How Many Photos Do You Need for a Visa?


Travels and movement in all parts of the Earth have become imperative in the life of today’s man. The motives are different. Business trips, tourism, scientific – research work, trade, writing blogs and hotel reviews, adventurous trips of modern conquerors… all these reasons and many more make today’s world dynamic, mobile, active, like never before.

The benefits are considerable, in the form of cheaper and more accessible plane tickets, the Internet enables information about every corner of the world, suddenly Svalbard seems close to you and challenging, and detailed information about going there is no stranger. Human curiosity grows with the increased amount of information, and almost everyone can boast of a passport covered with stamps. Any exoticism is no longer just an enchanting photo, but the chance to dive into the turquoise sea is quite real.

It is common knowledge that some destinations are more attractive and more sought after than others. The USA has been in first place for several centuries. Unceasing rivers of immigrants, both legal and illegal, besiege America’s borders from all sides. Tourists, businessmen, people in search of the ‘American dream‘, a better future and personal happiness, are trying to set foot on the soil of that “promised land”, with countless possibilities.


USA visa

The USA visa was introduced to limit the flow of people and check their profiles and intentions regarding their stay in the USA. Many people apply, but many are rejected. That is why it is necessary to seriously and thoroughly study everything that is needed to obtain a visa and go step by step in obtaining adequate documentation.

Visa photos

First and foremost, it concerns your photos, which are an important part of your visa application. You must follow the instructions, otherwise the entire application will be invalid.

The photo must be in color, and some types of visas require a digital photo, and for some ordinary photos are sufficient, get informed depending on your needs. The photo must not be older than 6 months and must reflect your current appearance. Your face must be in close-up and make up 50% of the photo. In most cases, you will need 2 photos. Find precise info at


Preparing for the US visa interview

One thing is for sure, no help or advice regarding the design of your application and the overall impression you will leave is superfluous. Especially from someone who has gone through that experience or you have, perhaps, someone who is professionally versed in the details. You should prepare carefully, so that the one who conducts the conversation with you gets the impression that you are a credible and serious person, whose presence is desirable on the soil of the USA.

There are topics that are important and must be discussed during the visa interview. It is important to know whether you are only applying for a tourist visa or whether you want to permanently settle in the USA. Depending on that, they will evaluate you and decide on your case. Some topics are unavoidable and be prepared to discuss them.

1. Employment

Although employment, in the country where you live, does not guarantee obtaining a visa and your departure to the USA, it is still a significant factor. It is certainly not the same if you are employed permanently, in a stable company, if your profession is sought after and appreciated AND if you have a long-term career somewhere. The amount of your salary speaks both about your standard and your position in the society in which you live. These are all important items that can weigh in your favor. Your company or company can give you a certificate and guarantee about your position and random place.

Also, the time of stay in the USA will be a topic, as well as your dark activities. Is it tourism, visiting relatives or friends or do you want to immigrate, find a job and start a new life. If you are employed in a multinational company, which has its branch in the USA, your transfer there can be a facilitating circumstance when obtaining a visa.

Prepare for lengthy and exhaustive discussions on this topic, for many questions and details that will be asked of you.


2. Family obligations

One of the important questions will be a question about your family. Who do you have, are you married, do you have children, what are their ages, what are your obligations towards them, do you support them, are they in school or studying, do they work… All these are indicative factors that tell about your current moment in life. You will need evidence in the form of official certificates from school, college.

You can also attach letters from your family, which concern your relationships and your closeness. This will help in gaining insight into your family life and the relationships that rule in it, and therefore also project your intentions in the USA.

3. Property

Possession of property is always affirmative and welcome, both in life and in situations related to obtaining a visa. The one who has a house, apartment, financial stability, investments in his home country, is a better candidate for a visa than someone who has nothing. Although nothing is a guarantee, still standard things, which are highly valued in every society, can help. So attach proof of your own assets, prepare the documentation and hope for the best.

Source: The Points Guy

4. Health condition

Although no one can guarantee, with certainty, that he will not get sick in another’s territory or that nothing will happen to him, in relation to health, nevertheless, people with a relatively good health status are desirable. Chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular, malignant, neurological and others, are not a very good recommendation for obtaining a visa. No country is in the mood for expensive medical investments in foreign nationals, so you will have to attach proof of your current state of health, of course general.

5. History of your travels

This item can give proof of you, as a passionate tourist, who expands his horizons and experiences, wherever he can. If your passport is full of stamps and proof of it, and you still live exclusively in your country, then it is clear that your intentions are exclusively touristic and they make your case easier.


Getting an American visa is the wish and dream of many. Sometimes someone gets it, quite unexpectedly, who does not seem like a credible candidate at all. It happens that someone, on whose side everything was, is rejected. This cannot be prejudged or predicted. It is up to you to study in detail what is required from the documentation, to prepare for the interview and appear confident in yourself. Be relaxed, talk like you would with any business partner, and believe in your success. Imagine your stay in that wonderful country and all the beauty of your encounter with legendary America.