Penis Enlargement – Procedure Overview, Cost, Recovery


The small size of the penis can ruin any man’s happy married life because some women complain that their husbands are unable to give them the needed pleasure. Men also feel upset about this and start looking for ways to increase the size of their member.

Scientifically, the average length of a man’s penis is 4 to 5 inches, which, when excited, can grow up to 6 inches. However, there are many men whose member’s size is minimal. Such men are often stressed about this issue and sometimes even get humiliated because of it. You can get to know more about it at Dr Elist.

This problem can be treated by getting a penis enlargement treatment done. In this process, the member’s size is corrected by giving proper shape and structure to it.

Why does penis size decrease?


It is a common belief that as a person grows old, the health problems also increase. The same applies to the size of a man’s penis, which is reduced for various reasons.

The following pointers can be the reason as to why the size decrease.

  • Becoming old- When a man gets older, his body becomes weak, and the performance of his body parts also decreases. This thing also applies to the penis, and its size decreases with age.
  • Weight gain- A person who is overweight is likely to have many health problems. This is also in the context of penis size. With weight gain the size of the penis decreases.
  • Performing prostate surgery- The penis size shortens when a man undergoes prostate surgery. Prostate surgery is mainly done to treat prostate cancer.
  • Peyronie’s disease- Peyronie Disease is commonly called curved penis disease caused by the development of fibrous tissue within that body part. The person suffering from this disease is more likely to have a reduced length of the penis.
  • Smoking – If a man does excessive smoking, it can hurt his health. The reduced length of the penis can also be the result of smoking; that is why no man should smoke.

How to increase penis size?


A man whose member’s size is smaller than the average size looks for ways to increase its size. When no method proves to increase penis size, doctors resort to penis enlargement surgery. It surgically increases penis size.

What is the cost of penis enlargement surgery?

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Whenever a doctor advises a man to undergo this operation, the common question that comes to his mind is the cost of operation. It may be that some people find it to be an expensive procedure, and because of this, they have not been able to take advantage of it.

But, it is an economical process, which costs only 2.2 lakhs. It is generally affordable by the mass.

What are the benefits of penis enlargement surgery?

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It has many benefits, some of these are as follows

  • Size Correction – This major benefit of this operation is that it gives the correct size to the penis.
  • Enhancing male confidence – As explained above, the reduced size of the penis also affects the male’s mental health. Because of this, his confidence also decreases. With this surgery, men’s confidence also increases, and they can concentrate better.
  • Improves married life – When the size of a man’s penis increases, he can provide extreme pleasure to his spouse. Thus, this surgery proves to improve the married life of the man.
  • Less time consuming It takes much less time and some time after this surgery, doctors discharge the person.

What are the problems faced after penis enlargement surgery?

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Certainly, this is the best way to solve problems related to the male member, but some risks should be known before conducting this operation.

If a person has undergone penis enlargement surgery, then he may suffer from these five problems:

  • Muscle ache

It has been seen many times that after surgery, the man has some difficulty. In such a situation, there is a pain in the muscles of the male member of the man, and for this, he has to resort to pain-relieving drugs.

  • Abdominal pain

Some men complain of abdominal pain after undergoing male member enlargement surgery. However, this problem can be corrected with medical help.

  • Having high blood pressure

After male member surgery, the functionality of the male body changes completely. After male member enlargement, the man starts having high blood pressure, and in that case, he has to take BP medicine.

  • Frequent urination

Male member enlargement surgery also affects the male bladder. The man has to urinate frequently because of the male member enlargement surgery.

  • Feeling weakness

The surgery to increase the size of the male member also affects the man’s physical ability. In such a situation, if a man is suffering from this problem, then he should inform the doctor, and its treatment should be started as soon as possible so that he does not develop any severe disease.

What precautions should be taken for recovery after male member enlargement surgery?

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Like any other surgery, male member enlargement surgery is very sensitive and needs to be done with precision. For this reason, any kind of carelessness can prove harmful during this period, so after a male member enlargement surgery, a man should take special care of the following:

  • Keeping the weight regular

As explained above, the reduced size of the male member also leads to weight gain. Therefore, every man should control his weight post-surgery.

  • Avoiding infection

Since there is a possibility of infection after surgery, every man should take special care of his health and take anti-biotic medicines.

  • Non-sexual activity

If a man has recently undergone surgery to increase the size of the male member, then the sexual activity should not be done for some time. If he does not do so, it may affect his male member, and in that case, he may need medical help.

  • Staying in touch with the doctor

Every man who has undergone surgery to increase the size of the male member should keep in touch with the doctor until he is entirely healthy.