5 Best Podcasts To Get You Into Cryptocurrency And Blockchain – 2024 Guide

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With the enormous rise in value, Bitcoin is slowly but most certainly becoming one of the best investment opportunities. Not only Bitcoin is becoming stronger than ever, but it’s becoming more popular than ever. Logically, something that’s often being compared with gold in terms of value, is surely drawing attention and making people curious to find out what is Bitcoin, how it works and how to make money by investing in it.

Why is Bitcoin still controversial?

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However, there is still a lot of stigma around this topic. One of the reasons behind it is the number of misinformation that circles the world. Guessing, gossiping and even false info often leads to conclusions that are not based on the real facts, nor they are useful in any case. That’s why education in every field is so important. It is the case with Bitcoin too.

Luckily, getting informed about this cryptocurrency is not reserved for special people anymore. By special, we mean a limited number of people who have access to all the sources of information and people who have a powerful network that allows them to know everything and to take advantage of that knowledge. While it is possible to get the knowledge necessary to invest and trade with cryptocurrencies, it takes time. That’s why considering other helpful tips and tricks to get started is not a bad idea. There are auto trading software such as guardian.ng that can help you trade by automatically doing a part of your job.

How to get informed?

Today, there are countless ways to learn about, well, almost anything you want to learn about and that includes cryptocurrencies too. From all sorts of books, that can be free and easy to download just by spending a couple of minutes surfing the internet, to the ones that you can purchase paying a reasonable amount of money for the valuable information you get in return. Some of the most popular ones can easily be found on Amazon. You can find books for beginners and for advanced traders. They are more affordable than ever but they are not the only source of info you can get. There are countless ways to indulge in the crypto field. One of them are the websites and the blogs you can visit site such as Dchained, the forums you can participate in and generally speaking – the internet. As a powerful tool when it comes to learning and earning money, the internet has evolved into something hard to beat.

Books, the internet and… What else?

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Still, above all the other sources of info, there’s one more that seems to be everyone’s favorite. That is – a podcast. Podcasts are becoming so popular that there’s hardly any topic not covered by worldwide podcasts. A convenient way to learn a lot while doing everyday tasks such as made this way of learning into one of the most common ones. Listening to podcasts in your car, while you are commuting to work or going for a run with the podcast instead of music on your workout playlist is also a great way to absorb info and stay healthy at the same time. Time is money and multitasking has been proven as one of the best, and sometimes the only way to manage to learn new things while saving time.

Not only that, these podcasts are interesting, engaging and more importantly – useful and of good quality. People who speak in the episodes are people who have experience in the field or experts who want to share their knowledge with the world. The speaker and its field of expertise are some of the criteria you can use to choose the podcast you wanna listen to. Podcasts are also a perfect way to stay up to date with everything that’s going on, not having to worry about outdated info. But, as a fantastic source of information, there’s a lot to choose from, so it can become overwhelming to pick the right one. To help you find the best podcast for your needs, here’s a list of top Bitcoin and crypto podcasts you have to indulge in:

1. What Bitcoin Did

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This is a perfect podcast if you wanna know everything about Bitcoin, the currency that has been around for over a decade. Here, you’ll not be limited to only one speaker, but you’ll be able to hear multiple experts share their knowledge and experiences. What Bitcoin did is a cool source of daily information and all the changes and happenings on the market. Hosted by Peter McCormack. This podcast has recently achieved 5 million downloads. Sounds interesting?

2. Unchained

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In Unchained, you’ll get a glimpse of how blockchain and cryptocurrency can influence the way the market works and how incorporating these two in numerous industries can create endless opportunities for everyone, whether that are everyday people or big companies and startups. This is a great podcast if you’re a beginner and you want to find out how things work. It’s hosted by Laura Shin, now an independent journalist who used to be the editor of Forbes Crypto. The listeners of this podcast claim that it’s excellently designed and led by the host.

3. Invest Like the Best

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Invest Like the Best has been chosen as one of the best podcasts out there. If the Wall Street Journal claims you should listen to what Patrick O’Shaughnessy’s guests have to say, as well as 10 million downloads, then you shouldn’t wait another minute and download it now! This podcast is the right for you if you’re interested in learning about blockchain but not blockchain only. Investing, in general, is the topic you’re about to listen to every day, but don’t forget to bring your pen and a piece of paper, because you don’t wanna miss out all the great investing tips and tricks.

4. The Bad Crypto Podcast

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Hosted by two like-minded and funny tech enthusiasts Joel Comm and Travis Wright, the aim is to make the knowledge about Bitcoin accessible to anyone. Breaking down the elements into understandable chunks, they want to completely demystify the market by speaking about blockchain, etherum, and numerous other types of cryptocurrency. Some call it the world’s best crypto podcast. It sure is entertaining and comedic. This podcast is great for both newbies in the game and the more experienced ones who wanna have some fun while listening.

5. The Pomp Podcast

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The name comes from the last name of the host. Anthony Pompliano hosts and interviews interesting people from different fields. His guests are leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners. Whether a billionaire or a celebrity, you will certainly be attracted by all the useful info you can hear from successful people around the globe. You can choose from a huge variety of topics by your favorite businesspeople in the world.