Path of Exile Power Leveling


So, you are new to Path of Exile, and you don’t know anything about it? Have you tried playing other action role-playing games before and were left disappointed? Did you start a character in one of those games but never finished it because your life had taken a different path, and you had no more time to spend leveling your character with which you started?

If so, then power leveling (PL) is your option. It is perfect for anyone who wants to play the game. But doesn’t have numerous hours to spend on grinding all the levels in order to reach the end game content. If you are interested in what is and how to start, read more.

What is Path of Exile


Path of Exile is an online Action RPG set in the mysterious world of Wraeclast. It is designed around a strong online item economy (orbs and scrolls), rich character customization, and competitive player-versus-player battles. The game is completely free, and you can easily download it. There are no purchases, including gear, which can aid you in winning the game.

When you start your journey in Path of Exile, there are many classes that you can choose from. You can start out by choosing from different classes.

Each of them has its own abilities and specialties, so there is something for everyone! After choosing your class, it is time to create your character. You can either decide to create a male or female character. Then customize it by adding different kinds of facial hair, changing your hair color, or even the color of your skin. Once you are done creating your character and picking a name for them (you will probably want to give them a name that represents something as their nickname ingame), Now you are ready to go and embark on your journey in Wraeclast.

Path of Exile is completely free to play. There are no fees and no pay-to-win options. Many people believe that the payment model of the game should be a clear line between having fun and buying optional cosmetic items.

There are no microtransactions or subscriptions. The only items available in the store are cosmetic or service items such as extra stashes, premium tabs, and character slots.

You can progress through Path of Exile by yourself or play with friends at parties. All of the game’s content updates are absolutely free.

Due to the free-to-play model, there are no restrictions on who can play. You may continue to play the game almost indefinitely, with or without paying anything. The only things you can buy with real cash are PoE currencies from specific sources.

What is Power Leveling


Power leveling has become a widespread practice for many MMO players. The idea is that by hiring someone else to play your character exclusively (or at least complete specific quests/quests in-game for you) you can level much faster.

In some cases, the term PL refers to the act of playing your character yourself but with the intent of maximizing experience per time played rather than completing quests or storyline progression. That allows you to level at a much faster rate.

Although many players enjoy leveling their characters, the reality is that it takes time. It is not uncommon for someone to spend 100 or more hours working their way from level 1 to max level. The process is incredibly boring and tedious, but fortunately, there are players out there willing to do this work on your behalf.

Power leveling is often misunderstood as a form of cheating or hacking. PL is neither of these things. It is simply a service that allows someone else to play your character for you in order to achieve a higher level in the shortest time possible.

PL services are not cheap, and they are often looked down upon by players who believe the experience gained while leveling should be achieved through playing the game, not paying someone else to do it for them. However, since power leveling services are certainly in demand, many players choose to outsource this time-consuming aspect of their gameplay and save themselves a significant amount of hours they would otherwise spend gaining levels.

Can you get banned for Power Leveling?


While the act of power leveling is not prohibited by the game’s Terms of Use, it is discouraged.

The most famous form of power leveling is to hire others to play your character (or a party of characters) while you are away at work or school. This can be accomplished via a number of websites that charge a fee for their services. Most offer a money-back guarantee to prevent players from being scammed out of their money if they are unhappy with the service provided.


Power leveling is a convenient way for players who have little time to play the game or cannot commit to a specific playing schedule. It allows them to experience the benefits of fast leveling in the game.

PL has the potential to change a player’s gaming experience, and it can have different connotations and consequences for those involved. For some, it is a quick way to improve their gameplay. For others, it is strictly a business opportunity.

However, for the gamers that just want to play the game. And has no interest in delving into further complexities. They can take the slow path and do the leveling alone. If you are a master at performing the processes of leveling. You most likely need no help and can do it alone. On the other hand, there are these players who have no time and don’t know the tricks of PL. These games can take the easy way out by contracting the services of companies that offer power-leveling services.

In the end, whatever choice is made is up to you. It is a strongly individual decision as it depends on you, your gaming schedule, and plans overall.