Most Popular Food Trucks in America

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Food trucks are one of the most interesting ways of attracting tourists and hungry stomachs, and they for sure have a lot of impact on the way the food industry is perceived by many. Not everybody has the chance to eat a meal from such a place because these opportunities are not available in every country. Foot trucks are a large part of the American culture, and they are the reason some people visit the states. Those who are into street culture and such fast cooked and delicious meals will never miss out on the opportunity to try a specialty that comes from a restaurant on wheels.

Food trucks are a very interesting concept, and unless you do some research on them, you’ll probably never realize their importance in tourism and culture. This is why we decided to create this article in which we are going to tell you more about some of the most popular mobile restaurants in America. If you are visiting the USA shortly, or you’re just curious to learn some more about this topic, feel free to continue reading until the end. Let’s take a look at some of the places which are the most worthy of mention.

Grilled Cheeserie – Location Nashville, Tennessee

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If you are into grilled cheese, then you have to order something from the Grilled Cheeserie which is located in Nashville Tennessee. This food truck started operating back in 2010, and the owner of it is a popular chef for worked in some of the most reputable places such as the four seasons hotel located in Beverly Hills. A few years after starting their first food truck business, they bought another truck, and currently, there is two that cruise around Nashville. As the years went by, their menu extended and now you can order many different things such as cheddar cheese and bacon, pimento mac & cheese, and many other meals.

Fukuburger Truck – Location Las Vegas

Fukunaga is a person who worked in the burger shop that his grandfather owned for quite some time, and upon reaching a certain level of experience, she decided to open up his shop. Due to the theme of his food, he concluded that a food truck will allow him to sell the most. This is when he opened his own business by purchasing a food truck, naming it the Fukuburger and visiting Las Vegas. This happened on the Fourth of July 2010. Ever since then, his food truck is one of the most famous ones in the United States of America. The specialty and uniqueness of traditional American burgers combined with Japanese flavors are what helped him progress so much in the industry.

Luke’s Lobster – Location New York City

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Luke’s Lobster is one of the most interesting career stories that we’ve heard about. The owner of this food truck is a former investment banker who managed to completely switch lanes in life and move from one profession to a completely different one. The most amazing thing about this is that he managed to achieve a lot of success and become one of the most recognized owners of food trucks across America. Some say that the reason Luke Holden decided to get into the food industry is that he couldn’t find a good lobster roll anywhere in his local area that wasn’t completely overpriced and unaffordable for those who want a regular lunch throughout their day. Ye decided to take things into his matter and start his own business. At NYFTA you can find a lot of well-rated food trucks through NYC and if you are going there to explore such food, make sure you check them out so you know what to look for.

Kogi’s Barbeque Food Truck – Location of Los Angeles

The name of the owner of this particular food truck is Roy Choi, a name that’s very well known in the food industry. This guy worked in many top-tier restaurants before he decided to start his own business. At his place, you can try many different types of barbecue, with some of the most unique taste that you’ll ever come across. He is currently located in Los Angeles. Kogi’s BBQ excels at making regular American barbecues which are combined with some of the best Mexican flavors, but he also has his specialties which are a combination of both food cultures. Some meals are the product of a fusion done between Korea and Mexican food, with some amazing traditional American barbecue sauces. It sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it?

Ms. Cheezious – Location Miami

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If you want to eat something very tasty, then you probably need a bit of grilled cheese, and when it comes to grilled cheese, nobody makes it better than Ms.Cheezious, a food truck ran by a married couple in Miami. This business first appeared in Miami back in December 2010, when Fatima and Brian Mullins decided to start their gig in the food industry. It didn’t take long before the blue food truck with the famous logo portraying a blonde girl sitting on melted cheese began very well recognized amongst food enthusiasts. They currently serve many different types of meals, most of them, unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. If you’re ever visiting Miami, you should try some of their food.

Cinnamon Snail – Location New York City

New York never really fails to disappoint when it comes to culture and uniqueness, and the cinnamon snail food truck is just another proof. You can find this one roaming around New York City, and if you ever get the chance to get in line and try some of their food, we wholeheartedly recommend their Korean barbecue sandwiches. Keep in mind that the cinnamon snail is not available during wintertime, but as soon as spring starts, you should expect it on the streets of New York City.


It’s one of the best feelings to stroll on the street wondering what to eat, and suddenly encountering a food truck with one of the most unique and refreshing meals that you’ve ever tried. The fact that the food from these trucks is very affordable and made on the spot is probably what makes the entire experience so much better. You’ll never have to settle for a cold meal if you know how to locate these cool places in the larger cities.