6 Tips for Playing World of Warcraft for the First Time

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Video games are a cultural phenomenon that has been an integral part of our society for more than half a century. Today we come into contact with the first generations of people for whom video games were an integral part of growing up. The achievements, development, and cultural impact that video games have achieved are almost unquestionable, but it is still questionable whether video games can be considered art. The development of graphics cards and hardware, in general, has made it possible to create very extensive, detailed, and visually impressive games that the user can play on their personal computer. Although there are many single-player games, today more and more multiplayer games are occupying an increasing share of the market. One of the most popular is World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft is a game made by Blizzard Entertainment. WoW is an MMORPG: a multiplayer online role-playing game with no real ending. The player enters a microworld called Azeroth in which he acts through his avatar. The main avatar is usually also the identity of the player. WoW offers the player a more personalized avatar. The player can choose between different races and classes (classes determine the magic and roles the player will use), and one of the two opposing factions Horde and Alliance.

If you are considering playing this game, there are some things you should know.

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1. It is possible to play for free

Although everyone knows that this game is paid for, there is a possibility that you can play it for free, but only up to a certain part. Although there is no limit to the life of the account, when the character reaches the level of 20 or if there are 10 gold coins in the wallet, you still have to pay a fee.

2. World of Warcraft classes

Those who are already familiar with this game know that there are 11 classes or so many sequels to this game. When creating a character, each player will have to choose a group – this can help, above all, choosing the role that the player will have one and group games Warcraft. The characters often act alone, sometimes together in groups, or crowded with raids and collide with each other in full combat.

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3. Game boosting

One more reason why you can always have fun with this game – game boost. Game Boost is the functionality (or ability) of the console to enhance older gaming. This means that you will have better graphics and generally better performance when playing, and a better “frame rate”. It also means that you will be able to provide your character with new weapons, equipment, and other gadgets. Game boost makes the game more interesting, enhancing its performance. You can find more about WoW Boost.

4. You can earn some money, too

We know that this hobby can bring good income if you dedicate yourself enough to it. Gaming has become a very strong industry and professional gamers earn hundreds of thousands by playing their favorite game. Another way to make money is streaming. When you’re already playing, why not try to combine the comfortable with the useful?

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5. Get ready to enjoy hours of playing

Given that there are dozens of characters in this game, as well as many versions, we are sure that it will keep your attention for a long time. So be prepared to set aside a lot of time for this game, the story is complex and elaborate, and you will have something to have fun with.

Similar to other games from the MMORPG genre, the game allows the player to create a character and explore the open world of the game. The player can complete tasks, fight enemies, and communicate with non-playable characters, but also with other players. Players are encouraged to cooperate in solving tasks, but it allows them to confront each other.

6. Positive things

When we think of video games, for many the first association is losing track of time and playing day and night, putting everyday life and responsibilities in the background. Yes, there may be truth in that if you lose control of time. on the other hand, playing can bring you positive things as well. It has been scientifically proven that playing games enhances concentration, enhances reasoning power, and helps make the right decisions in real life.

What sets World of Warcraft apart from other games in the genre, and even those so-called “WoW killers,” is that the game has gone through many stages of change, and players have been part of that process. Blizzard has remained consistent with itself, so items that are bought for real money are purely cosmetic in nature, ie they do not give certain advantages to players with a deeper pocket.

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Final thoughts

PC gaming, along with gaming communities have come a long way, and there is still a long way to go. Although there are many divisions in the gaming community, the fact is that the community is still successful, surviving and evolving on a daily basis.

In addition to socializing, WoW teaches people tolerance and helps fight racial prejudice, because players no longer care who they are, what race, skin color, religion, or nation. A player in WoW takes control of Humans, Orcs, Trolls, Elves, or any of the 13 offered races of all different colors and shapes.

Blizzard has made one very clever move, and that is the introduction of the War Campaign which allows players to go with their boat into opposing territory and see what the opposing faction has gained along with a few more quests that expand the story. The ship is a replacement for the Order Hall and is almost a direct copy of this system from the Legion. World of Warcraft, with all its ups and downs, has managed to maintain a multi-million player base for 14 years, and Battle for Azeroth has become the best-selling expansion to date.