How Much Does a Personal Trainer Cost in London?

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Getting yourself fit can be a hard job for you if you don’t have the right knowledge on how to improve your body shape. It is not only the workouts, the meal plans and diet overall are the bigger problems. If you lack discipline then hiring a personal fitness instructor may help you to get your body in shape especially since summer is coming.

Hiring a personal trainer will not only be there to help you with your exercise but when you are not feeling like working out he will be there to support you and motivate you. It is confirmed that you are going to get faster results with a fitness instructor to your side because he knows everything about body physique good exercises, diets and he also knows the shortcuts if they are possible.

If you have seen some of the prices that some personal trainers have, you might think that they are too expensive and not worth it. We made this article to show you exactly how much you should pay for this kind of service without getting ripped off.

What does a personal trainer do?

Well, a personal trainer is a career option that is on the rise. A trained individual who has the knowledge of human anatomy especially the musculoskeletal system, how metabolism works, and dietary knowledge that is proven with a test and a diploma or a certificate.

Basically, he knows how to work your body avoiding injuries, and giving the best results possible depending on how dedicated you are going to be. When you first meet your personal trainer, he will ask you about your goals or what you are trying to achieve working out.

On your first training, he will test your physical fitness with some exercises to know how fit you actually are to be able to make a custom plan for you to follow. Other than giving you a plan and a diet plan, he will stimulate you to work out, never give up, and in the end, meet your goals as suggested by MyHomePersonalTrainer.

When you should consider hiring a personal fitness trainer


Hiring a personal fitness coach has many benefits. Let’s start from the beginning, you are a first-time comer to the gym, you see all the equipment but you don’t know how to start and what exercises to do. If you try on your own, you will not do the training right and you even might hurt yourself.

Sure, there will be someone working out around you and he may tell you some things but that is not enough since he is there to do his training and has no time to show you around. That is why a personal fitness instructor is going to be important to you, he will be there to coach you through your whole workout, he will show you different kinds of exercises and motivate you to go harder.

If you are working out regularly but you are not satisfied with the results that you make. The personal trainer will find out why you are lagging behind and not achieving your results. Maybe you are doing the exercises wrong, or you are not doing your diet right and you intake more calories than you should since that is the most common reason. Also, if you are training regularly, you might get bored after some time.

There are many reasons for that like slow results, no workout buddies, or maybe you are just bored from the same old drills that you do. The personal fitness instructor will guide you through this phase, he can give you better drills that are going to be more fun than the previous ones mostly because they are going to be new for you, secondly because they will work your muscles better.

If you lack a workout buddy, your trainer will be there your whole session to accompany you. If you are an athlete, or you are training for some specific sport, a personal fitness instructor will help you improve your physique and become better at what you do. Not only that you are going to be in shape, but the instructor can help you with plyometrics like vertical jumping and running faster.

How much should you pay for a personal trainer?


Since London is not a cheap city to live in, in fact, it is rather expensive, the rates that the personal trainers ask for are pretty high. Keep in mind that these prices are for a single session. Also, the price is dependent on what part of London you live in since it’s a better idea to workout close to your home. If your gym is located in the center of London then you will be paying around £60 for a session.

If your gym is on the periphery of the city, you will need to pay around £40 for a session. There are elite personal trainers that are working mostly with athletes and they may charge you even £150 for a single session. That may seem like it is too much but if you are getting ready to compete in some sport, or you are an athlete recovering from an injury he might be the best fit for you.

The price can differ if you are having a personal fitness instructor to train just you or you are having a group workout. If you are having a group workout the price will be lower because he will need to pay attention to other members of the group not only to you. If you are having a personal workout, you will have to pay the rates from above because he spends his time just with you.

When choosing your personal trainer, look for someone with great experience and great communication skills. You can also go through some transformations on clients that are trained by him. Try not to fall down for someone with cheap rates but without a license because not only that you will not see the wanted results but you can also get hurt during your workouts.


Hiring a personal fitness instructor can be a good thing for you in order to meet your body shape goals. Having a custom workout and a specifically made diet just for you is not cheap but is very beneficial. To sum it up you will need to pay around £40-£60 for regular training in most cases.

There are more expensive instructors that are working with athletes that you see on tv and his rates are normal to be bigger because they have proven to be one of the best. If you need a regular workout don’t go above £60 because that is too expensive for a service that you need.