8 Places You Should Visit in Ecuador – 2024 Guide

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Ecuador is a small country located in South America, if you look at the map it is almost imperceptible but within its territory, there is a great variety of ecosystems and landscapes, which is difficult to go through everything in a single trip.

Would you believe me if I told you that you can enjoy the Galapagos Islands and its unique fauna, then go to the coast and discover the handicrafts of the pre-Columbian peoples while you see the immensity of the Pacific Ocean? After that, you can feel the icy wind of the mountain range of the Andes and look at its volcanoes adorned with white snow to culminate in the dense Amazon jungle sharing with the Amazonian tribes who possess the mysticism and magic of a civilization that has millennia of life and that still walks among us.

There are infinite places, and in Ecuador, each place has its charm. People are so welcoming which can be unusual to some tourists, yet, they will quickly accustom to it. So if you visit Ecuador, do not hesitate to talk with a local and exchange experiences, either with an artisan, a guide, a waiter in a restaurant, you will always find a good conversation and learn more. Now I recommend the most fantastic places you can visit.

1. Esmeraldas and its Mompiche beach

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This beach is well known, a beautiful fishing village, with warm temperatures almost all year round, it is like an eternal summer, perfect for surfing. This beach is part of a humid tropical forest where the flora and fauna have been preserved in their purest form. Here tourism has focused on the ecological. Which is essential to maintain these ecosystems for much longer and are not reduced by irresponsible tourism.

2. Cuenca the cleanest city

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Cuenca is the second most important city after Quito, the capital of Ecuador. This city is a beautiful architectural scene of the Spanish colonization. you can walk its streets with complete peace of mind. In addition to the fact that it is one of the cities where more foreigners come to spend their retirement after years of work, the climate is somewhat cold, but do not be fooled, the sun often warms in a cozy way. Here you can do a lot of tourism in museums and reserves, here is the well-known El Cajas park, which has a large number of lagoons with pure water in its territory where you can camp, hike and fish.

3. The immense Chimborazo

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As Ecuador has the Andes mountain range, the volcano landscapes are a constant in your sight while you travel in the paramo. These immense elevations are precious in the eyes of those who have the joy of seeing them. Many are so high that you can see them for hundreds of kilometers. Among them is the Chimborazo, this is the highest inactive volcano in Ecuador, many people visit it for camping, hiking and mountain biking.

4. Cuyabeno Reserve, an Amazonian paradise

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Natural life is typical of this ecosystem, the Cuyabeno lagoon is an attractive site located in the Amazon, in the Putumayo sector. This place located in the middle of the jungle, is famous for its ecotourism, where you can listen to the birds all the time, also hear the howl of the monkeys and meet colorful butterflies. In addition to being

able to taste their typical dishes such as Palmito ceviche, Maito de Tilapia and Cachama and Chicha de Yuca and Chonta.

5. Loja the city of the petrified forest

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Loja is also a city where architecture stands out, more than all its cathedral, it is an art that lasts through time. Here is also the petrified forest of Puyango, which has a beautiful view with huge trees where most are in a state of petrification with hundreds of years of existence, a landscape from another world that will surely leave you engrossed. You can also watch the flowering of the Guayacanes, which welcome their visitors every New Year, it is a unique wonder where you see the entire forest with yellow flowers, like a golden shower.

6. Enchanted islands of Galapagos

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This is the most famous tourist landscape in Ecuador, year after year many tourists visit these volcanic islands. Place where Charles Darwin made his famous theory of evolution, where he analyzed how, according to each ecosystem, animals evolved and adapted to environmental conditions. Here you can find the famous giant tortoises, characterized by their longevity and because they are in danger of extinction. Here you can go sightseeing on each island, get to know the different ecosystems that exist, dive in the transparent waters and swim with dolphins and sea lions. it is an unforgettable experience.

7. Montecristi cradle of the most famous straw hat in the world

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Because you have heard a lot about the Panama Hat, but surely you did not know that this fine hat is 100% Ecuadorian. In Montecristi hats are woven and it is impressive with families of artisans who dedicate their entire lives to knitting the hat, while you take a tour of this small town, you can learn a little about its history, meet the artisans and their wisdom. Here too, you can try the exquisite food of the coast, because 15 minutes away is Manta, the port city of Manta, where you can try so many dishes with fresh seafood. a delight to the palate. For more information on Panama, hats visit >>EcuadorianHands

8. Middle of the world museum

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This place is the only one in the world where it is known exactly where the equatorial line that divides the world into two hemispheres passes. A French geodesic mission between 1734 and 1743 carried out their studies in this place and with the data from that time they raised a monument where the northern and southern hemispheres of the planet were established. But at present, with the existence of the GPS, the equatorial line passes about 240 m to the north of the monument. This does not diminish its importance, since inside the museum you can visit the different attractions that you have to know, such as information about the cultures of Ecuador, the station of its famous train, know a little of the finest chocolate in Ecuador. and enjoy the music and tradition that only visiting it you can know.