5 Most Popular Cryptocurrency Podcasts Every Trader Needs to Listen in 2024

Podcasts are an amazing thing for learning especially in terms of the latest technology. Cryptocurrency is one of those things that are going through continuous change. Therefore, it is not possible for you to learn it through books. The books about cryptocurrency that you will get from the market are old. They do not entail the latest terms and technology. Therefore, one cannot depend upon them.

Cryptocurrency is directly related to technology. The advance the technology goes, the better opportunities you will have. Likewise, a single tweet and misconception can affect its market. Therefore, it is not possible to describe everything in words.

So the only option that people have is to learn through web surfing. And podcasts offer the right way of teaching and educating people about the latest information. There are special podcasts for cryptocurrency. And if you are into trading, you will need trading apps.

Because of the popularity and huge and wide market of cryptocurrency, there are several applications. But you cannot just trust anyone without a thorough checkup. You need to pay attention to the reviews and market performance of every app and then finalize. Or you can visit website and get a trustable app that will help you in trading.

And here is a list of some of the most popular podcasts that will help you with your trade.

1 – Unchained

Source: unchainedpodcast.com

Unchained is a podcast show hosted by “Laura Shin”. It covers the regulatory aspect of different cryptocurrencies and that’s why it is quite trusted. Unchained brings subject-specific experts and that is why you will have an authentic show with real things. Laura herself is a crypto-journalist and therefore, she holds the show in an interactive way.

She is a former senior editor from Forbes and that is enough for her credibility. Laura is also known for her first mainstream reporting related to crypto-assets. Furthermore, apart from the subject-specific experts, she also invites CEOs, founders and attorneys related to crypto. Thus, you will definitely gain some useful information from her show.

2 – The Break Down with NLW

Source: CoinDesk

Nathaniel Whittemore hosts the podcast The Break Down. His show is famous for its independent strategies and communications for several virtual currencies. And in his podcasts (that comes on a weekly basis), he shares information about the latest market trends and movements.

Furthermore, he also invites some guests over to his show. So if you are worried about the host speaking, that’s not the case. You will surely hear from other experts too.

In addition to the talk about virtual currencies, Nathaniel also discusses the market trends. So you will also learn about geopolitical spaces and microeconomics. Because they are also involved in the market performance. So if you are interested in learning about trading and how the market works, this will be a good choice.

3 – Bitcoin Audible

Source: guyswann.com

If you want some book knowledge and cannot get it through books, this is the show that will help you. Bitcoin Audible is hosted by Guy Swann and he talks about bitcoin and related virtual currencies. This is a 60-minute show and you can learn a lot from it.

This show is interesting because of the speaking and educating skills of Guy Swann. He can teach you about the most technical and difficult things in a simple way. So if you are at a learning phase and want to get a hold of technical things, you should listen to it. Furthermore, he also talks about the latest news. So if you were busy in the past few days and could not pay attention to the news, this show will cover it all.

4 – The Token Metrics Podcast

Source: PR Newswire

Token Metrics is itself a platform for cryptocurrency investments. Therefore, their podcasts are especially about these topics. The CEO and founder of Token Metrics are Ian Balina has software and computer engineering background. Therefore, instead of the knowledge about finance, you will learn more about technical stuff from here. His approach was completely different from the other peers in the industry.

The token Metrics is known for sharing important information and educating the audience. Furthermore, they also focus on the comments and feedback of the audience. So if you have any questions, you can ask them directly.

Furthermore, they talk about everything related to virtual currencies and not just the market performance. Therefore, you can expect to learn about blockchain, market performance of different virtual currencies and also analysis reports. In addition to this, you will also learn about the different investment strategies that will help you grow.

An important thing is that their podcasts are not too lengthy. You will also get some 5-minute episodes where you will get a hold of important information in a short time.

5 – Crypto Radio

Source: www.crypto24radio.com

Crypto Radio also covers a wide range of topics and categories related to various virtual currencies. You will get knowledge about blockchain, making investments in different cryptocurrencies and technological developments in this sector. So if you are a continuous listener, you will have all the latest updates in the crypto world.

In addition to this, there is a wide range of topics in the crypto world. Therefore, the podcast is in 2 series. One is for beginners and it talks about information on basics. The other one is related to advanced topics. So you will learn everything from the basics of crypto investments to advanced level.

Besides the beginner session, the other one is the “Thought Leader Series”. In this session, you will hear the talk between experts such as Jared Psigoda and Daniel Jeffries. Through this podcast session, you will learn about top personalities in the business and also about the future of crypto. This session is also called the Founder series because it focuses more on the practical use of different apps. And you will also know about the different companies involved in the crypto space.