage of Paladin in particular cases. Because of that, we will not share recommendations here and let you decide which option is the best one in particular moments.

Be Auto Attacking

Well, there is one thing that all users of Paladin should know. All characters of this type are dealing with the vast majority of personal damage thanks to the feature of auto-attacking. This counts for both damage types – the physical one as well as the damage you get from the seal buff. That is the reason why an auto-attack should be turned on during the game. That way, all the benefits you get from mana will be more accessible while the time you spend in combat will maximize. Doesn’t this sound amazing?

You Can Also Level Up Your Paladin in a Group


Another option you have is to level up your character in a group. More precisely, you can do that in the open world. That type of improvement is becoming more and more popular among WoW TBC players. Despite their ability to improve solo, they also have the option to improve together with other characters or in a group. Don’t expect the entire process will be shorter, but you need to put into consideration that Paladins are sustained combat masters. Because of that, pairing them with other classes such as Warrior and Rogue can make things drastically easier. We recommend you put this method into consideration.

There Is a Way to Speed Up the Process

Well, many players are not patient enough. However, we do understand the need of many to find a way to speed up the leveling process. That is the reason why we would like to recommend you one alternative that can be pretty beneficial for you.

Thanks to the online world, purchasing a TBC boost is now possible. You can choose between different packages that are usually affordable. But, it is essential to find a reliable website that will truly bring you a more comfortable playing. For more information, check this WoW Boost.

Final Thought

We have highlighted the most effective tips you could hear like a big fan of WoW TBC. Paladins may not be the fastest developing characters, but they certainly come with some amazing features. They will be a perfect choice in case you use all the abilities they have in a good way. It doesn’t matter if you play solo or in a group, the procedure may last a bit longer, but with TBC boosts, you can reduce the amount of time you have to spend.