How to Pick a Safe Casino – Everything You Need to Know

The last decade has seen a huge number of online casinos popping up as internet speeds and technology brought the gambling industry into living rooms and mobile devices around the world. This has also given UK punters an option to sign up non-GamStop casinos in other countries, but they need to know that they are safe.

The UK Gambling Commission oversees the gambling trade in the country, but other nations have their own authority, while some may be less regulated. In this article we’ll discuss the differences between foreign and domestic sites, while we discuss the common questions and give our advice to ensure that you can find the best option for a great gaming experience.

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Security and Licensing

Choosing a proper casino relies on the technology of the gaming and the oversight of the company running it. When it comes to online technology, users need to be able to trust their card payments and data, so it is vital that sites have adequate protection in the form of SSL certificates, data protection schemes and firewalls.

Casino players should ensure that the company has been licensed by the appropriate authority in their country. The UK Gambling Commission regulates all of the gaming services in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but there are other options abroad such the Malta Gaming Authority and also in new gaming outposts like Costa Rica.

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Variety of Payment Methods

According to game has been driven by areas such as payment methods. A growing clampdown by the UKGC in order to tackle problem has seen new restrictions, such as the removal of credit cards as funding option. Casinos not in the UK are usually less regulated on this front and will still offer this as an option. Other funding options include e-wallets, while some are now even offering cryptocurrencies as a funding option.

Punters should look at the withdrawal terms for the different options as they usually differ. E-wallets offer instant withdrawals, while 1-3 days is common for debit cards, and up to 5 business days for wire transfers.

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Bonuses and Promotions 

Online casinos can offer great sign-up offers and in-play bonuses, such as free bets. This is another area that the UKGC has clamped down on with a desire to reduce the amount of marketing and glamourizing of the industry.

Casinos will offer a wider range of bonuses than many of the UK-based sites for the same marketing reasons. These sites have larger welcome offers of 500% of more, and sometimes up to £1,000 or £2,000. These sites are not allowed to actively market their services to UK consumers, but they easily found on Google searches and are openly discussed in online forums.

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Catalogue of Games 

Keen players at online casinos like to use sites that offer a good range of games from trusted providers. For this reason, they will often move to games, and game titles, they are familiar with. Punters often get a feel for the playability of a game and its payout ratio.

With that in mind, it is also important to select a casino site that openly makes available its game statistics and has then certified by the gaming boards. This will ensure that you are getting a fair gaming experience.

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Customer Support and Responsible Gaming

When using gambling sites, customer service is another area to look for reliable offerings. Sites in the UK will usually have multiple ways to get in touch. Email and live chat are the most popular, while consumers often like the ability to call a physical telephone line.

When using non-UK sites, you will still see these options, but the customer service hours of service may differ due to the time zone. This is not a major issue as many usually offer 24-hour support, or close to it. The key area to consider with these sites is the issue of third-party dispute resolution.

UK consumers would benefit from the protection available in the country. This doesn’t apply abroad, and punters may find it harder to get support for disputes. This is not a big problem for those betting in smaller sums for fun. By following the advice here, the potential for disputes is reduced.

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Non-UK Casinos and Casinos Not on GameStop 

As mentioned, the gambling scene moved from brick-and-mortar establishments to a world where the casino came to your living room and mobile device. Unfortunately, those trends also brought a rise in problem gambling, and the UK Gambling Commission was tasked with taking action. The one size fits all approach rarely works and although it has rightly tackled the issue problem of gambling, it has punished those who are comfortable in their gaming habits.

The rules on their own are enough to protect problem gambling, but they have expanded to limit the actual gameplay of sites. Some of the latest restrictions that have crept in are lower stake sizes, spin timers, and limited options for marketing and promotions. The credit card issue was also frustrating for those who like to separate their transactions form daily expenses.

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For gaming fans in the UK that have found the gambling environment to be too restrictive, making the switch to non-GameStop casinos is becoming an option. Many will find that signing up for these sites brings them closer to the early freedoms of the UK industry five or more years ago.

The scheme is an important addition for those with a gambling problem, but for those who are more comfortable with their habits, a lengthy self-exclusion of up to 5 years is extreme, while the in-game experience is where they are being hit hardest.

If you are finding the UKGC casino rules are becoming a burden in your gaming experience, this is the right time to consider casinos outside of the UK. This article should guide you in finding the most secure and fair site with the best gaming experience and funding methods.