8 Tips For Picking The Perfect Spring Wedding Dress

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It’s true what they say – organizing a wedding is one of the most daunting, time-consuming, and stressful tasks that you’ll ever go through in your life. However, for most brides-to-be, choosing a venue, organizing transportation, and opting for a catering company is easy compared to the experience they have when shopping for a wedding dress.

If you’re in a situation where you need to choose a gown for the most special day in your life, you might want to learn what you should focus on while browsing through your options. To make things easier for you and to help you ensure that you opt for something that you love, here are eight tips that you should keep in mind when browsing for a spring wedding dress:

1. First And Foremost, Consider Your Budget

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You might not be aware of this, but, a brides ensemble – which includes things such as the shoes, accessories, hair & makeup, veil, alterations, and shipping expenses, and so on – will take approximately 10 to 15 percent of the total expenses you’ll have for your wedding. Because of the expenses associated with everything you’ll require to look dazzling and mesmerizing on your wedding day, you must determine how much you can spend.

By setting a budget, you’ll certainly make things easier for yourself, mostly because you’ll know what to tell the salesperson when you arrive at their shop. Besides helping them show you options within your price range, it’ll also prevent you from feeling sad if you try on a dress that you cannot afford. So, before you even start looking at your options and shops that you want to visit, ensure that you establish a budget, and more importantly, you must guarantee that you stick to it.

2. The Weather Conditions + Location

By now, you probably know the location of your ceremony, however, it’s important to consider the weather conditions that might occur on your special day. After all, the weather can be quite unpredictable during spring, which is why you must think about it. Ideally, you opted for a day that will have lots of sunshine and less wind, nonetheless, will you feel cold in your shorter dress or one that is made from light materials?

Because you set your wedding for spring, you should avoid all materials that are too light, instead, you might want to opt for something warmer such as linen and organdy. Of course, if you live in a region where it’s always sunny, without rain, your gown options are virtually endless. Nonetheless, you can always consult with the clerk at the shop you’re browsing for your dress since they’ll be able to tell you which materials might be best.

3. You Must Start Looking Early

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Now, when we say early, we don’t mean a year before your wedding, however, you should start looking for a gown approximately six months before the ceremony takes place. Firstly, this will guarantee that you have time to think over the options that you like, but more importantly, this will allow you to make all the alterations needed. Keep in mind, if your wedding dress is detailed and elaborate, you might need even more time, thus, start looking early on.

4. Know What You Prefer

Spaghetti straps or a sweetheart neckline? Duchess satin or dupioni? A long train or a short one? These are only some of the considerations that you’ll have to think about. To make things easier for yourself, you should determine what you prefer, even before you start browsing through some gown options. This is why you might also want to visit various bridal websites such as allurebridals.com.

Why should you do this? Well, by browsing such websites, as well as magazines, blogs, and forums, you’ll be able to learn about the fabrics, shapes, and styles of various dresses, which will help you learn what you actually prefer. Also, it might be wise for you to start collecting different pictures of what you like, mostly because this will allow you to show the clerk what you prefer, thus, you might end up with that dream gown that you’ve been searching for.

5. You Will Need Some Help!

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For starters, you should take everything that you want to wear during the ceremony with you while shopping for a dress, which can include things such as your shoes, veil, and for example, your grandmother’s necklace or earrings. In most cases, boutiques will provide you with a strapless bra that’ll suit your skin tone and shoes, however, if you prefer it, you could bring your own. Also, don’t forget to bring your closest friends and family members with you since it’ll make everything more fun and enjoyable.

6. There Are a Lot of Affordable Options

You don’t really have to spend thousands of dollars on the right gown. Instead, you could look at some sales and discount racks, as well as large sales that boutiques hold to clear out their collections before new ones arrive. Now, you’ll need to find out when they’ll occur, thus, it might be best for you to visit some designer websites, subscribe to newsletters and mailing lists, and if needed, you could even call a shop. You can also visit Avery Austin with a wide variety of wedding dresses. Doing this can easily save you hundreds of dollars.

7. The Size Isn’t Important

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You might now be wondering – how is it possible that the size isn’t important? Well, wedding gowns tend to be a bit smaller, hence, if you usually buy dresses in size 8, you might need to opt for a 12. Because of this, you shouldn’t really look at the size, instead, look at how the gown fits your body! If you choose to neglect the size, you’ll be capable of choosing something that complements your body, which means that you can opt for that perfect ensemble.

8. Listen to Your Heart

Last on this list of tips, but equally as important as everything else we’ve mentioned is that you must listen to your heart. Yes, the people you bring with you when trying on gowns will all have their own opinions, however, the only opinion that really matters is your own. So, even if someone doesn’t like a particular dress that you’re trying, you should consider purchasing it if you feel like it might be the one for you.


As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, all brides-to-be will have to go through the stressful and time-consuming process of choosing and purchasing a wedding dress. But, if you follow most of the tips we’ve mentioned in our article above, you’ll certainly make everything easier for yourself, and more importantly, you’ll get that wedding dress that you’ve been dreaming about.

So, since you now know what are some of the most important factors that you must consider, you might not want to lose any more time reading articles similar to this one. Instead, you should go back to the beginning of our guide and start with the first task we’ve mentioned – which is determining how much money you can spend on your wedding ensemble.