5 Tips for Picking The Right Pool Size For Your Backyard

Installing a swimming pool in the backyard requires several considerations. The parameters you need to keep in mind are the size, material used, and shape of the pond that suits you the best. You will find many swimming pools made in different sizes and different types of construction in the market. You have to see your limitations of installing the swimming pool and pick the one suitable for your backyard.

Another critical factor is the cost required to build and design your pool according to your needs. Go to outathome.com to see all the different ponds you may consider making in your home. This article will tell you all the tips you need to take care of while choosing your pool’s proper size. Given below are some of the essential information to decide the size of your pool:

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1. Purpose of your pool:

Well, this question seems to be pretty easy for you, but it can confuse you sometimes. It is because you may come across several reasons for why you need a swimming pond. Let us go through some important reasons, which are also going to help you determine the size of your pond:

1. Pools can have a shallow or deep end if it is being made for recreational or entertainment purposes. Children can use the shallow end to swim, while experienced swimmers can use the deeper end. This type of pool covers people of all age groups. We generally recommend having a depth of fewer than 6 feet to meet all the requirements.

  • Construct an 18 by 36-foot pool if you have 6 to 8 members in your family. This much space is considered enough to avoid congestion and play games for fun. The rectangle shape is best suitable for this size.
  • Construct a 16 by 32-foot pool if there are less than six members in your family. It will allow you and your family people to relax and swim comfortably. The shapes suitable for this size of the pool are free to form, kidney, and bean-shaped.
  • In case you have a small backyard, please choose the one that fits into it and allows you to relax. Such pools have a size range of 14 by 25 feet. You can get tons of options of small ponds that can fit into the space of your yard.

2. For exercise purposes, you need a pool that has a length of a minimum of 30 feet. The pond has to be spacious to allow you to lap swim and exercise freely. Also, keep in mind the depth and other parameters apart from the length of the pool.

3. If you are preparing for some competition or already an athlete swimmer, the pool must have a depth greater than your height. This much depth will allow you to maximize your efficiency by practicing complete strokes. These ponds are generally 40 feet in length and are also great for entertainment purposes.

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2. Space in our backyard:

Not every home has a yard that is spacious or of standard size. Considering the space in your backyard is an essential factor that decides the size of your pond. Select the pool design that makes the maximum use of the space available to you in your yard. To optimize the construction of your project, you can take ideas from Outathome.com. They have a wide variety of pools in different sizes and shapes that can be the right fit for your yard.

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3. Frequency of usage:

Another specification to keep in mind while picking the right pond for you is how frequently you will use it. This aspect will have an impact on determining the size of the pond as well as the efforts required to maintain it. If your pool is not used frequently, then insects and other debris will make it their home.

A large and less often used pool requires a lot of maintenance. The efforts you can make to preserve your pond also decide its size. Using material such as fiberglass rather than concrete for its construction can increase its longevity. Building the swimming pond with strong and safer material will also minimize the need for its preservation efforts.

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4. How much budget do you have?

Financial planning is always an essential factor whenever you think of buying or constructing anything. The pool’s size is also determined by the amount of money you are willing to spend on your project. It requires money to install and operate the swim area. The cost factor can be calculated by studying the usage, maintenance routine, the location where you want to construct the reservoir, covers, fencing requirements, chemicals, etc.

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5. Installing the pond in ground or above ground?

Whether you want to build the pond in-ground or above the ground is a paramount question while constructing it. The cost to build the underground pond increases because it requires soil excavation. However, underground swimming ponds give you a permanent feel than the above ground type. Talk to local pool contractors in case of any help or recommendations. In case you have a low budget, go for the above-ground type, which is usually made from fibreglass or steel along with the vinyl liner.

You can also go for DIY models that can easily be disassembled. This is a great option for people who keep on changing their place. You can easily assemble your pond at your new residence.

To Sum Up

While picking the best pool’s size, take into account all the above factors. One tip for a low budget is to skip paved areas and decking around the pond. Reconstructing the swim area after it is made can be an expensive process. So, always think before you make your final decision. Comment down below to let us know what type of pond do you want to build in your backyard?