How to Choose the Right Plants for Your Backyard


Every owner of a house or villa wonders what flowers would bloom in their yard so that their garden can be colorful and beautiful all year round. Here perennial plants come to the rescue, helping to create a unique backyard garden.

All-year-round blooming plants are not too pretentious, but they are indispensable. They turn every area into a magnificent setting. With the right choice of crops, your care for the flowers will not take much time. Flowers will bloom in the yard from early spring to late fall. You’ll be able to enjoy a colorful flower blanket over your yard for more than half of the year. If you live in California, you may even enjoy all-year-round blooming.

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Flowers in California bloom all year round. But what are the best flowers for your yard?



Hibiscus can be found in different colors and shades of red, lavender, pink, orange, peach, and yellow. This beautiful flower can grow up to 6-8 feet, and its branches can spread up to 5-6 feet wide. This gorgeous flower is great for the climate in California as it is usually suited for more tropical gardens. It needs to be planted in a sunny spot if you want it to reach its maximum height.



Tulips are suitable for Southern California. These are the most unpretentious spring flowers. Today there are thousands of magnificent varieties available to flower lovers. However, not everyone knows that these houseplants belong to several species, differing both externally and at the time of flowering. Tulips reach a height of 0.3 to 1.6 feet. They can form gorgeous flower beds that remind us of the wilderness.

Tulips bloom in March, and some varieties bloom until late May. You can plant them at the beginning of the fall. It’s best to arrange them in sunny areas and plant them in nutrient-rich soil. During growth and flowering, tulips need regular watering.


Daffodils can look great arranged with tulips in the yard. They flower until the end of spring (from April to the last days of May). These beautiful flowers can fill the yard, not only with the bright shades of sun but also with a delicate aroma. Depending on the variety, the plants reach a height of 1 to 2 feet. Daffodils grow in fertile soil and grow well under direct sunlight. They can also grow under the crowns of trees. Daffodils are long-blooming, unpretentious yard flowers and look beautiful arranged with other plants.

What Summer Flowers Can We Have In Our Yard?

Summer is the most fruitful season for flowering plants. Amazing species of them are available. But the main thing is to choose from them, only those plants that can rightly be called unpretentious and beautiful.



Petunia is a versatile plant. You probably recognize this plant for its distinguishable trumpet shape. They come in different shades, and purple is the rarest. There are two types – Grandiflora and Multiflora, the latter is smaller. This plant is perennial and can be grown from seeds, although most people prefer to get them as transplants. Petunias are heat tolerant, so you don’t have to worry about watering them constantly.

Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea)

Purple Coneflower is not only beautiful but is also resilient to poor soil nutrients and dry weather. It is heat-resistant and perfect for the hot summer season in California. It has pink-lavender blooms and can easily go together with other wildflowers in the garden.

Waxed Begonia

Waxed Begonia is a Brazilian native gorgeous flower that can withstand humidity and heat, similar to Purple Coneflower. It has thick waxy leaves and comes in bright colors that protect it from the harsh sun. It prefers sunny places. This gorgeous plant is the perfect addition to any California garden. It is suitable for planting either in the ground or in a container.

Waxed Begonia thrives on average watering and bright shade during the summer season, but it will flower best if planted in sunny spots.

Ixora (Ixora coccinea)


Ixora is a plant that belongs to Rubiaceae family and originates from tropical Asia and Africa. It has several varieties with blooms of different colors – pink, purple, red, white and some even multicolored. Ixora can survive drought and grow up to 5 feet tall and 5 feet wide so they can easily be planted both in the ground or in a pot. They need full sun exposure throughout the day to bloom well.

To Summarize…

Plants are essential for your garden or backyard. You may have a beautiful water feature, gorgeous patios, a lovely water feature, but flower beds and plants complete the backyard garden. When choosing the right plants for your garden, you need to consider what kind of plants could grow. So consider the unique weather conditions of your area first. If you are in California, you can consider all-year-round blooming flowers. If you want to enjoy the touch of wilderness in your backyard, you can include tulips and daffodils.

Those flowers are not pretentious but are gorgeous and bloom all spring. If you don’t know how to arrange your flower beds and how to utilize your entire outdoor area, trust the professional opinion of gardeners and contractors like Showcase Renovations. They will give you the best advice on how to turn a plain backyard into a tranquil paradise.