4 Photo Friendly Miami Stops

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Miami, Florida is one of the most beloved cities in America. It generates breathless praise from everyone from hip-hop producers to Slovenian basketball players to Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Visitors sing Miami’s praises for everything from its legendary food to its stunning natural beauty.

It’s the landscape that really makes Miami stand out – and not just the geography! Of course, there are more palm trees and incredible beaches than you could hope to photograph in a dozen vacations. There’s also plenty of manmade marvels to fill your lens.

Keep reading to find out the best photo-friendly Miami stops!

1. Wynwood Walls

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Miami is well known for its striking landscape and geography. Miami’s culture is equally as vibrant and photogenic, though, if not even more so! Wynwood Walls lets you capture both aspects in a single frame.

Wynwood Walls is an outdoor art museum and art district featuring art from international artists from every corner of the globe. It’s also a case of both urban art and urban renewal. Wynnwood was Miami’s old industrial and warehouse district that had fallen into disrepair and neglect.

A local businessman named Tony Goldman came up with the idea for Wynwood Walls as a way to beautify the neighborhood AND attract tourists and pedestrian traffic at the same time.

Both were a rousing success, we’re happy to report, as is obvious as Wynwood Walls is one of the most beloved photo-friendly Miami spots.

This is partially to do with what’s around the Wynwood Walls. The increased traffic paired with the high style and high profile of the neighborhood, led to a plethora of stylish boutiques, restaurants, and drinking establishments opening up in the vicinity. Not only will you be able to see world-class art from all over the world, you’ll also see one of Miami’s most up-and-coming neighborhoods at the same time.

If you’re going to photograph Wynwood Walls, try and avoid going at mid-day. Some of the artwork doesn’t translate well to direct sun, which can end up looking bleached and washed out.

High Noon is never particularly forgiving for photography, anyway.

2. Venetian Pool

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Are you looking for a photo friendly Miami location that also deserves an award? How about the Venetian Pool, the world’s largest fresh-water swimming pool?

Take some time and browse the Venetian Pool location on Instagram and you’ll quickly see why. Like the Wynwood Walls, the Venetian Pool has aspects that will appeal to virtually any type of photographer.

Of course, with it being such a renowned and world-famous landmark, the Venetian Pool will be a huge draw for lifestyle influencers and for those looking to see and be seen. That’s just the beginning, however.

The landscape of the Venetian Pool is just as stunning as what it contains if not even more striking, which is saying something. It boggles the mind that the Venetian Pool’s crystal-clear waterfalls and dramatic cliffs enclose a manmade structure. It looks like some paradisiacal beach on some lost pleasure island.

Perhaps the thing that makes the Venetian Pool such an Instagram hotspot is everybody looks happy there!

Everybody’s living their best life among the Venetian Pool’s waterfalls and nestled in among its hibiscuses. Even Golden Retrievers!

3. Brickell Key

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Miami isn’t all palm trees and white sandy beaches (although there is an abundance of both, to be sure.) It’s also a vibrant city, full of striking architecture and dazzling nightlife. Brickell Key is your chance to capture that side of the city to share with your followers.

Brickell Key is dripping with dazzling skylines and dizzying views, which are just begging to be photographed from an endless array of balconies and chic rooftop lounges.

It’s also a well-known and widely recognizable view of the city, so people will likely recognize where you are instantly.

Brickell Key is just as striking from ground level, though. Don’t get us wrong, either, there’s still plenty of natural beauty to capture in Brickell Key. The intersection of stunning nature and striking urban design can make for some world-class photographs. It’s not to be missed!

4. South Pointe

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There may be plenty of manmade charms to wander around and photograph in Miami, but nature is still what it’s best known for. Especially the white sandy beaches, with their sapphire waves and orange sherbet skylines.

If you want to get out and capture some of Miami’s iconic, world-class beaches, South Pointe on Miami Beach is not to be missed.

Like the Venetian Pool, South Pointe has a lot to offer for any type of photography lover. Being what it is, of course, the lifestyle influencer crowd will be the most prevalent. Basically, if you’ve been looking for a place to get some cute bikini pics to share, South Pointe in Miami is one of the best places on Earth to take them.

The beautiful natural world surrounding the beaches make for a striking setting for nearly anything, though. You almost have to see the skies for yourself to believe these impressionistic whorls atop peaceful Maxfield Parrish skies exist. Even better, you’ll be able to share the photographic evidence with your Instagram following.

Landscape portraits, engagement photos, travel photography, the fashion of all kinds… you’ll find it all in excess at South Pointe, and capture it in crystal clear light beneath wide-open perfect skies.

Whether you’re a nature lover or a fashionista, an architectural enthusiast or a history buff, you’ll find plenty to fall in love with and photograph around Miami. If you’re looking to capture the latest in fashion with some of the United States’ most gorgeous beaches as a backdrop, you owe yourself a visit to Miami!

Your followers will thank you for it.

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